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September 01, 2005


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FOSS help authoring tools falter

At first, looking for free and open source software (FOSS) tools to
generate Windows Help files seems an oxymoron. "Most open source
projects are intended to help people break out of Microsoft's grip,
rather than break in," one poster responded when I queried about the
topic on the technical writers' mailing list. Yet, surprisingly, free
Help Authoring Tools (HAT) do exist. The trouble is that some require
expertise beyond that of those most likely to use them, and none can
match the features or ease of use of major proprietary programs. As a
result, none of the three applications I unearthed -- AurigaDoc, export
from DocBook, and HelpMaker -- is completely satisfactory.

A Cherry keyboard cometh

The Linux edition Cherry CyMotion Master keyboard is coming to the
United States. According to the German company, the $65 Linux-centric
keyboard will be available from major US technology distributors late
this fall, following the port of its drivers to Red Hat Linux. I tested
the keyboard this week, and I rank it "recommended".

Five mistakes GNU/Linux neophytes make

New users tend to make some common mistakes when trying out GNU/Linux
for the first time. The reasons for these mistakes are varied: because
GNU/Linux is a different kind of operating system; because Windows
fosters bad habits; because users choose the wrong distribution;
because Mercury is in retrograde; and myriad other possibilities. Here
are some solutions to five commonly encountered GNU/Linux problems.

#======= NEWSVAC =======#
TechBookReport on 'Nvu 1.0'

TBR writes "Nvu is a free and open source web development tool that is
much more than a simple HTML page editor. While it's not in the same
space as complex and closed-source applications like Macromedia
Dreamweaver or Flash, it's aimed at people who want to put together
simple, effective and standards-based web sites. As such it includes,
in addition to core HTML editing, support for CSS stylesheets,
JavaScript and HTML forms. This integrated functionality makes for a
complete environment for easily creating, maintaining and publishing
complete web sites. Not only that, mention must be made of the fact
that this is also a tool that is multi-platform, and is available on
Linux, Windows and Mac OS X."

F-Secure: Commwarrior claims first big victim

The first serious outbreak of a mobile-phone virus in a company has
been detected, according to security specialist F-Secure.

Upgrade to free software for italian schools

Anonymous Reader writes "During the months of July and August 2005, all
the computer infrastructure of all italian schools in the Autonomous
Province of Bozen has been upgraded, using the free operating system
FUSS Soledad GNU/Linux. This operating system is a customization, made
by a team of experts for the South Tyrol's schools, of the most famous
Debian GNU/Linux [1] distribution of the desktop environment GNOME[2].

Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 500GB HDD

We've never done a review of a single hard disk before, but this
Hitachi drive justifies the attention. It's the first 500GB disk drive
to hit the shelves - Hitachi has got its drive to market ahead of the
likes of Maxtor and Seagate, who have announced drives but not yet
shipped them. Half a terabyte in a single drive. Blimey! writes Leo

Optimizing Oracle 10g on Linux: Non-RAC ASM vs. LVM

Using benchmarks to answer the question of whether automatic storage
management performs as well as Linux filesystems using an LVM.

Protecting your network from its own endpoints

Anonymous Reader writes "This paper describes how network attacks are
increasingly leveraging internal endpoints to gain a foothold and

The Problem With PNGs

Anonymous Reader writes ""GIFs only support a limited number of colours
- far less than is usually used on a standard computer. JPGs have the
full range of colours, but make the image blurry. The solution? PNGs.
They are lossless, support 24bit colour, as well as different levels of
transparency. However, there is, as already said, a problem.""

SEC Filing Shows Microsoft Fears Firefox, Lawsuits

In recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),
Microsoft for the first time acknowledges that Mozilla's browsers pose
a competitive threat and the software giant also notes that security
vulnerabilities leave it open to legal action.

US develops hopping 'Lunar Penguin'

Despite recent military assertions to the contrary, it seems that the
US is running a covert black op to militarise the Moon through
deployment of a hopping, rocket-powered "Penguin" designed to cover
vast lunar distances with a single bound.

The State of Linux Graphics

After quitting work on Xgl I received a lot of email and read a lot of
posts. My conclusion is that most people don’t really know what is
going on with graphics in Linux. It’s understandable that people don’t
see the whole picture. Graphics is a large and complex area with many
software components and competing developer groups. I’ve written this
as an attempt to explain how all of the parts fit together.

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