Tuesday, August 30, 2005

[TechRepublic] Developing a data communications strategy

Strategies that Scale
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Developing a data communications strategy

Whether your organization has two sites or two hundred sites, figuring out how to manage the data communications between those sites can be a real challenge. With a vast array of options, it's often hard to determine what's best for your organization. Columnist Robert Bogue explains the three key evaluation criteria you can use to make the right decisions for your connectivity.

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Robert Bogue, MCSE (NT4/W2K), MCSA:Security, A+, Network+, Server+, I-Net+, IT Project+, E-Biz+, CDIA+ has contributed to more than 100 book projects and numerous other publishing projects. He was honored to become a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Commerce Server and before that Microsoft Windows Servers-Networking.

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