Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ServerWatch Newsletter for August 30, 2005

ServerWatch Newsletter
Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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New on ServerWatch

1. Hardware Today: Keeping the Server Room Juiced
August 29, 2005
No matter how state-of-the-art your equipment is, without
power it's essentially an expensive paperweight. Thus, a
UPS is a critical component of any server room. The latest
units have scalability and servicing models similar to those
of servers


2. IDC: IBM Still Drives Steady Server Market
August 29, 2005
IBM continues to prop up a server market buoyed by strong
volume and midrange machine sales


3. Pramati Server vs. BEA WebLogic Server
August 26, 2005
Which of these five-star application servers is right for you?


4. IBM, Sun Clamor for Unix Lead
August 26, 2005
The latest server stats show change is afoot in the Unix
server pack. Who will be the top dog?


5. Enterprise Unix Roundup: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
August 25, 2005
Remember when Novell was written off as Microsoft roadkill?
When Orion was in Beta and Sun couldn't quite make up its mind
about Linux? What a long, strange trip the past two years have been.


6. Real World Open Source: The TCO Question
August 24, 2005
TCO is often a key decision factor when deciding between an
open source or commercial solution. How the amount is measured,
however, is more important than the amount itself, and should
reflect the organization's priorities.


7. Trademarking Linux: Some Pay License Fee, Some Don't
August 23, 2005
Red Hat doesn't pay the license fee; Novell claims it does.
Bruce Perens thinks all commercial distros should.


8. IBM Debuts Tivoli for z9 Mainframe
August 23, 2005
The software suite aims to help the z9 mainframe process
transactions and give users a reprieve from outages.




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Server Updates

Updated Enhanced File Transfer, a 5 star FTP server, to version 4.0.3. - Aug 30, 2005

Updated Postfix, a 4.5 star Mail server, to version 2.2.5. - Aug 30, 2005

Updated Sambar Server, a 4 star Web server, to version 6.2.6. - Aug 26, 2005

Updated CommuniGate Pro, a 4 star Mail server, to version 4.3.7. - Aug 25, 2005

Related Stories

Server coverage isn't limited to ServerWatch!
Other internet.com sites also discuss servers and server-related issues.
In this section of the newsletter, we highlight relevant stories that
have run on internet.com sites within the past week.

** The Rapid Rise, Release of Asianux 2.0
Joint development of Asian Linux rolls out in China and Korea.
Japan is next. Are competitors taking notes?


** Tape Is Dead
Once the king of data backup and archiving, tape is seeing its role
challenged by cheap and plentiful disk storage.


** Collaboration Made Easier for Less
If you're looking for a way to let your employees share calendars,
contacts and schedules without the complexity and cost of MS Exchange,
Ipswitch Collaboration Suite could do the trick.


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