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This week: Connect with other Oracle pros

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August 29, 2005

> From the Editor: Connect with other Oracle pros
> Site Highlights: Got Oracle questions? We've got your answers.
> White Papers: SSA goes on the offensive against viruses
> Webcasts: Achieving high availability with Oracle
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Connect with other Oracle pros
[by Tim DiChiara]

ITKE -- the acronym for our online community known as ITKnowledge
Exchange -- is getting an overhaul...,294907,sid41,00.html?track=NL-338&ad=526723

If you are already a participant in this innovative troubleshooting
network, you may have noticed that we have reorganized the main
topics in our Question Archive and Ask A Question filter. The goal is
to make it easier and faster for you to reach the right colleagues to
help you solve specific technology problems.

For those of you new to ITKE, let me bring you up to speed. ITKE is a
community of hundreds of IT professionals. You join by building a
profile and logging in. When you have a problem, you post a question.
Essentially you're creating a personal Oracle help desk comprised of
a large audience, a small audience or just that one particular person
whose skill set fits your needs. On the flip side, if you have an
answer, you can join the thread and apply your own knowledge to the
issue at hand to help someone else.

We're now in the process of beta testing ITKE.1, which means existing
members need to update their profiles to match up with appropriate
peers and technologies. To do that, 1) Go to My Public Profile in the
navigation bar, 2) Go to Edit Profile/Pref, then 3) Update Areas of

Check out the new ITKE beta. If you have suggestions for improvements
on categories or any other issues, e-mail me at Or just let me know what you think.

Have a good week, Tim

Got Oracle questions? We've got your answers.
Ask the Experts is the place to get your toughest strategic Oracle
questions answered by some of the top gurus in the Oracle community.
Submit yours today.,289622,sid41,00.html?track=NL-338&ad=526723

SSA goes on the offensive against viruses
Published by: Bytware, Inc.

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Achieving high availability with Oracle
When: On demand
Speaker: Don Burleson Founder, Burleson Consulting
Sponsor: VERITAS Software,

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OPINION: Essential performance forecasting, part 1

Forecasting Oracle performance is essential for every DBA. Low
precision forecasting can be done very quickly and is a great way to
get started forecasting Oracle performance.,289483,sid41_gci1116143,00.html?track=NL-338&ad=526723

OPINION: Do people really understand data warehousing?

A data warehousing initiative shouldn't result in multiple data
silos, but too often that's just what happens. The problem, says
guest columnist Rick Sherman, is that data warehousing is



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