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August 31, 2005


Do More With Dual! We invite you to join HP, AMD, and NVIDIA on July 14 at 8am PDT for a free one-hour webinar exploring the latest in dual core and dual graphics technology. For more information, and to register for the event, visit


Hexen2: Hammer of Thyrion 1.3.0 is released

We are happy to announce the new 1.3.0 release of Hammer of Thyrion.
Hammer of Thyrion is a port of Raven's class based first person shooter
Hexen2 source code and is based on the original Linux Hexen II project,
Anvil of Thyrion. HoT includes many bugfixes, improved sound and video
modes, opengl improvements and documentation among many others. This
release is a result of huge amount of code clean-up and bug-fixes
throughout the source tree and adds FreeBSD and win32 support.
Important fixes went in effecting the engine to work correctly on new
distros. The list of changes since the previous 1.2.4 release is long
and it can be followed from this link: Hammer
of Thyrion homepage is at: and the
project page is at: Enjoy this
new release.[IMAGE]

IMDbPY 2.1 released

IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve and manage the data of
the IMDb movie database. With this release you can transfer the whole
content of the plain text data files (distributed by IMDb) into a SQL
database. A lot of bugs where fixed, and the 'http' data access system
retrieves some new information.[IMAGE]

NCID 0.60 and NCIDpop 0.9.10 packages released

The Network Caller ID Project are packages for displaying Caller ID
over a network on various devices and computers, and sending a Caller
ID message to a cell phone or pager at a predetermined ring. See NCID release 0.60 adds support for slow
responding modems, the NetCallerID standalone device, and for
Distinctive Ring. The server configuration file has changed and aliases
were moved to a separate alias file. Configuration files were added for
the client, log file rotation, and for the various support scripts.
There was also some code improvements and bug fixes. NCIDpop 0.9.10
adds support for the new NCID message format required for distinctive
ring. The Macintosh version was fixed to compile again, and has a new
binary package. NCIDpop does not yet support distinctive ring, and, in
addition, the Macintosh version does not yet support history files.[IMAGE]

SYDI-Server 1.6 Released

SYDI-Server is a tool to help people create documentation for their
Windows servers and clients. Information is gathered with WMI and with
registry reads. It uses VBScript and produces output in MS-Word format
or XML. The biggest change for this version the addition the
sydi-overview.vbs script. The script (located in the tools folder)
parses SYDI-Server xml files and presents an overview in an MS Excel
document. Changes from last version: - Added sydi-overview.vbs - Added
Video Adapter (-wh, rfe: 1215478) - Fixed reporting of TS role (patch
1192182 by Greg Fox) - Changed the progress reporting so it is easier
to debug - Fixed a bug related to special characters when using
sydi-transform Home Page: Project Page: As usual feedback is always
welcome. Cheers Patrick Ogenstad[IMAGE]

Tina POS 0.0.9 released

Tina POS is a point of sales application designed for touch screens.
Supports ESC/POS ticket printers, customer displays and barcode
scanners. Its multiuser and has a great backoffice with a product entry
form, reports and charts. This version adds mayor changes to Tina POS
like inventory management, refunds, new taxes management and more. If
you are upgrading from a previous release of Tina POS, please read
carefully the release notes: Tina POS
home page:

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