Wednesday, August 31, 2005

[TechRepublic] Give this update service ROI calculator a test spin

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Live Webcast:
Got Zombies? Don't Let Your Network Become a Spam Relay!

Wed., Sept. 7, 2005
2:00 PM ET /
11:00 AM PT

Join Anti-Spam Analyst John Graham-Cumming and TechRepublic VP, Bob Artner, for this Sophos-sponsored live Webcast on the threats in today's business computing environment, including spam, viruses, phishing, and Zombies. Protective solutions from these threats will also be discussed.

This Webcast will illustrate:
  • Staggering data on the volume of spam and other threats
  • What Zombies are, how they work, and their impact
  • How to protect your business from these threats
Pre-register today for this FREE, live Webcast!

VoIP Strategy: Core Architecture Enables Future Voice Applications

The architecture used by many unified messaging systems limits future IP telephony applications. Download this white paper from Adomo to learn how you can evaluate the underlying architecture of unified messaging solutions to ensure that your VoIP investments are future-proof.

Give Macrovision's Update Service ROI Calculator a Test Spin

Give this update service ROI calculator a test spinOrganizations need a reliable and affordable solution for pushing software updates and patches to computers. Rather than building an update solution from scratch, many are choosing Macrovision's FLEXnet Publisher Update Service Module, a solution that enables them to dramatically reduce user support costs by electronically delivering updates for software products. If you're deciding whether to build or buy a software updating solution, try this online ROI calculator, designed to quantify the tangible business benefits you can gain by using the Update Service Module.

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