Tuesday, August 09, 2005

[TechRepublic] Insert specific values into an identity column

SQL Server
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Consolidating the IT Infrastructure

This white paper outlines Oracle's strategy for delivering business value quickly and reliably by using hardware containing either Intel Xeon MP or Itanium 2 processors for server consolidation. This strategy permits consolidation of email, files and messaging, and aggregation of applications through a portal framework to meet increasing market demands.

Inserting specific values into an identity column

Inserting specific values into an identity columnArthur Fuller explores the value of identity columns and the usefulness of their arbitrary values. He also offers code samples that demonstrate various ways to use SQL Server 2000's IDENTITY_INSERT setting.

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Download: 10 things you should know about Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 Microsoft's SQL Server database application software has been around for many years now and is de facto choice for many organizations. With the release of SQL Server 2005, the company hopes to raise the bar on what a database application can do. This download highlights 10 things you should know about the newest version of SQL Server; and explains what each item can do for your organization's database application needs.

White paper: Intel Itanium and Microsoft SQL Database
One of the largest financial services firms in the United States wanted a data warehousing solution to enhance productivity and improve the quality of its financial advisors' recommendations. Read this Microsoft white paper to find out how one data system allowed this enterprise to increase productivity and profitability, reduce costs, and improve the quality of financial advice.

Maximize your data storage solution
  Proper data management is vital. TechRepublic is partnering with Auerbach Publications to deliver a CD-ROM with the resources your organization needs to design and manage data storage solutions--now and in the future. Order your copy of IT Professional's Guide to Data Storage Design and Management today!

12 great new features in Cisco IOS 12.3
Cisco's IOS 12.3 and its sub-releases contain far more than basic incremental changes and bug fixes. Get a closer look at 12 of the most useful new changes, including Network Admission Control, Optimized Edge Routing, Dynamic Multipoint VPN, IPSec Stateful Failover, and more.

Download: Sarbanes-Oxley: IT pros may not like it but they still need to comply
Here's a chapter from AIIM's Information Nation Warrior: Information Management Compliance Boot Camp that shows how IT professionals can demonstrate responsiveness and good faith in making their IT infrastructure compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations.

An absolutely secure network is not possible, but the risk can be managed
No network can claim to be 100 percent secure. Hackers are clever and motivated to access your network. The best way to protect against these attacks is by knowing their tricks and planning counter measures to defeat them.

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