Thursday, September 01, 2005

[TechRepublic] The future of e-mail archiving

Compliance Issues
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Effective Compliance Practices: Information & Email Security, and Proof of Control

With regulatory acts such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA requiring organizations to change the way they store, share, and manage confidential information, it's critical that you institute effective compliance practices. Download this Sophos white paper to learn about ensuring information security and regulatory compliance.

The future of e-mail archiving

The future of e-mail archiving As compliance issues become clearer, IT needs to start ramping up on new archiving technology and trends. Until recently, they relied on user storage quotas or automated deletion processes to keep message store requirements manageable. But now, according to David Via from Ferris Research, many administrators are being required to implement mechanisms that not only store large quantities of e-mail, but also provide for searching and retrieval. Fortunately, vendors and service providers have been quick to respond with new archiving tools and enhancements. Learn about what changes and advances you can expect in e-mail archiving technology.

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TechRepublic Real World Guide: Archiving and Storing E-mail
This download reviews the impact regulatory requirements place on electronic communications archiving, steps IT professionals must take to comply with e-mail retention laws and presents proven recommendations for archiving e-mail.

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E-mail Archiving
A TechRepublic member is looking for product suggestions: "We are looking at implementing an e-mail archiving solution. We are and Exchange 2000 Outlook 2000 shop. We've got 3 in mind. The first is KVS (Veritas) Enterprise Vault, the second it Zantaz's EAS and the third is C2C's Archive 1. Has anyone ever dealt with this and do you have any input, anything at all would be great. Any recommendations, tips, hardware, anything. Thanks."

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Service Provider Opportunities for Data Protection Service in the Distributed Enterprise
The transition to disk-based data protection presents an exciting new revenue opportunity for IT service providers that can offer high-value backup services to distributed organizations. That's because traditional remote-site backup processes are failure-prone and too often result in data loss, the cost of which is unacceptably high for today's enterprises. Fortunately, Asigra offers an agent-less, bare-metal backup solution to meet all your multi-site data protection and recovery needs. Check out this on-demand Webcast to learn about Asigra's Televaulting, a distributed backup software solution.

Beat spyware at its own game!
  Learn how spyware looks and acts, which antispyware tools are effective, how to repair spyware damage, and what strategies allow the IT department and end users to work together to reduce spyware risks. Order your download of Essential Guide: Battling Spyware in the Enterprise today!

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One way to maintain "face time" in business without incurring outrageous travel expenses is to use technology to bring people together, even when they're widely dispersed, with video conferencing.

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Mark Vernon reports from London on the effect of the latest terrorist attacks on business continuity planning for financial services companies.

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