Tuesday, August 30, 2005

WebDeveloper.com HTML Newsletter: Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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DS BGPixelate

Featured: August 30, 2005
Description: This script displays a background pixelate effect. It includes an HTML code generator that allows changes to the parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.

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    Latest Threads
      Thread / Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
    Forum: JavaScript perryl7
    I am stumped. IE is not throwing an onChange event when the user changes the select option. I created my own eventhandler for the page to cut down on the overall page size. The page is suppose to display a second select input when the user chooses the "Change Group" option from the first select...
    Today 10:32 AM
    by perryl7 Go to last post
    0 0
    Forum: Graphics puckythistle
    I have a lot of photos on my website and want to use thumbnails on the main page to save space but I want to be able to click on them so that a larger image opens on another page. Can anyone tell me the html code to use?
    Today 10:30 AM
    by Jennifer4eva Go to last post
    1 25
    Forum: JavaScript qristopher
    Hello everyone... I'm doing a site for a client, and I have a terms and conditions page. At the bottom, there's a checkbox with "I have read and understand the above terms and conditions" and under that is a submit button that takes you to the ACTEVA site to register (the site is for a...
    Today 10:29 AM
    by qristopher Go to last post
    0 0
    Forum: CSS Yimano
    Hey guys, I got whats gonna be a really stupid question but I just cant seem to get the concept here. Ive been playing with building webpages for awhile now and have gotten by decently for a beginner. Ive even built a couple sites for a small business and a church and they look great for...
    Today 10:29 AM
    by Yimano Go to last post
    2 52
    Forum: Accessibility HS77
    Hi, I again hope this is in the right section to ask this . . . On my website, the average page size is perhaps around 20KB or so. I've made sure to have my website very simple in coding and nearly everything . . . The pages load nearly instantly, which is what I've always aimed for. Now for the...
    Today 10:23 AM
    by omnicity Go to last post
    16 534
    Forum: ASP aaronsandy
    Hi! I am using SoftArtisans to upload images ,but getting this error Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' Object required: 'SoftArtisans' How should I fix this issue
    Today 10:22 AM
    by minority Go to last post
    1 3
    Red face 
    Forum: Computer Issues Sunny G
    Hi everybody! Well, I downloaded Firefox a while ago (version 1.0.6) and webdesign since then has been bliss. Now that school is starting I want to take it with me on every computer I use in school. I can't install it, so I found out that you can install it onto a removable disk:) I read about it...
    Today 10:19 AM
    by Sunny G Go to last post
    2 25
    Forum: XML JDM71488
    i had a <h1> in my rss description and it alters the text after it... i also had a <font color="blue"> and that also affected the following text... so i even tried closing them like <h1></h1>, but for some reason it still makes the following text into a header... also when using "bloglines.com"...
    Today 09:44 AM
    by Sanim Go to last post
    1 25
    Forum: PHP scofansnags
    I don't know anything about PHP, but I have a form that I would like to divide into 4 pages with 50 quesions on each page. I don't need help setting up the form, but I need help with how to pass the variables on from the first page to the second....first and second page to the 3rd and so on using...
    Today 09:43 AM
    by scofansnags Go to last post
    2 25
    Forum: HTML gigglesnorter
    Good day, I am creating an html form and I want to put on it an option for the user to select a folder on thier computer. I know how to select a file, but how do I select a folder? Thanks in advance, Chris
    Today 09:33 AM
    by The Little Guy Go to last post
    1 17
    Forum: JavaScript codegreengrocer
    this snippet of script (pretty big - soz) works like a dream in IE6 but displays wrong in Firefox. It is supposed to have 2 boxes which are filled with dates selected by popup calendars which are displayed by clicking on the titles of the boxes. I've ironed out the JAVA errors but Firefox won't...
    Today 09:19 AM
    by codegreengrocer Go to last post
    5 36
    Forum: JavaScript matt_gotmilk
    I'm a bit of a js invalid so please bear with me... I'm adapting an interface for some software which controls lighting. To dim lights at the moment you have to repeatedly press the + or - buttons and I need it to basically do the same thing when the mouse is held down. Is there a way to do...
    Today 09:15 AM
    by BigMoosie Go to last post
    2 53

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