Friday, August 26, 2005

[TechRepublic] Is Vista part of the upgrade treadmill?

Windows Vista Report
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Why Windows NT Server Users Should Migrate to SUSE LINUX

Download this important white paper from Novell, which builds a compelling case for replacing the legacy Windows NT Server operating system with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9.

Is Vista part of the upgrade treadmill?

In this discussion, TechRepublic members talk about the "upgrade treadmill." Markand says, "I won't have replaced half my existing Windows 2000 boxes before Microsoft announces end-of-life for Windows XP - and Windows Vista goes mainstream." DilbertTom says, "Microsoft wants to control the world, but expects us to throw away 3-year old computers over and over to keep up." Are you in a similar position? Join the discussion and see what others have to say.

Vista's answer to PC power woes

When it comes to power management on most electronic devices, things are pretty simple. There's "off," and then there's "on." Computers, however, have always been more complicated, particularly those running Windows. This article from looks at the new shutdown options inside Microsoft Vista.

Windows Vista Resources

Microsoft Drums Up ISV Support For Windows Vista
ISVs take two to three years to create new or updated versions of their software. So Microsoft has issued technology-preview versions of key Vista features that appeal to ISVs, along with a full beta 1 of the OS itself.

Vista, Virtual Earth, and Malicious Blogs
In this TechProGuild podcast, Michael Jackman looks at Microsoft Vista, their new mapping site, as well as a new security threat you need to be aware of.

Protect Your Business with Intel Professional Business Platform
Intel's Professional Business Platform offers innovative solutions for enabling a more protected, agile and connected business. Computer viruses threaten your company's productivity and profitability on a daily basis. Erratic growth cycles tend to derail attempts to contain costs. And your dispersed workforce often endures productivity-killing time and place constraints. This white paper looks at the four ways Intel Professional Business Platform helps you protect and manage your business.

Another security hole found in early Vista
The goal of a peer-to-peer networking feature that is turned on by default in Vista Beta 1 is to connect to other beta machines, but it's a bit of a security risk.

Greg Shultz is a computer consultant specializing in Microsoft products and a freelance technical writer who regularly writes articles for TechProGuild. You can visit his Web site at

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Use project objectives to structure the project and validate success
One technique for writing an objective is to make sure that it's SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Download: Microsoft Outlook 2003: Lock it down in 10 steps
Microsoft has made significant progress securing Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003, but vulnerabilities still exist. This download outlines 10 steps you can use to mitigate potential problems before they become major issues.

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