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August 17, 2005


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Porcupine Web Application Server 0.0.3 released

Porcupine is a Web application server that features an embedded object
database, the Porcupine Object Query Language, XMLRPC support, and
QuiX, an integrated JavaScript XUL motor. Everything you need for
creating rich Internet applications is included. This is hopefully the
last release before releasing a couple of sample applications. This
release includes minor bugfixes and one major enhancement. All scripts,
QuiX modules, images and stylesheets are moved inside Porcupine server.
This ensures that a new release of Porcupine server that contains
modified QuiX modules and/or client side scripts, does not also require
a new release of the server's web connectors. The new release of the
server's web connectors (0.1.0) is considered stable. Therefore, each
time you are upgrading you don't have to download the web connector
again and last but not least you don't have to touch anything on the
web server's side.

TimeSlotTracker 0.51 (stable) released

TimeSlotTracker is a tool for registering and reporting time slots.
Written in Sun Java, using Swing for GUI, XML for data and XSLT for
making reports. This version is extended (according to 0.5 RC) of
CheckBox attribute category and transfering them into reports. The
summary and detail reports are modified to print whole attributes too.
This release you can find at:
=149825&release_id=349392 Best regards, zgibek

Warrior Platform 0.93.2

The XAMJ Project announces Warrior 0.93.2, a platform for the
deployment of XAMJ apps. XAMJ is an XML UI language tightly integrated
with Java. This release adds a Warrior Platform API, which allows
Warrior to be called as an XML UI Framework without the need to install
it as a browser/platform. It also includes a workaround for a bug that
affects JREs prior to 1.5.0_01 (NullPointerException on
URL.openConnection.) Finally, it fixes a bug that prevented XAMJ
document archives from loading resources. Home Page: Download:

PHP Point Of Sale for osCommerce 1.1 Released!

PHP Point Of Sale (POS) is a web based point of sale system designed to
help small businesses with keeping track of customers, items, and
sales. This program works great for businesses that use cash, check, or
account numbers for their sales. This version is tailored for use with
osCommerce. The pos will use the products from osCommerce for its sales
and reports. This allows a user to just add products from within
osCommerce and have them automatically available within PHP Point Of
Sale. Inventory is also updated when a sale takes place. This releases
fixes many bugs relating to showing multiple items or not showing items
at all. (Manage Items, Sales Screen, and reports were affected). To
download this version go to:

launch4j 2.0.RC3 released

Launch4j is a cross-platform tool for wrapping Java applications
distributed as jars in lightweight Windows native executables. The
executable can be configured to search for a certain JRE version or use
a bundled one, and it's possible to set runtime options, like the
initial/max heap size. The wrapper also provides better user experience
through an application icon, a native pre-JRE splash screen, a custom
process name, and a Java download page in case the appropriate JRE
cannot be found. Features: * Launch4j wraps jars in Windows native
executables and allows to run them like a regular Windows program. It's
possible to wrap applications on Linux! * Doesn't extract the jar from
the executable. * Custom application icon with multiple resolutions and
color depths. * Native pre-JRE splash screen in BMP format shown until
the Java application starts. * Process name as the executable filename
to easily identify your application. * Works with a bundled JRE or
searches for newest JRE / SDK in given range. * Opens Java download
page if an appropriate Java version cannot be found. * Supports GUI and
console apps. * Passes command line arguments, also supports constant
arguments. * Allows to set the initial/max heap size. * JVM options:
set system properties, tweak the garbage collection... * Option to
change current directory to the executable location. * Custom version
information shown by Windows Explorer. * GUI and command line
interface. * Build integration through an Ant task. * Lightweight: 21
KB! * It's free and may be used for commercial purposes. * Includes a
sample application and Ant script that automates the build process from
Java sources to native executable. * The wrapped program works on all
Windows platforms (98/Me/NT/2K/Xp), launch4j works on NT/2K/Xp, Linux
(developed and tested on FC2). This program is free software licensed
under the GPL license, the head subproject (the code which is attached
to the wrapped jars) is licensed under the LGPL license. Launch4j may
be used for wrapping closed source, commercial applications. The Linux
package was tested on Fedora Core 2 and 3. Changes in version 2.0 RC3
(13-08-2005) * Correct handling of pathnames with spaces. * Fixed the
'%20' pathname bug. * Fixed basedir bug (Richard Xing). * Splash screen
can be closed when the application window becomes visible with out
specifying it's title (Martin Busik), update your config file: title is
now true. * Fixed build.bat files in demo directories.

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