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Storage By The Cluster

Computerworld Storage
August 29, 2005


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In this issue:

* Storage By The Cluster
-- Sidebar: Priceline Sees Big ROI On Clustered Storage
-- Sidebar: Definition: Storage Cluster
-- Sidebar: Vendors
* Upcoming IBM Software Continually Backs Up Files

Computerworld Blogs:

* Encryption is NOT a panacea
* Properly managing e-mail isn't an easy task

Other Resources:

Computerworld Report: Storage Strategies -- Practical advice about
saving money, protecting data and implementing information life-cycle
management. Free for a limited time.

Analyst Research: The Clipper Group on CLARiiON AX100

Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers.


Storage By The Cluster

Massive throughput and the ability to add capacity on the fly are
making clustered storage an attractive option.,4902,104173,00.html?nlid=ST

-- Sidebar: Priceline Sees Big ROI On Clustered Storage is finding that switching to clustered storage has
translated into substantial savings.,4902,104196,00.html?nlid=ST

-- Sidebar: Definition: Storage Cluster

The definition of a storage cluster.,4902,104175,00.html?nlid=ST

-- Sidebar: Vendors

A list of vendors that offer clustered storage technologies.,4902,104174,00.html?nlid=ST


The Wireless Corporation

Here's what you need to know before you take your company wireless.
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Upcoming IBM Software Continually Backs Up Files

IBM plans to release new software on Sept. 16 for backing up files
automatically on laptops and desktop PCs.,4902,104238,00.html?nlid=ST


VERITAS Backup Exec 10 for Windows Servers provides comprehensive,
cost-effective, and certified backup and recovery including the fastest
disk-based recovery. Centralized administration provides scalable
management of distributed backup and remote servers. High performance
agents and options provide fast, flexible, and granular protection of
servers, as well as desktops and laptops.

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Encryption is NOT a panacea

Well, things seem to have quieted down a bit in the "Raiders of the Lost Data"
saga we were all experiencing over the last few months, but I'm sure it's FAR
from over. When all of these stories were geting a lot of press... Time Warner,
Bank of America, Citigroup and the list goes on, there were countless calls for
encryption of backup tapes ...


Properly managing e-mail isn't an easy task

A recent article in NewsFactor Technology News seems to forget the first rule in
records retention is CONTENT, not CONTAINER. All decisions for retention of
information, irrespective of media, form or format are based on the content of
the information. When an organization develops a ...


Ready to implement Disk-based backup?
Quantum's DX100 won StorAge Magazine's Best Backup Hardware Product of
the Year, and that's not the only award. Speed of backup and recovery
is not all you'll gain from Quantum's disk-based backup products.;1;449e6;1131;c3;134e;13d

Way better than backup! - Continuous Protection
Free White Paper. TimeSpring's CDP software for Windows automatically
captures all changes in REAL TIME so you can recover from data loss,
corruption or security breaches in minutes. Analyze, report and test
data anytime without impacting operations.;2;49843;d4c;c3;134e;13d

Data Storage Consolidation: Free White Paper
ESG reports that over 75% of enterprise data resides at remote or
branch office locations. Learn how you can extend storage consolidation
savings and deliver centralized IT services and higher performance to
your end users with this free white paper.;3;531f0;b490;c3;134e;13d

Free Forrester WAFS Technology Report
Learn how Wide Area File Services (WAFS) deliver LAN-like data access
across your WAN, and enable global storage consolidation for the
distributed enterprise. Get Forrester's insights and the criteria you
need to select the right WAFS technology.;4;50794;a701;c3;134e;13d

Applications Go 25x faster with Solid State Disk
Texas Memory Systems solid state disks are The World's Fastest
Storage(R), with certified results by the Storage Performance Council.
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Application Performance With Solid State Disk.;5;44b44;db8;c3;134e;13d



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