Thursday, September 01, 2005

New White Paper: Branch Office Data Consolidation

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Companies with more than one physical location have multiple storage
and data repositories. Managing and protecting these remote data
islands represents one of the most significant operational challenges
for IT administrators today.

This white paper from the Taneja Group covers need-to-know
information and approaches for managing, protecting and recovering
remote office data.

Click here to download white paper:,,45064,00.htm?track=NL-470&ad=526761

Branch office data consolidation is defined as a combination of
processes and technology for mirroring or distributing remote
application data to a centralized (data center) location for central
backup, archive, and offsite vaulting for disaster recovery. If
implemented correctly, branch office data consolidation initiatives
can yield significant and measurable benefits:

** Capital and operational savings
** Improvements in data protection processes
** Compliance with regulations

This informative paper further explains the key components to
consider when developing and implementing a branch office data
consolidation solution, such as:

** Data discovery and assessment capabilities
** Scalable, flexible and consistent data movement technology
** Heterogeneous platform support with tight Windows network
** Integration with centralized data protection operations
** Date recoverability

While The Taneja Group states that no one single product can provide
an entire branch office data consolidation solution, it is imperative
to understand and weigh the trade-offs of an approach that employs
multiple piecemeal products from different vendors versus a
comprehensive solution from a single source.

Click here to download white paper:,,45064,00.htm?track=NL-470&ad=526761


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