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This Week: The news never sleeps

This Week

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August 29, 2005

> From the Editor: The news never sleeps
> Ask the Experts: The difference between SOA governance and Web
services management
> Learning Guide: Enterprise Service Bus
> Site Highlights: Chapter Downloads
> White Papers: Performance Analysis for Web Services: Understanding
Application Performance in the Era of Service-Oriented Architectures
> More from Hapner on Ajax, integration and
SOA security

The news never sleeps
[Michael Meehan]

The flow of news and innovation on Web services and service-oriented
architecture has turned into a flood of late.

Even during the summer months vendors are churning out new products
and announcing major acquisitions, like Sun Microsystems acquiring
SeeBeyond Technologies and BEA Systems scooping up Plumtree Software.
Standards efforts and reference implementation projects also have
continued at a frenzied pace.

It's created a sort of WS-Overload. How are mortal humans with busy
jobs supposed to keep up with the breakneck pace the technology
industry has set for itself?

Much of what everyone in the industry is attempting to do - the
customers, the vendors and the media - is sort out how all of these
initiatives fit together. It doesn't matter how great the innovations
are if we can't wrap our heads around how it all forms a unified

At some juncture, people have to make the technology work. What you
could do has to give way to what you can do.

Our challenge as a news outlet is to put all this mish-mash of
information into that utilitarian context. This week we've got
stories about how the Web standards stack is being built out and how
some recent acquisitions are acting as signposts for where all this
technology is headed.

Ultimately, what's important is how these things affect the people
who will be using the technology. A crystal ball would make the whole
process a lot easier, but no one's architected that solution as of

In the meantime, what we can do is give you the news you need and
make sure that we put a good amount of thought into each story,
because, ultimately, we've all got a lot to think about these days.

As always, we're interested in getting your feedback. E-mail us with
your comments and/or suggestions.

The difference between SOA governance and Web services management
[Paul Lipton, Web services and SOA management expert]

A member asks one of our experts, "What is the
difference between SOA governance and Web services management?" Read
the response or pose a question of your own.,289625,sid26_gci1118975_tax301867,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693

Enterprise Service Bus

The industry has been abuzz with talk of the Enterprise Service Bus
(ESB), but confusion still abounds as to what exactly comprises an
ESB. To help you learn more about this emerging technology, the
SearchWebServices team has put together a new ESB learning guide.
This collection, which includes articles, expert advice, white papers
and a listing of ESB products from various vendors, will get you up
to speed on how ESBs are changing the way we do integration.

Check out the ESB Learning Guide:,295582,sid26_gci1085711,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693&ad=524652&ad=518162&ad=518158&Offer=wswnesblg

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Chapter Downloads
Browse our collection of free chapter downloads for various Web
services topics. The list is rapidly growing, so check back often for
newly added chapters.,295582,sid26_gci1115066,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693&Offer=WSretcd829

Performance Analysis for Web Services: Understanding Application
Performance in the Era of Service-Oriented Architectures
Published by: Compuware Corporation April 1, 2005,,45000,00.htm?track=NL-130&ad=524693

View All White Papers at:


ESB integration: Unlocking the mainframe
Mainframe integration providers say ESB strategies can ease
integration complexities and provide more business agility in a Web
services world.,289142,sid26_gci1119701,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693

Hapner on Ajax, integration and SOA security
Hapner examines the role of Ajax in Web services development, three
common approaches to application integration and key security issues
SOA developers should be concerned about.,289202,sid26_gci1119376,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693

XSLT expression variables and data types
In the fourth part of his XSLT tutorial, Ed Tittel covers XSLT
variables and data types used in XSLT expressions and introduces you
to XPath, the foundation for XSLT expressions.,289483,sid26_gci1118542,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693

Legacy-enablement - Web services tools ease the pain
A variety of Web services-based integration tools are easing the task
of merging intelligence and data from the mainframe with other
enterprise applications.,289483,sid26_gci1118073,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693

Introduction to Web services technologies
This chapter, excerpted from "Service-Oriented Architecture: A Field
Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services," focuses on the standards
that make up the Web services platform and how Web services relates
to service-oriented architecture.,295582,sid26_gci1118067,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693&Offer=WSwnwstc823

Web services development topics page
Are you interested in learning more about Web services development?
Visit our topics page, where you'll find the latest news, expert
technical advice and much more.,295492,sid26_tax298931,00.html?track=NL-130&ad=524693&ad=524674



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