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This Week: Are you prepared if disaster strikes?

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August 29, 2005

> From the Editor: Another hurricane season -- Are you prepared?
> Ask the Experts: RPG-free routine to calculate dates
> Featured Topic: Top expert advice -- 20 must-have programming tips
> ITKnowledge Exchange: How to make a secure FTP connection from
iSeries to PC
> Site Highlights: COMMON in Orlando
> White Papers: SSA goes on the offensive against viruses
> Webcasts: Surviving an iSeries audit: Managing powerful users --
Vendor Webcast
> More from Play it safe -- change your sign-on screen

Another hurricane season -- Are you prepared?
[by Michelle Davidson]

Here we go again.

I live in South Florida, which unfortunately means another hurricane
season is upon us. As I write this, Tropical Storm Katrina is bearing
down on us, scheduled to make landfall as a Category 1 or 2 hurricane
by Friday morning. I'm ready for it, though, after last year's
horrendous hurricane season whipped me into shape. I've been
preparing for this year's hurricane season since January. All my
necessary supplies are in place, and I know the drill for preparing
my house.

As I watch the TV reports of people scampering off to the grocery
store or Home Depot frantically trying to get ready for the storm, I
wonder why they aren't better prepared. Unless this is their first
hurricane and they only recently moved to the area, they should be

The same applies to businesses down here. They should feel secure
knowing that should power go out, their building gets flooded, or
flying debris smashes in their windows that they have a proven backup
and recovery plan. The day before a storm hits is not the time to be
scrambling to create one.

Whether you get hit by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods or
snowstorms, you need a backup and recovery plan in place. If you've
created one, you should to go back periodically and make sure it
still fulfills the businesses need.

Need a little help meeting your backup and recovery needs? Check out
these resources:

>> iSeries Backup and Recovery Learning Guide,295582,sid3_gci1049289,00.html?track=NL-180&ad=526768

>> 20 backup & recovery tips in 20 minutes,290042,sid3_gci1022117,00.htm?track=NL-180&ad=526768

>> Disaster recovery dos and don'ts,290042,sid3_gci1025076,00.html?track=NL-180&ad=526768

>> Webcast: Essentials of backup/recovery for disaster recovery,,45048,00.htm?track=NL-180&ad=526768&NA

As for me, Katrina will hopefully be no more than a nuisance. After
last year's Category 4 hurricanes, a tropical storm seems like a
summer shower. But if she does start to rage, I'm prepared.

RPG-free routine to calculate dates
[John Blenkinsop, senior programmer, NYK Logistics & Megacarrier]

A user was trying to recall an RPG-free routine using %DATE (bif) to
calculate the day of the week. Fortunately, expert John
Blenkinsop knew where to find it.,289625,sid3_cid958065_tax285217,00.html?track=NL-180&ad=526768

Top expert advice: 20 must-have programming tips
[by Michelle Davidson]

From these experts' mouths to your programming projects: These 20 hot
expert tips will help you overcome some of your toughest development

> More on this:,290042,sid3_gci1119299,00.html?track=NL-180&ad=526768

How to make a secure FTP connection from iSeries to PC
"Tzeeee" wants to know if it is possible to start a secure FTP client
session on an iSeries to connect to a FileZilla server running on a
PC. He has a certificate file generated by the FileZilla server, but
he has not been able to import that into the certificate store on his
iSeries. One person had a suggestion. Read the thread,294934,sid3_gci1118724,00.html?track=NL-180&ad=526768

If you have another idea, send it to us at and we'll post it for you.

Visit ITKnowledge Exchange

COMMON in Orlando
Invest in your future. Join your peers at the COMMON Fall 2005 IT
Education Conference & Expo, September 18-22 in Orlando, for
top-quality, in-depth iSeries education.

SSA goes on the offensive against viruses
Published by: Bytware Inc.

View All White Papers at:

Surviving an iSeries audit: Managing powerful users -- Vendor Webcast,,45086,00.htm?track=NL-180&ad=526768&NA

Speaker: John Earl, CTO, The PowerTech Group
Sponsor: The PowerTech Group,

View All Webcasts at:

TIP: Play it safe -- change your sign-on screen
By Rich Loeber

When the AS/400 was a closed system, it didn't matter what the
sign-on screen looked like. Now, however, as users connect via
networks to access the server -- and evildoers carefully watch
sign-on screens -- it's in your best interest to customize your
sign-on screen. Doing so will help prevent log-in information from
being captured.,289483,sid3_gci1118070,00.html?track=NL-180&ad=526768

READERS SPEAK OUT: Would you recommend COBOL or RPG for your
children? asked readers if they would recommend RPG or COBOL
programming as a career for their children. Think they would steer
their children in the other direction? That's not always the case.,289142,sid3_gci1118321,00.html?track=NL-180&ad=526768

IN THE FORUMS: Need help configuring data source on WebSphere

"Uskulkarni" and his group have a database in a library called
SSGT00WB00 on DB2/400 (iSeries i520 server). They have another
iSeries i520 running WebSphere Application Server 6.0 and now they
want to configure the data source on WebSphere. Can anyone guide him
on how to do this?

>> Read his full question, then post your suggestions:

READER POLL: What are your spending plans for 2006?

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it's time to plan the
budget for 2006. Where will your company be spending cash in the
coming year?

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