Thursday, September 01, 2005

Practically Networked Newsletter for 09/01/05

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Netgear Super G Wireless Router . Security Edition

Published 9/1/2005
The WGT624SC isn't the first broadband router to include a software firewall, but two things set it apart from previous combos: a one-year license to Trend Micro's application and integration between the hardware and software.

WatchGuard Firebox Edge X5w
Published 8/22/2005
MThe Firebox Edge X5w is designed to be an all-in-one wireless firewall and VPN appliance for your small network. It promises to do it all and it delivers.

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Q&A - A Second Look at Software Firewalls
A few weeks ago, we explained why having software firewalls may not make sense when you have multiple PCs sharing resources on your network. Some readers objected. While we understand the concern, here's why we're sticking with our advice.

Q&A - Inside the Numbers: Why DSL Speeds Vary
ure, DSL is a huge improvment over dial-up, but knowing what's befind the speed will help you manage your expectations. Plus, learn what can happen when Windows Update meets a fully functioning wireless adapter.

Q&A - Two Firewalls Too Much of a Good Thing
One Internet connection and two computers each running firewall software can mean PCs that refuse to talk to each other. Here's an easy way to break down walls. Plus, diagnosing the cause of a dysfunctional wireless network.

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Finally: Wi-Fi Cameras
Nikon beats Kodak to the punch with new 5- and 8-megapixel cameras using 802.11 to transfer photos. - 9/1/05

Microsoft Attempts Phishing Slowdown
Redmond releases an anti-phishing tool designed to protect IE users. - 9/1/05

Mytob Variant Still Trolling The Web
Security firm MessageLabs says it has detected a new variant of the Mytob worm and intercepted 72 copies. - 8/31/05

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