Wednesday, August 17, 2005

[TechRepublic] Meet your evolving storage needs

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Plan a Cost-Effective Transition to 64-bit Environments

If you're considering migrating some of your applications to 64-bit, this Intel paper explains how to maximize the business value of the 64-bit capabilities, while minimizing the cost, risk, and disruption caused by software migration.

Meeting Your Evolving Storage Needs

Meet your evolving storage needsStorage management and consolidation is a growing concern for IT departments of all sizes. Whether your problem is an overcrowded data center, underutilization of servers, exponential data growth, shrinking backup windows, or a shrinking IT staff, a consolidation strategy is clearly in order. Sponsored by Insight Demand, this Webcast discusses the features and benefits of today's most robust storage management and data protection solutions, including HP's newest line of DAT USB tape drives.

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How to scale server management
Managing your servers is a task that grows more complex and more time-consuming as your organization grows. Luckily, there are a lot of options--from free and open source tools to expensive server management packages and hardware solutions--to reduce the administrative overhead and angst involved. Read the article.

Publish printers in Windows 2000 Server's Active Directory
In a very large network, publishing printers to Active Directory can really simplify printer access as well as printer management. In this Windows 2000 Server tip, Jim Boyce tells you how to publish printers in Active Directory, and he also explains how to remove a printer from the list. Read the article.

Quick references for the most common server commands

There are too many commands, parameters, and switches involved in IT support to memorize. So reduce stress and speed up resolutions with these three laminated 11x17 wall charts, which contain the most used commands for Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows Server 2003. Order your copy of Quick Reference: Server Commands Pak today!

Getting leadership and management in your organization
There's a difference in the skills sets for leadership and those for management. Learn the difference and how to incorporate the best of both worlds in your organization.

Understand the legal ramifications of vulnerability testing and disclosure
Recent weeks have provided a great deal of coverage about Michael Lynn's now-infamous presentation of Cisco IOS vulnerabilities at the Black Hat conference and the legal spectacle that followed. Jonathan Yarden weighs in on what vulnerability testing and disclosure have to do with the law.

Download: Learn how to use an agile Light Touch to manage your project team more effectively
Most project managers work in a hierarchical organization where assignments come from the top down. In an agile project management environment, this hierarchy is counterproductive.

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