Thursday, September 01, 2005

Microsoft Offers Preview Of Next Windows Server Release

Computerworld Operating Systems Update
September 1, 2005


The Grid Computing Glossary

Like any technology, grid computing has a specialized lexicon of terms,
acronyms, and concepts. This comprehensive glossary provides a
definition of grid-related terms.


In this issue:

* Microsoft Offers Preview Of Next Windows Server Release
* Linux/Unix E-mail Flaw Leaves Systems Open To Attack
* Microsoft Releases Windows File System Beta
* Microsoft To Support Linux With Virtual Server
* Try Linux For Free: Make Your Own Install CD

Computerworld Blogs:

* Plug and play winner so far: Ubuntu desktop Linux
* Linux on the desktop (cont.)
* OK, I'll bite: Linux on the desktop
* Linux, Windows, Unix, operating systems soup


Microsoft Offers Preview Of Next Windows Server Release

Microsoft released Windows Server 2003 Release Candidate
Zero, offering an early look at technology that will be included in a
future version by the end of the year,,4902,104273,00.html?nlid=OS2


Linux/Unix E-mail Flaw Leaves Systems Open To Attack

The bugs affect Elm, a venerable e-mail client still used by many Linux
and Unix sysadmins, and Mplayer, a cross-platform movie player that is
one of the most popular of its kind on Linux.,4902,104260,00.html?nlid=OS2


Microsoft Releases Windows File System Beta

Microsoft has released a test version of its next-generation file
system, WinFS, to Microsoft Developer Network subscribers. The software
wasn't expected until sometime next year.,4902,104248,00.html?nlid=OS2



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Microsoft To Support Linux With Virtual Server

Included in enhancements to Virtual Server 2005 R2 will be support for
Linux and Solaris, technology that Microsoft is developing with some of
its partners.,4902,104261,00.html?nlid=OS2


Try Linux For Free: Make Your Own Install CD

Downloading an ISO file and burning the image to disc lets you try out
Linux without a full install.,4902,104259,00.html?nlid=OS2


Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers

Installing blade servers in an existing data center creates a
bewildering set of challenges and options. Let APC guide you through
the process! This paper explains how to evaluate the options and select
the best power and cooling approach for a successful and predictable
blade deployment.



Plug and play winner so far: Ubuntu desktop Linux

After playing with three more bootable Linux distros last night -- that's five
so far -- only one easily found both my Internet connection and printer:
Ubuntu, the version recommended by several readers. It definitely pays to listen
to our readers!


Linux on the desktop (cont.)

Not surprisingly, I received some feedback from people who saw my last posting
about dabbling with Linux on the desktop. Comments include some recommendations
about other Linux distros to try ... thanks for those tips, readers! I
definitely plan to give one or two of them a try.


OK, I'll bite: Linux on the desktop

After receiving not one but two Linux-on-the-desktop books recently, I decided
it was finally time to take the plunge and check out the open-source OS on my
PC. I've had shell access to a Linux server at a Web host for years; and yes,
I've run a non-Microsoft operating system on a PC before.


Linux, Windows, Unix, operating systems soup

I've noticed a number of entries lately that keep coming back to the Linux vs.
Windows arguments. From practical experience I can say there is no simple
decision here. In today's environment we can not arbitrarily say that this one
or that one is a better fit. Just like shoes, what fits you for one activity may
not be the right one for another.


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