Tuesday, August 16, 2005

[TechRepublic] Create a histograph in SQL

SQL Server
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Consolidating the IT Infrastructure

This white paper outlines Oracle's strategy for delivering business value quickly and reliably by using hardware containing either Intel Xeon MP or Itanium 2 processors for server consolidation. This strategy permits consolidation of email, files and messaging, and aggregation of applications through a portal framework to meet increasing market demands.

Create a histograph in SQL Server

Create a histograph in SQL ServerArthur Fuller worked on a project recently that assigned star ratings to each problem. This system led him to create code that demonstrates how you would present this data via SQL Server. Check out his non database-dependent example code.

Take advantage of these developer resources

Map SQL to objects with iBATIS
The iBATIS-Database Layer maps SQL to objects and vice versa. This simple mapping foundation makes it easy for developers with some experience programming Java and SQL to start using iBATIS.

White paper: Advancing Science with Scalable, Manageable Supercomputing Solutions
Researchers at the Cornell Theory Center are advancing the state of the art in scientific computing using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition (64-bit), and the Unisys ES7000 Orion family of servers. Read this Microsoft paper to learn how they have successfully augmented existing scale-out computing approaches with scale-up approaches that provide improved performance, and more.

Prevent a disaster with these planning tools

Protect IT systems and the data they house with the three resources in this package: the Administrator's Guide to Disaster Planning and Recovery, Third Edition, reference book, CD-ROM tool kit, and our laminated Disaster Planning and Recovery Checklist and Contact Sheet. Order your copy of TechRepublic's Disaster Planning and Recovery Pack today!

Storage and virtualization: Two technologies that go hand-in-hand for disaster recovery
Scott Lowe discusses virtualization and the storage strategies that can transform your disaster recovery plan.

Download: Write better code by understanding how computers operate on binary data
To create code that makes the best use of the machine, you have to understand the machine. This chapter from Write Great Code, Volume I explains how computers represent data and operate on it.

Implement a data destruction policy to keep corporate secrets safe
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other legislation have made data retention a hot topic. But about the flip side of the coin--what happens when your data has finally served its purpose? Mike Mullins explains the importance of a data destruction policy and discusses steps you can take to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data.

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