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Keep Your E-mail Fresh and Clean -September 1, 2005
Powered by Postini, McAfee's new Secure Messaging Service aims to protect small business e-mail from things that go bump in the network.

Gateway Touts Low-Cost and High Availability -September 1, 2005
Featuring a heat- and noise-sensitve BTX chassis, a slew of processor choices, RAID, dual power supplies and more, Gateway looks to sell small businesses on servers with the E-9220T.

Customer Support — Internet Style -August 31, 2005 offers an automated, Web-based service designed to decrease the time you spend on customer support while maintaining customer satisfaction.

WatchGuard Firebox Edge X5w -August 31, 2005
The Firebox Edge X5w is designed to be an all-in-one wireless firewall and VPN appliance for your small network. It promises to do it all, and it delivers.

Filemaker Pro 8 Says Work Faster, Share More -August 30, 2005
The latest version of the venerable database software is designed to make sharing and managing information easier and more efficient.

Choosing a Hosted E-Commerce Solution — Pt. 2 -August 30, 2005
It's time to lay it on the line and see how the leading hosting company based e-commerce solutions stack up, dollars and cents versus megabytes and gigabytes.

Collaboration Made Easier For Less -August 29, 2005
If you're looking for a way to let your employees share calendars, contacts and schedules without the complexity and cost of MS Exchange, Ipswitch Collaboration Suite could do the trick.

Choosing a Hosted E-Commerce Solution -August 29, 2005
Part I: Choice can be good — but it can also be confusing. Just about every major hosting company today offers some form of hosted e-commerce package. So how do you choose?

A Second Look at Software Firewalls -August 26, 2005
A few weeks ago, we explained why having software firewalls might not make sense when you have multiple PCs sharing resources on your network. Some readers objected. While we understand the concern, we're sticking with our advice; here's why.

Dell's OptiPlex GX620: A Monster Behind the Monitor -August 26, 2005
Goldilocks would grin at Dell's choice of four different desktop chassis, with the smallest two snapping onto the back of an LCD monitor stand. But the newest OptiPlex's petite size hides hardware that's powerful enough for Papa Bear.

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