Tuesday, August 30, 2005

[TechRepublic] Hot topics: 8-minute XP boots, fireproof IT pros

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TR's hot topics: Eight-minute XP boots, fireproof IT pros, and 75 project management links

This week's lessons from the TR community: If it takes more than eight minutes to boot Windows XP, you've got a hardware problem; just because IT department incompetence leads to rampant virus outbreaks, don't expect anyone to get fired; bad customer service can't get enough attention through blogs alone; no one can get enough project management resources; and religion is a touchy discussion topic (Duh!).

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Member spotlight: The Admiral

This week, we have to give a shout out to The Admiral, who so very much wanted some wide-field feedback on one of his blog posts about poor customer service that he reposted the whole shebang into a discussion, which has since gotten some modest attention. That's a long way from his former life as a self-described "deskside grunt," where we bet he ran into a fair bit of customer service crossfire. Hey, all's fair in love and desktop support.

View The Admiral's complete profile here.

Tag, you're it: Project management

Apparently, TechRepublic members need to manage a lot of projects, because the project management tag is extremely popular, especially where Links are concerned. Grab a list of more than 75 project management resources here.

Last week's most active Technical Q&A questions

XP 8min Bootup Before XP Splash Screen
If you thought your Windows PC took a while to boot up, wait to you hear the sad tale of member dragonball_1982, who's PC had a full eight-minute pause at the beginning of very boot cycle. But don't despair, the TR community came to his rescue, and was in turn rewarded with that rare commodity of a closed question, a rating for every member response, and a follow-up post explaining the cause of and solution to the problem. And they all booted happily ever after.

2. Computer randomly suspends
3. My laptop's Hard drive crashed
4. Offline work
5. Server 2003 Disconnected Network Drive

Last week's most active Discussions

Why are heads NOT rolling?
Member fcleroux wants to know why more IT pros and their management superiors aren't being fired for incompetence: "Many large virus / worm outbreaks in the last several years that have afflicted many large companies have almost ALL been preventable??? [So] why are IS and IT heads not rolling? If [the IT staff] requested that technologies be in place or implemented but approval from above was refused, then why are the VP or CEO heads not rolling?" Well, fcleroux, the TR community has a few answers.

2. Hackers, crackers, etc. - treated like heros?
3. Spelling. . .
4. Ethical Dilemma RE:Kiddie Porn
5. Adventures in Linux

"Too hot for TR"

The following discussions were sufficiently non-technical or controversial to be suppressed from TechRepublic's Hot and New Discussions lists.

Does religion do more harm than good?
Member jul646 has this surefire recipe for a flame war: Mix one cup "vile and atrocious acts are committed in the name of one religion or another," a half pint of "people will always need to believe in some higher power to explain away the vagaries of nature," and a three tablespoons of "it is inconceivable to speculate that the majority of people in the world could face the inequities and horrors of life without some qualifying belief system." Bake under the heat of a riled community for 100-200 discussion posts. Mmmm, controversilicious.

2. Brain Studies. . . the difficulty of hearing women
3. Individual Liberty in America - Is it a thing of the past?
4. Friday Yuk
5. Submitted for your Hysterical Enjoyment
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