Thursday, September 01, 2005

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Digital River CEO Joel Ronning on E-Commerce Growth Opportunities

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If you've ever bought software directly off the Internet, the chances are good that Digital River had a hand in it. The e-commerce company helps many software publishers, retailers and others by managing online sales operations, helping to sell software in the most cost-effective way possible. Today, Digital River rarely finds a customer for which it can't boost revenues, says CEO Joel Ronning. By optimizing Web sites using careful data analytics and by ensuring that one-time customers return again and again, Digital River aims to expand opportunities for its customers.
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Carriers Advancing Broadband Services

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Verizon is moving forward aggressively with plans to expand its broadband offerings, throughout the U.S. But experts tell TechNewsWorld that the moves are necessary, and timely, because broadband competition is rapidly accelerating, especially in the wireless market. Last week, Verizon began offering a new, integrated digital subscriber line (DSL) service to subscribers in 28 states and Washington D.C., provided in conjunction with Yahoo, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based search engine and software developer.
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Korea Post to Adopt Linux

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Korea Post, South Korea's mammoth postal service agency, announced yesterday it will begin adopting the free, open-source operating system known as Linux for its desktop computers nationwide from today, replacing the Windows system produced by U.S. software giant Microsoft. In the first stage, Korea Post will install the Linux-based operating system in 4,748 desktop computers for customer use in its 2,800 branches nationwide, the state-run mail service agency said in a statement.
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How to Play With Podcasts

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Sending sound files to your friends may be sharing, but it is not podcasting. That requires embracing a different technology, one that is more sophisticated than simple HTML and Web pages: RSS (aka Really Simple Syndication). With RSS, a user subscribes using software, and the system delivers files regularly to a computer and then, in the case of podcasting, to the device used.
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