Thursday, September 01, 2005

[Osdir-daily] Elive: Where Debian meets Enlightenment

[IMG:]Elive is a Debian-based desktop
Linux Live CD distribution with the Enlightenment window manager, version 17.
On Tuesday Elive 3.0 was released to the public.

DistroWatch reported the details about this release, 'Elive is a Morphix-based
Linux live CD designed for fans of the Enlightenment desktop environment.
Version 0.3 is the project's first stable release: "Elive 0.3 released. This
version includes hard disk installation, NVIDIA driver, the possibility to
compile and install any program in the live CD system or install any extra
package on the fly, stable and fully configured environment. With this version
installed on the hard disk, you have an option to upgrade to another version
with a simple apt-get upgrade." Also includes support for several languages,
the second beta of 2.0, and the latest Enlightenment 17 straight
from its CVS repository.' The Elive 3.0 package list can be found here.

I was very excited to try Elive when it was initially released as Elive Beta 1
in mid July, as I was an Enlightenment user in the early Linux days. I thought
Elive Beta 1 was cool but Enlightenment itself was not much different from what
I remember from a few years back.

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