Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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The SmartPhoneToday Weekly Newsletter

August 31, 2005

  Latest News & Headlines:

VZ Wireless Slashes Broadband Price
The carrier hopes to entice voice subscribers to add data, in the face of growing competition from mergers and rival third-generation high-speed networks.

Kineto, Nokia Converge on Dual-Mode
Kineto partners with Nokia to make the seamless hand-off of voice and data between a cellular and Wi-Fi network from the same handset possible.

Featuring the world's largest collection of wholly-owned stock
photos, stock footage, photo objects, clipart, illustrations,
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  Latest Software Additions & Updates:
Title Category
EasyTalk 1.55 Language & Translation
Washington Evidence 2005 1.0 Law & Legal
Washington Motor Vehicles 2005 1.0 Law & Legal
Reading Organizer 3.0 Educational
DVD-In-One 5.0 Misc Applications
Bag & Luggage 2.0 Misc Applications
Warranty Manager 4.0 Misc Applications
Mileage Recorder 4.0 Misc Applications
Multi-Bill 4.0 Expense Trackers
Body & health 2.0 Misc Applications
Can't Stop Solitaires Collection 2.0 Card Games
Secure Code 1.0 Misc Applications
The Spanish Dictionary 4.14 Language & Translation
Mistake Reminder 1.0 Educational
Utilities Bundle (German) 2.6 Misc Utilities
Utilities Bundle 2.6 Misc Utilities
Task List Manager 2.0 Misc Applications
Active Student Organizer Version 3.1 Educational
Claustrophobia: the action puzzle 1.2 Arcade Style Games
SonicAdmin for Palm v4.0 Misc Internet
Hebrew-English & English-Hebrew dictionary SlovoEd (full edition) 4.14 Language & Translation
The English dictionary with Thesaurus 4.14 Language & Translation
Arabic support for Palm OS 5.0-5.2 (Arabic PiLoc) 3.4 Language & Translation
200 Solitaires Collection 1.01 Card Games
English-German & German-English SlovoEd dictionary (gold edition) 4.14 Language & Translation
English-French & French-English dictionary (gold edition) 4.14 Language & Translation
English-Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary (gold edition) 4.14 Language & Translation
Woman for Palm OS / Windows 6.02 Misc Utilities
AnotherBottle Game for Palm OS 1.0 Action Games
AnotherBall: the Time Killer edition 3.0 Arcade Style Games
Italian-English & English-Italian dictionary SlovoEd (extended edition) 4.13 Language & Translation
English-Portuguese & Portuguese-English dictionary SlovoEd (extended edition) 4.13 Language & Translation
Spanish-English & English-Spanish dictionary SlovoEd (extended edition) 4.13 Language & Translation
French-English & English-French dictionary SlovoEd (extended edition) 4.14 Language & Translation
Hebrew Palm OS localization system PiLoc 2.25 /3.4 Language & Translation
Jane Austen Collection 1.0 Novels & Stories
Washington Crimes and Punishments 2005 1.0 Law & Legal
Virginia Motor Vehicles 2005 1.0 Law & Legal
Net Picker 2.2 Business
PalmRevolt 0.922b Misc Shell Enhancements
Solitaires Unlimited 1.16 Card Games
Games Bundle (German) 2.0 Board Games
Games Bundle 2.0 Board Games
TZ Privacy Guard Security
SC Free FTP and Download Manager Misc Internet
Music Bundle Pro 1.4 Music Related
Expense Report Wizard Expense Recorder for Palm 1.0 Expense Trackers
Virginia Criminal Procedure 2005 1.0 Law & Legal
Virginia Crimes and Offenses Generally 2005 1.0 Law & Legal
Pet Care 2.1 Misc Finance

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