Friday, August 26, 2005

Zotob affects Windows XP, too; Intel's power play [TECH UPDATE]

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Zotob worm hole also affects Windows XP
Vulnerability that downed Windows 2000 computers last week also holds a serious risk for some Windows XP users.
News Focus: Intel power play
At the Intel Developer Forum, the chipmaker looks at chips that save energy while boosting power.
From Intel's labs: Virus hunters and power savers
In the future, PCs infected with worms or viruses may try to contain the plague by putting themselves in quarantine.
Google IM (almost) gets the message, users say
Message boards are teeming with tips and gripes, and scores of screenshots have gone up since Google released a beta version of its Talk software.
Vista feature exposes beta machines
Unexpected peer-to-peer feature in the beta version of next Windows catches some testers off-guard.
Screen shots: Inside Windows Vista beta

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Why is Mike the IT guy so worried?
Because his users are starting to see spam, virii, and phishing attacks. Because the bad guys are breaking in and Mike's defenses can't keep up. Because the zero-day exploit tipping point may have finally arrived.

Also: One man's corporate standard-another man's monoculture?
George Ou: Who's really to blame for the recent worms
Find a desktop that makes the grade
Find a desktop that makes the grade
Their specs vary widely, but whether you're looking for a straightforward studying box or a more sophisticated digital-media desktop, one of these systems -- including the iBuyPower Value-Pro -- will serve you well.

Dan and David chew the fat on tech
In this second episode of the Dan & David Show, we discuss the news from Intel's Developer Forum, Google's latest moves. David also rants about cellular carriers who are turning off smartphone features.
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Double-duty digital cameras and camcorders
Double-duty digital cameras and camcorders
Digital imaging convergence devices have a long way to go, but at least they're on the road. These cameras offer a useful combination of photo and video features, and although each favors either still or motion pictures, they do a decent job on their weaker side.

Also: Canon's new digital cameras and camcorders
Look out, Skype. Google Talk is here
So far, Google Talk is a straight instant-messaging program, with voice capability limited to and from other Google Talk users. But Google is planning compatibility with Gizmo and Vling softphones. Look out, Skype.

Your next phone: new IM tools with VoIP
Also: Google unveils instant-messaging entry
iPod your home
iPod your home
Don't just plop your iPod in the recharger when you're at home; all your playlists, songs, and podcasts can be put to just as much use when you're stationary as when you're on the road. Example: The Klipsch iFi iPod-centric speaker system offers plug-and-play operation and great sound quality.

Also: Expand your flash-based MP3 player
Otellini: Intel's 'new normal'
Intel's new CEO Paul Otellini kicked off the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this week with a new line and a sigh of relief: Growth is back.

Photo Gallery: Intel Developer Forum
News Focus: Intel power play
Three 37-inch panels compared
Three 37-inch panels compared
The Westinghouse LWV-37W1 blows away its rivals with a native resolution of 1920x1080 -- and its second selling point is a price tag of less than $2,000. If you're looking for a gigantic computer monitor and are willing to sacrifice some image quality, it's a pretty tempting choice.
Stretch your network: network extending gear
When it comes to extending a wireless home network, most people automatically think of signal-boosting antennas, but the truth is, you can expand your network's range a number of different ways.
HD-friendly A/V receivers
HD-friendly A/V receivers
HDTV: check. High-def DVR: check. Surround-sound speaker system: check. Upscaling DVD player: check. You're fully stocked with a formidable lineup of bleeding-edge components but lacking the one that ties them all together: an A/V receiver. But any old receiver won't do; you need one that can maximize the high-def digital power of your system.
A phone for every outfit: cell phones with changeable covers
For the über-fashion-conscious who believe in matching every accessory with their outfit, there are cell phones that come with changeable covers. Simply pop off the faceplate and replace it with one of another hue.

The future of the user interface
Blades break down barriers
Holographic storage
Blades for small business
Many small and mid-sized businesses are looking to blade serverss to consolidate and standardize their server environments. In this ZDNet audiocast, David Berlind looks at the factors smaller businesses should weigh.
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How to avoid getting caught in the phishing trap
Just when you thought you've figured out their tricks, phishers are developing more insidious techniques for fooling users into divulging personal data. In this audiocast, Dan Farber gives you a rundown of the latest types of phishing attacks and tell you how to outsmart these cybercriminals.
CEOs share secrets of success
At the Software 2005 conference, four top executives talk about what it takes for a business to sustain long periods of growth and profitability.
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VoFi: Taking VoIP wireless
Voice over Wireless -- the merging of VoIP and Wi-Fi -- is expected to be the "next big thing" in wireless communications. In this audiocast, David Berlind takes a look at where this technology stands and where it's headed.

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Releasing zero-day exploits to sell a product?
-- George Ou
Competing with the Microsoft ecosystem
-- John Carroll
Spyware at epidemic proportions
-- Suzi Turner
Software failures in your car
-- Phil Windley
Retailer beware
-- Ed Gottsman
While Baby Bells sit on their assets
-- Marc Wagner
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