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August 09, 2005


Do More With Dual! We invite you to join HP, AMD, and NVIDIA on July 14 at 8am PDT for a free one-hour webinar exploring the latest in dual core and dual graphics technology. For more information, and to register for the event, visit http://www.hp.com/go/dualwebinar


jSyncManager v3.2 beta 01 released

The jSyncManager Development Team is pleased to announce the releases
of version 3.2 beta 01 of the jSyncManager Core Application Set, API,
and Core jConduit Bundle. This beta release is considered feature
complete, and requires user testing to ensure that new functionality
added in this release cycle functions correctly. The jSyncManager is a
pure Java protocol stack, development environment, and application set
for synchronizing PalmOS-based handheld devices. It contains its own
object-oriented protocol stack, and thus does not rely upon any
platform-specific code to synchronize data. It supports the rapid
development of object-oriented "jConduit" plug-ins, allowing it to
synchronize with a variety of data sources on a variety of operating
systems. Included in the Core Application Set are both a GUI-based
synchronization application, and a daemon-style MultiPort Server
application, which can synchronize dozens of handhelds simultaneously.
For more information on the jSyncManager, please visit
http://www.jsyncmanager.org, or e-mail info@jsyncmanager.org.

POE 0.32 Released (event driven component framework)

POE is an award-winning networking and multitasking framework for Perl.
Version 0.32 is mainly a bugfix and portability release: Better support
for ActiveState Perl and Cygwin were added, and several bugs were
removed. POE is the product of many minds and hands. Thanks go out to
everyone who helped make this release happen.
http://poe.perl.org/?POE_CHANGES contains a complete, searchable list
of changes. ABOUT POE POE is a networking and multitasking framework
for Perl. It has been in active development since 1996, with its first
open release in 1998. O'Reilly's The Perl Conference (now part of
OSCON) named POE "Best New Module" in 1999. -
http://poe.perl.org/?What_POE_Is POE's users and developers continue to
improve and build upon it. See the CPAN for the most up-to-date list of
POE based modules. -
http://search.cpan.org/search?mode=module&query=POE POE's robustness
and performance have made it an integral part of mission-critical
systems, including financial market servers and trading agents,
distributed filesystems, billing systems, large scale computer farm
managers, and interactive TV servers. POE's high-level interfaces and
ease of use have made it the choice for people who want to write
networking and multitasking programs without all that tedious mucking
about with infrastructure. To that end, it has helped hobbyists quickly
build CounterStrike tournament management systems, streaming mp3
servers, X10 home controllers and monitors, and many different IRC
bots, services, and frameworks. We look forward to hearing how POE has
helped you. -- Rocco Caputo - troc@pobox.com - http://poe.perl.org/

Gallery 2 Release Candidate 1 (+5 Insightful) Released!

This is the first release candidate of Gallery 2. We do not anticipate
making any substantial changes between now and the final version. The
purpose of this release candidate is to let the product cool for a
couple of weeks so that we can identify and fix any last minute issues
that you may discover. So download, install and start to test it.
Gallery, the October 2003 SourceForge.net project of the month, is a
slick, intuitive web based photo gallery with authenticated users and
privileged albums. Easy to install, configure and use. Photo management
includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, etc. User privileges
make this great for communities. We have made small improvements since
the Beta 4 release. One new thing you'll notice is that now we offer up
4 different flavors of packages for you to download so that you can
pick one that suits your needs. This will make it easier for those of
you who are using FTP to transfer Gallery up to your webserver. You can
read all about it on our Gallery 2 Download Page. Note that if you
downsize from the more inclusive larger Gallery 2 beta package to one
of the smaller RC ones, you should remember to download any extra
plugins that you are using. As always before you ask for help, please,
please read the README -- we've made an effort to answer all of your
questions there. Especially read the known issues section. If you're
upgrading, be sure to scan the super easy updating instructions first.
Then head on over to the G2 Forums and let us know what you think!
Thanks for your continued support! Links: README:
http://tinyurl.com/8bprb What's new: http://tinyurl.com/8bprb#whats_new
Download: http://codex.gallery2.org/index.php/Gallery2:Download Help!
http://tinyurl.com/5gnbs Known Issues:
http://tinyurl.com/8bprb#known_issues Upgrading:
http://tinyurl.com/8bprb#updating G2 Forums: http://tinyurl.com/3rgzx

DomainKeys library 0.67 available for download

The 0.67 library has just been submitted to Sourceforge. This is a
bugfix release. Apart from bugfixes, the next release will be DKIM
compatible, once that standard settles down a bit. This project
provides a general purpose set of tools, C library and CPAN modules to
help DomainKeys developers. The goal is that these tools and library
can be easily adopted by all MTAs, LDAs and possibly MUAs. This project
is about conforming to the DomainKeys standard. Changed from 0.66 to
0.67: API: o Incompatible changes made: dk_free requires an additional
parameter, used to specify the OpenSSL Err or State should be cleared o
Added dk_setopts() and dk_getopts() o Deprecated dk_enable_trace() and
dk_remdupe() in favor of using dk_setopts() o Added dk_shutdown() to be
used at application shutdown (frees dklib and openssl memory when done)
Internal: o Clarified documented behavior for dk_end()/dk_policy() and
flag retrieval o Performance improvments (see source for DK_HASH_BUFF)
o Fixed dkt_generate to remove the last ':' char and report accurate
length of string returned o Fixed memory leak in dk_headers() o Added
dk_init() Documentation update (Safe Multi-Thread Usage)

OmegaT released

OmegaT project is proud to announce the OmegaT -- a high
performance Java based Computer Assisted Translation tool featuring
Fuzzy matching, Translation memory, Keyword search, Glossary term
identification, and Translation leveraging into updated projects.
Release features a German Manual (thanks goes to Martin
Wunderlich) and a small usability bugfix.

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