Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Featured: August 16, 2005
Description: A simple newsletter script. Uses MySQL database to store news articles and subscribed users,template based, easy customizable, admin panel, HTML or plain text e-mail content type.

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    Latest Threads
      Thread / Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
    Forum: JavaScript Mark_sg
    May I know if the correct way to remove an element from a document is the use of "removeChild"? Will the element be removed in this way? I can't seem to find any relevant syntax to destroy an element. I understand to add an element requires the use of "createElement" and finally "appendChild".
    Today 10:06 AM
    by Kor Go to last post
    2 42
    Forum: JavaScript betheball
    What does this do? var theObj=(olNs4 ? obj : obj.style); Not the code itself, but for example, what does the ? and : represent? I have never seen that type of declaration and just wondered how the syntax worked.
    Today 10:04 AM
    by Kor Go to last post
    4 13
    Forum: CSS nbcrockett
    I've got a div with a background image that's a link and for some reason it's showing on top of a layer that it shouldn't be. I've set the z-index of the div that contains that div to -1 and this works for everything else on the page, but not this one element. If I set the div that's a link to -1...
    Today 10:04 AM
    by nbcrockett Go to last post
    2 28
    Forum: General sheldon
    I have this word doc with one big table, about 4 pages long, is there any way i can put this into a web friendly table? That anyone knows about? word doc Thanks Sheldon
    Today 10:04 AM
    by LeeU Go to last post
    2 28
    Forum: ASP esthera
    am trying to make a dynamic drowdown where the user chooses number type , he then gets all the state options fromt the db that match the number type, then based on state he gets area code, adn based on area code he gets local exchange. I have it working for the first 2 but i'm getting stuck on the...
    Today 09:52 AM
    by esthera Go to last post
    0 3
    Forum: PHP drifitz
    I am currently having a problem with a rankings system. I have built a function in order to update the ranking (this function is being ran on every page) of a user. When a user gains new points, it updates his/her rank. The problem arrives when a user catches up on a user's rank. An example: user1...
    Today 09:50 AM
    by ffurnai Go to last post
    8 65
    Forum: .NET Funkymonkey
    Anyoe know of a good on-line tutorial? I need to have a checkbox next to all my records so you can select as many as you kine and then delete them from the database. Also, can someone tell me if I can just use a datagrid to display the info or will I need a repeater control??? Thanks
    Today 09:49 AM
    by Funkymonkey Go to last post
    0 6
    Forum: CSS scojo1
    I have a list that I use for navigation: #site_nav ul{ list-style: none; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; border-bottom: 2px solid white; }
    Today 09:44 AM
    by scojo1 Go to last post
    0 4
    Forum: PHP keko2005
    hey guys, i just made my registration and my login, now im a little confusedf on how to do somehting, when the person either registers or logs in, im gonna redirect them to a a page, how do i make the page so that you cant access it unless you log in?
    Today 09:41 AM
    by keko2005 Go to last post
    2 53
    Forum: ASP lastboyofsibers
    Hi Is there some to download an ASP from a site. Example: the form action is like this < form name="asp_form" method="post" action="asp_code.asp"> I want to get that asp code which controls the form. Is there someone know how ? Regards
    Today 09:37 AM
    by sirhcchris3 Go to last post
    4 53
    Forum: CSS olaf
    Hello, I have a site layout with different style-sheets. With one of them the JS elements flickers while I move the mouse over the menu items. This will not happen with one of other stylesheets, and happens only with mozilla based browsers The link http://www.finalwebsites.com/ (switch between the...
    Today 09:36 AM
    by olaf Go to last post
    26 370
    Forum: ASP sirhcchris3
    Ever since i have added Novell to my laptop I can't allow updating and such for database items through a right click. Anyone know how to allow updating and deleting to a folder to allow my script to do so?
    Today 09:36 AM
    by sirhcchris3 Go to last post
    0 1

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