Friday, August 26, 2005

ServerWatch Newsletter for August 26, 2005

ServerWatch Newsletter
Friday, August 26, 2005

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New on ServerWatch

1. Enterprise Unix Roundup: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
August 25, 2005
Remember when Novell was written off as Microsoft roadkill?
When Orion was in Beta and Sun couldn't quite make up its
mind about Linux? What a long, strange trip the past two
years have been.,1un0,1,7edz,7ybz,ff69,9abz

2. IBM, Sun Clamor for Unix Lead
August 26, 2005
The latest server stats show change is afoot in the Unix
server pack. Who will be the top dog?,1un0,1,ghlp,hdwf,ff69,9abz

3. Real World Open Source: The TCO Question
August 24, 2005
TCO is often a key decision factor when deciding between an
open source or commercial solution. How the amount is measured,
however, is more important than the amount itself, and should
reflect the organization's priorities.,1un0,1,k7cl,clzo,ff69,9abz

4. Trademarking Linux: Some Pay License Fee, Some Don't
August 23, 2005
Red Hat doesn't pay the license fee; Novell claims it does.
Bruce Perens thinks all commercial distros should.,1un0,1,cb8y,6ql,ff69,9abz

5. IBM Debuts Tivoli for z9 Mainframe
August 23, 2005
The software suite aims to help the z9 mainframe process
transactions and give users a reprieve from outages.,1un0,1,kvt5,kqlf,ff69,9abz

6. Hardware Today: Kentucky Derby Backs Gateway
August 22, 2005
Churchill Downs, Inc. recently shifted its chips from Dell
to Gateway -- mere weeks before its Run for the Roses.,1un0,1,2xay,hofh,ff69,9abz

7. Are Grids on the Skids?
August 19, 2005
New report says problems abound with data management.,1un0,1,8j1a,c9hi,ff69,9abz

8. Merak Mail Server vs. Ipswitch Collaboration Suite
August 19, 2005
Merak and ICS take different roads to being feature-rich
communication suites. Which one has the components you're
looking for?,1un0,1,2sx0,7kt6,ff69,9abz

9. OS X Takes Hit
August 19, 2005
Apple releases massive patch addressing more than 40
vulnerabilities in OS X.,1un0,1,6syz,i56l,ff69,9abz



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Server Updates

Updated Sambar Server, a 4 star Web server, to version 6.2.6. - Aug 26, 2005,1un0,1,ip2k,5eo9,ff69,9abz

Updated CommuniGate Pro, a 4 star Mail server, to version 4.3.7. - Aug 25, 2005,1un0,1,e2fb,bkht,ff69,9abz

Updated VShell, a 4.5 star Telnet server, to version 2.3.6. - Aug 23, 2005,1un0,1,1l14,drpy,ff69,9abz

Updated Titan FTP Server, a 4 star FTP server, to version 4.30.269. - Aug 22, 2005,1un0,1,jxec,cz67,ff69,9abz

Serverwatch Forums

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to readers. To read the complete post or see what others have to say,
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Cannot Establish FTP Connection From Win 2003 Server -- When I try
to open an FTP connection from Win 2000, Win 2000 server, or Win XP
it works perfect. But, when I try from my servers (Win 2003, all
versions) the connection closes after I type the user 'anonymous'
without asking me for password ...,1un0,1,max0,a3hj,ff69,9abz

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