Thursday, September 01, 2005

[Osdir-daily] Monoppix Screenshot Tour

[IMG:]DistroWatch reports[1] - A
new version of Monoppix, a Knoppix-based live CD with the goal to showcase and
spread the Mono technology, has been released. From the release notes: "The
main new features of v1.1.8 are: mono 1.1.8, libgdiplus 1.1.8, xsp 1.0.9,
monodevelop 0.7. Additions: MPlayer to allow viewing our tutorials from
Monoppix, hello world video tutorial included in the image. Notes: native mono
Windows.Forms class libraries are available without WINE thanks to Mono's
v1.1.8 implementation."

OSDir has the Monoppix screenshots[2].

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