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Featured: August 26, 2005
Description: This script displays an alert box when a visitor right clicks on an image. IE only.

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    Latest Threads
      Thread / Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
    Forum: JavaScript fx2ooo
    Sorry for the cross post, but I realized this belongs here. I have a page divided into 3 iframes. I want the header image in the "head" frame to be changed by the page loaded into the "content" frame. I've found multiple solutions, but I can't get anything to work in Netscape (7.2, Mac OS X). ...
    Today 10:05 AM
    by A1ien51 Go to last post
    1 4
    Forum: PHP gert cuykens
    So i have been working on this fancy login thingie but it would be a bit silly if anybody could just put /admin.php?email=me in the url and be a admin dont you think ? so how do you go from index.php to admin.php so only the admin can acces the page ? ...
    Today 10:05 AM
    by gert cuykens Go to last post
    0 0
    hi everybody. i need some help here please. i always design first my forms in frontpage and after i bind them to my php file. now in this case i have designed two forms. a simple one with 3 boxes: NAME EMAIL SUGGESTION i have wrote the mailing.php for it like this: ----------------- <?php...
    Today 10:00 AM
    by bokeh Go to last post
    1 3
    Forum: CSS JSchwarz
    I know, I know... you're not supposed to use tables for positioning. But I have two problems with that. 1) I inherited this application, and it already used tables to create the header on top of every page, and 2) I'm not that comfortable with CSS yet. Sooooo.... could someone provide me an...
    Today 09:59 AM
    by JSchwarz Go to last post
    0 0
    Forum: CSS SimonBahr
    Does anyone know how to create the fading yellow effect shown on this site, preferably in CSS, if possible. Cheers Si. :D
    Today 09:57 AM
    by Rockhound Go to last post
    5 21
    Forum: Perl Maico
    Hi, Ive got a problem.. I'm making something in CGI-PERL but now i want to 'include' a footer and a header on the main site. But this code dousn't work : include("pages/header.cgi");
    Today 09:56 AM
    by Maico Go to last post
    2 15
    Forum: CSS plethora
    Hey all. Just designing my new website, and I've come across a problem whilst trying to design the site and graphics. I want to put a static bg image in the <body> using a style tag in the <head>. I've tried doing... "<style type="text/css"> body {background-image:...
    Today 09:56 AM
    by BonRouge Go to last post
    6 57
    Forum: CSS patrickj
    I am currently making a website for someone, it may not look good now but I am improving upon it slowly, but there is a problem with the navigation, it wont alig right, it aligns in IE but not in firefox, but when I set the left margin to -40px is works fine in firefox, yet doesnt in ie, the url is...
    Today 09:54 AM
    by patrickj Go to last post
    2 36
    Forum: .NET cessua
    I have defined the evironment variable: CAD_SERVER = SVCHP5 In my method I can get to work this variable in vbscript: Dim command_target_server As String = "http://SVCHP5/cgi-bin/cad_doc/trustexec" But when i try to use it with the environment variable it doesn't work:
    Today 09:53 AM
    by cessua Go to last post
    2 8
    Forum: HTML ShawnOberem
    HI, Does anyone know how to do this, my link to the various images work perfectally, but internet explorer opens the image which is not what I need it to do. I would like the save dialog to appear. <td> <!--Show the Download Link--> <asp:HyperLink...
    Today 09:53 AM
    by ShawnOberem Go to last post
    0 1
    Forum: JavaScript HotRodHarry
    I am NEW to Java Script and are wanting to setup a form that compares 2 fields input. example: selection "A" from pull down menu is only valid if an entry of A1 has been entered into a text field. If any thing other than A1 is entered into the field an alert is prompted and "returning...
    Today 09:51 AM
    by HotRodHarry Go to last post
    2 17
    Forum: PHP Nine Years Old
    Hi! I have made a form with several fields and I want the contents mailed to me when the form is submitted. I will be adding other fields later. Is there a simple way to do this because everything I have seen is very complicated? <form action="<?php print $_SERVER; ?>"...
    Today 09:43 AM
    by bokeh Go to last post
    1 14

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