Thursday, September 01, 2005

[Osdir-daily] Asianux 2.0 Reviewed

[IMG:]I have to admit it; I was one
of those people who were caught up in the hype of the highly anticipated
Asianux 2.0 release. The whole situation reminds of sitting in front of the TV
seeing clips from a self proclaimed 'hottest movie of the summer', then when
actually seeing the movie, realizing that those clips where the only
interesting 2 minutes of the movie. DistroWatch recently slammed Asianux, but
is it really that bad? I just had to find out. I offer another perspective of a
release that will remain in the headlines for awhile.

In contrast to the hype, I was not blown away by what I saw, which got me
thinking. Either Asianux really thinks this release is revolutionary, is trying
to persuade people that is it, or is hoping all the hype will at least convince
people to have a look. My only problem with their approach is that we are
talking about an operating system, which is a serious investment for a
corporation. This is not a few dollars or yuans that are quickly spent in a
game of chance at the movie theatre.

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