Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fujitsu Siemens Loads 64-bit Opterons In Workstations

Computerworld Hardware Update
September 1, 2005


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In this issue:

* Fujitsu Siemens Loads 64-bit Opterons In Workstations
* Study: No Brain Cancer Link To Mobile Phones
* Panasonic, Intel Tie On Battery Research
* Apple's New 14-in. IBook; Mostly ILike

Computerworld Blogs:

* Is any product really stable? (Trouble with Treo)
* DC power: the devil is in the details

Other Resources:

Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers.

Analyst Corner: IDC on Making Storage Simple -- Click to download this
white paper.


Fujitsu Siemens Loads 64-bit Opterons In Workstations

The high-performance workstations are billed as being environmentally
friendly because of the reduced hazardous substances used in the
machines and their power efficiency.,4902,104267,00.html?nlid=HW2


Study: No Brain Cancer Link To Mobile Phones

Using a mobile phone for 10 years does not increase the risk of
developing a tumor in the nerve connecting the ear to the brain,
according to a new study. But it remains unclear whether cell phone use
for a longer period of time is dangerous.,4902,104264,00.html?nlid=HW2


Intuitive and Robust Patch Management

In response to the patching challenges confronting corporate IT
departments, Symantec created LiveStateTM Patch Manager, specialized
software that provides automated control over patching operations
across the enterprise. Symantec LiveState Patch Manager is closely
aligned with requirements defined by patch management best practices
and is a core module of Symantec's LiveState software family.


Panasonic, Intel Tie On Battery Research

A new battery that should be available in April 2006 could help extend
the lifetime of notebook computers and other devices such as cell
phones and digital still cameras.,4902,104243,00.html?nlid=HW2


Apple's New 14-in. IBook; Mostly ILike

Faster and more feature-laden, the newest iteration of Apple's popular
iBook line offers a lot for the casual user, says's Ken Mingis. But a brighter screen and better
keyboard wouldn't hurt.,4902,104290,00.html?nlid=HW2


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Is any product really stable?

Today my Blackberry 7730 took a serious turn for the worse. For whatever reason,
the email portion of it completely broken. No email messages are listed in the
message list and if I try to View Folders or Compose Email, then I get this
error: "Uncaught exception: ApplicationRegistry.waitFor (ox7491f7b6ae80681a)
timeout" Get same thing if I try to do an Enterprise Activation.


DC power: the devil is in the details

Following my last post about the problems of using DC power distribution in
today's data centers, I contacted Neil Rasmussen, chief technology officer at
American Power Conversion. While others have said there there could be
significant heat and power savings to be gained from moving to DC-based power


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