Thursday, September 01, 2005

Microsoft Offers Preview Of Next Windows Server Release

Computerworld Enterprise Software Update
September 1, 2005


Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers

Installing blade servers in an existing data center creates a
bewildering set of challenges and options. Let APC guide you through
the process! This paper explains how to evaluate the options and select
the best power and cooling approach for a successful and predictable
blade deployment.


In this issue:

* Microsoft Offers Preview Of Next Windows Server Release
* Virtualization Serves U.S. Open Web Site
* Open-source Databases Grow
* Open-source CRM Builds Commercial Support
* The ASP Reincarnation
* Microsoft Adds Antiphishing Tool To IE
* Try Linux For Free: Make Your Own Install CD

Computerworld Blogs:

* Is any product really stable?
* Plug and play winner so far: Ubuntu desktop Linux
* "Application Development Without Programmers"
* Yes, I definitely need to be clearer


Microsoft Offers Preview Of Next Windows Server Release

Microsoft released Windows Server 2003 Release Candidate
Zero, offering an early look at technology that will be included in a
future version by the end of the year,,4902,104273,00.html?nlid=ES2


Virtualization Serves U.S. Open Web Site

IBM is using virtualization technologies for the first time at the U.S.
Open tennis tournament to help balance workloads between three
processing centers that support the tourney's Web site.,4902,104277,00.html?nlid=ES2


Open-source Databases Grow

Momentum around open-source alternatives is swelling, with a number of
developments in recent months illustrating the market's growing


Open-source CRM Builds Commercial Support

Built on the LAMP -- Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP -- environment, SugarCRM
claims to have all the features of an enterprise CRM system, but
without the high licence fees.,4902,104280,00.html?nlid=ES2


Keeping the Customer in View
How well do you know your customers?

Accurate customer data directly impacts loyalty and business planning,
yet few companies update data regularly. Experts address the challenges
of ensuring a consistent, coherent customer view across the


The ASP Reincarnation

Software as a service is growing in popularity among large corporations
and small businesses alike for CRM and other applications.,4902,104282,00.html?nlid=ES2


Microsoft Adds Antiphishing Tool To IE

Microsoft is expected to release an add-in for its MSN Search Toolbar
today designed to detect whether users are landing on phishing sites.,4902,104287,00.html?nlid=ES2


Try Linux For Free: Make Your Own Install CD

Downloading an ISO file and burning the image to disc lets you try out
Linux without a full install.,4902,104259,00.html?nlid=ES2


Robert Frances Group: Backup Jobs Driving You Crazy? Archive That Old

This high-level executive report provides compelling reasons why IT
leaders should re-examine their current archiving policies.



Is any product really stable?

Today my Blackberry 7730 took a serious turn for the worse. For whatever reason,
the email portion of it completely broken. No email messages are listed in the
message list and if I try to View Folders or Compose Email, then I get this
error: "Uncaught exception: ApplicationRegistry.waitFor (ox7491f7b6ae80681a)


Plug and play winner so far: Ubuntu desktop Linux

After playing with three more bootable Linux distros last night -- that's five
so far -- only one easily found both my Internet connection and printer:
Ubuntu, the version recommended by several readers. It definitely pays to listen
to our readers!


"Application Development Without Programmers"

"Application Development Without Programmers," by James Martin, popularized the
myth of app dev tools that would (almost) eliminate the need for actual coding,
and perhaps even be usable by non-programmers. At various times the proposed
panacea has been procedural "fourth generation languages", nonprocedural 4GLs,
I-CASE (Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering) products, "bus ...


Yes, I definitely need to be clearer

John Parker said he agrees with the direction of the DBMS2 proposal, but has
several major nits to pick. (August 15 -- I don't see any separate links for
individual entries.) But the thing is, I think we agree more than not, even in
the areas where he thinks we don't see eye to eye. Obviously, I need to be


Build a security plan to protect your company's assets. In this
comprehensive report you will learn everything from how to educate
staff against picking easy-to-crack passwords or falling for "social
engineering" attacks to keeping up with the latest patches and fixes
from vendors. This report is a must for security professionals.


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