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This week's newsletter lists a selection of new and recently updated programs
that can help you customize icons, browse the Web more efficiently, control you
PC by voice, and have a little fun. We've also included a link to PC Magazine's
ListZapper, which lets you locate and clear Most Recently Used lists.


* IconLover: Customize your folder icons and cursors
* iNetAdviser Professional: Try a different kind of browser
* e-Speaking: Control your PC by voice
* Snowy: Treasure Hunter: Gather treasure and outwit the terrible monsters
* PC Magazine's ListZapper: Cover your tracks


IconLover: Customize your folder icons and cursors

IconLover is a utility that helps you create, edit, manage, import, and convert
icons and cursors of various formats, including 32-bit semitransparent icons
and animated images. It uses a layer-based design model and contains special
effects, support for alpha-blending, and numerous other features. Registration
is $49.95.



iNetAdviser Professional: Try a different kind of browser

iNetAdviser is an Internet Explorer-based tabbed browser with integrated bookmark
management that personalizes surfing, based on your browsing history and existing
bookmarks. It includes its own ad and pop-up blocker and a history cleaner. One
of its more interesting features is the ability to mark previously visited links.
When you hover your mouse over a link, iNetAdviser displays a small snapshot of
the page and information such as your comments (if any) and the last date viewed.
Registration is $44.95.



e-Speaking: Control your PC by voice

Do you remember in Star Trek IV when Scotty speaks into the mouse and says "Hello
computer"? It's a classic Star Trek moment. The crew of the Enterprise had it easy
when it came to interfacing with their computer. Now you can make it a little
easier too with e-Speaking. This utility lets you open Web sites, documents, or
programs using just your voice. You can perform navigation and editing functions
simply by speaking. The program is free to use, but if you want to add, edit, or
delete commands, you'll need to buy the full version for $14.



Snowy: Treasure Hunter: Gather treasure and outwit the terrible monsters

In Snowy: Treasure Hunter, you control a polar bear whose job it is to collect all
the gold and gems on each level. It's a standard platform-type game, but it has
good graphics and a nice soundtrack. The game also has a special mode designed for
younger gamers, in which the monsters pose no danger. Registration is $19.95.



PC Magazine's ListZapper: Cover your tracks

Most Microsoft Windows applications try to help us out by remembering information
that we use frequently, such as the names of files most recently accessed, text
strings we have searched for, and so on. These Most Recently Used lists are handy,
but there are times when we don't want this information to be maintained. ListZapper
lets you locate and clear such lists on your system. Subscribers to the PC Magazine
Utilities Library can download the software for free.



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PC Magazine's Windows XP Solutions
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