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August 29, 2005

> From the Editor: Fast Guide to technology
> Learning Center: Networking
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> Site Highlights: Learning Guide: Grid computing
> White Papers: Data Centers: Best Practices for Security and
> Webcasts: Advancements in data center technologies
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Fast Guide to technology
[Kate Evans-Correia]

Sometimes, all you want is a quick reference to clarify a point,
determine a standard, identify a cable. Too often, that requires
wading through pages and pages of text. Our editors have filtered
through dozens of white papers, articles and other references to
bring you our new Fast Guide to Technology--a series of at-a-glance
reference quides. These guides let you quickly identify different
technologies, standards or processes. We're thinking you're going to
find them extremely useful. Here are the first three in our series.

Fast Guide: Cabling

Fast Guide: Storage

Fast Guide: Disaster Recovery

If you'd like to comment on these guides or have suggestions about
future guides, please contact me at


This Learning Guide
[,290042,sid80_gci1118099,00.html]?track=NL-456&ad=524278 has the most up-to-date information on networking including, guides on standards, new technologies, troubleshooting how-tos and advice on how to protect your network infrastructure.

> See the guide:,290042,sid80_gci1118099,00.html?track=NL-456&ad=524278

Got question? Find answer. Save the day.
Create your own personal help desk each time you ask a question at
ITKnowledge Exchange. Send your question to a large audience, a small
audience or just one person that fits your criteria. Best of all,
become part of a community of problem-solvers, making the world a
better place.

Visit ITKnowledge Exchange today

Visit ITKnowledge Exchange

Learning Guide: Grid computing
This learning guide puts all grid computing related news, advice,
whitepapers, and other resources at your fingertips.,295582,sid80_gci1102809,00.html?track=NL-456&ad=524278&Offer=dc_R_8_29_05

Data Centers: Best Practices for Security and Performance
Published by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

View All White Papers at:

Advancements in data center technologies
When: On Demand
Speaker: Carrie Higbie Global Network Applications Market Manager,
The Siemon Company
Sponsor: IBM,

View All Webcasts at:

NEWS: Carbon nanotube technology, closer than you think

Carbon nanotubes, cylinders thousands of times thinner than a human
hair, could be used to cram transistors onto chips. But in the short
term they might keep your servers cool.
Read the story

NEWS: Alien crosstalk still a threat to data centers

As cabling becomes more densely packed, the threat of electromagnetic
disruption caused by alien crosstalk is getting worse, despite new
cabling solutions. Read the story

TIP: From here to there: Fiber optics over Wi-Fi

n this tip you will read various opinions on how to set up networking
between the 5th and 7th floors of a building. See why IT
professionals say fiber optic is the way to go. Read the tip

TIP: Preventing data center power failures

When a power failure happens in your data center, do you point the
finger at the facilities department or at yourself? Many managers
would rather avoid the issue. But according to this expert, burying
your head in the sand is no solution and instead offers tips on how
to protect your data center. Read the tip



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