Wednesday, August 31, 2005

VZ Wireless Slashes Broadband Price

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VZ Wireless Slashes Broadband Price
By Colin C. Haley - August 29, 2005
The carrier hopes to entice voice subscribers to add data.

Intelsat Buying PanAmSat For $3.2 Billion
By Roy Mark - August 29, 2005
Combined satellite fleets expected to focus on advanced digital communications.

EPIC Battle Brewing Over Personal Phone Data
By Roy Mark - August 30, 2005
Privacy watchdog claims telecom carriers are being exploited by unauthorized third parties.

VoIP Equipment Now Trumps Traditional Lines
By Jim Wagner - August 23, 2005
In-Stat's research cites comfort level with VoIP and converging voice and data departments for the move from traditional telephone networks to digital.

Verizon Sews Up Sandia Labs
By Roy Mark - August 19, 2005
The carrier will continue coordinating telecom for massive government research operation.

Cable One Selects Nortel for VoIP
By Staff - August 11, 2005
The cable operator will use the gear to launch VoIP in up to 45 U.S. markets.

Sprint Nextel Merger Official
By David Needle - August 12, 2005
The combined company boasts over 44 million wireless subscribers.

FCC: 'Net Neutrality' For All
By Roy Mark - August 9, 2005
Lawmaker urges Congress to make FCC's principles of open networks part of telecom reform.

Equant Goes With FiberNet for Metro EtherNet Services
By OpticallyNetworked Staff - August 9, 2005
FiberNet Telecom Group Inc. announced that it will provide Equant with low-latency Metro Ethernet Transport services in the New York and New Jersey areas.

Bells Free From DSL Obligations
By Roy Mark - August 5, 2005
The FCC imposes a one-year transition period for ISPs to renegotiate.

Optical Equipment Sales Expected to Grow
By Dan Muse - August 3, 2005
Dell'Oro Group predicts that the optical transport equipment market is about to hit a growth spurt, which it attributes to metro metwork buildouts.

VSNL Spins Teleglobe Takeover
By Colin C. Haley - July 27, 2005
The Indian telecom giant continues to expand its international network.

Major Reform of Telecom Act Proposed
By Roy Mark - July 27, 2005
Legislation calls for eliminating many current state and federal rules for delivering advanced communications services.

FiberTower Gets Bucks for Backhauling
By Colin C. Haley - July 27, 2005
A company that ties cell sites into carriers' networks notches a $150M round to fund expansion.

Cisco Fills Triple-Play Slot
By Colin C. Haley - July 26, 2005
The network giant pays $97M for Sheer Networks in backyard acquisition.

SBC: Fiber to Reach 18M Homes
By Colin C. Haley - July 19, 2005
A telecom exec said a dual approach to its fiber deployment keeps its IPTV rollout on schedule.

Nortel Gives VoIP to BT
By Colin C. Haley - July 18, 2005
The networker's softswitch will power the carrier's hosted VoIP service.

Bells' TV Bill Gets New Life
By Colin C. Haley - July 15, 2005
A bill to help speed TV-over-fiber rollouts has cleared the Texas Senate, but the window is closing on the legislative session.

Comcast Cranks Up Speed
By Colin C. Haley - July 12, 2005
The cable giant will offer up to 8Mbps in its latest push against DSL providers.

Nortel, Ciena Near IP Trial
By Susan Kuchinskas - July 7, 2005
ITC terminates its investigation after Ciena is forced to withdraw.

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