Tuesday, August 09, 2005

[TechRepublic] Linux inferiority, monitor outages, & MS Exchange

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TR's hot topics: Linux inferiority, monitor outages, MS Exchange, a sassy blog, libertarianism

This week's hot topics include: Bizarre monitor malfunctions, the latest "anything you can do I can do better" debate between Windows and Linux users, civil libertarianism, Microsoft Exchange server, a single mother who used to build military hardware, and some long awaited TechRepublic feature enhancements. For details, see below.

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Member spotlight: ITgirli

She used to design submarines, she's a single mother, and she hates Dell. Yes, she's ITgirli, one of the most outspoken members of the TechRepublic community. If you don't believe us, just check out her blog, which has a title so sassy that it barely scrapes past our profanity filter.

View ITgirli's complete profile.

Tag, you're it: Exchange

Is the exchange tag really popular because the Microsoft-based mail server is kicking Sendmail's butt, or is it because Exchange is far more prone to breakdowns and hacks than its open-source counterpart? You can be the judge by checking out the discussions, members, blogs, and links tagged with exchange.

Last week's most active Technical Q&A questions

1. Powering up Oddity
TechRepublic member MAGGOT has a real "head scratcher... when I power down the PC and turn the power off at the surge protector, I have to stop the machine and then re-start it for the monitor to kick in. This only happens if I turn the power off at the surge protector. If I leave the surge protector power on the machine & monitor start right up."

2. Server 2003 Login Problem
Even the administrator account can't log in to member cc_leo's WS2K3 box.

3. Internet Download - "Throttle Down"!
Member markawolter's satellite Internet connection collapses during long downloads.

4. Brand new HP Proliant server
Member mojeda is stuck in a catch 22 of driver conflicts that is preventing a Win2K server install.

5. DVD disc
Member nhiep_nguyen has a copy protection conflict keeping him out of a legitimately owned DVD.

Last week's most active Discussions

1. The Gauntlet (What's missing in windows?)
As the thread title says, member ungle has thrown down the gauntlet to Linux advocates, demanding to know which features the open-source operating system offers that Windows can't match. This thread hasn't yet broken 275 posts--pretty light for a list leader--so either nobody's talking, or the Penguins don't have an answer to ungle's challenge.

2. IT Generalist
Member silvioandpauly wants to know if IT specialists are headed for extinction.

3. Does what someone wears to an interview matter?
Member geekchic wants to know how casual is too casual for an IT job interview.

4. Why do IT people really bash Windows?
Member Angus McLaren says "if the OS crashes then it's your fault, not the OS."

5. To GED or not to GED?
Member Dinosaur29 wants to know if getting a GED in the midst of an already-in-progress IT career will help his job prospects.

"Too hot for TR"

The following discussions were sufficiently non-technical or controversial to be suppressed from TechRepublic's Hot and New Discussions lists.

1. Individual Liberty in America - Is it a thing of the past?
It's time for a healthy does of libertarian dialogue, courtesy of long-time TechRepublic member maxwell edison. Specifically, max has trotted out the notion that the U.S. government exists to protect individual liberty, and the redistribution of wealth via government means is an infringement of that liberty. Yeah, we're talking taxes and social welfare programs. Flame on!

2. Clueless in Seattle
Member Oz_Media criticizes the U.S. prosecution of a Canadian marijuana activist.

3. help save the environment!!
Member Jaqui rails against oil drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge.

4. The authenticity of the Christian scriptures
Member jul646 takes Biblical literalism to task.

5. I have an idea...let's talk about beer
As member jck says, "I'm tired of serious topics... Let's all talk about something good and fun."

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