Thursday, September 01, 2005

Vendors Are Keeping Too Many Rights

Computerworld IT Management Update
September 1, 2005


The Complete Guide to Developing a B2B RFI

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In this issue:

* Vendors Are Keeping Too Many Rights
* The Search War (Google products rekindle battle)
* Fewer CS Majors Not A Big Concern
* Network Effect (Problems with electronic health records)
* BMC Software CFO Resigns By 'Mutual Agreement'
* Exec Track (Career moves)

Computerworld Blogs:

* What really matters: The IT innovation budget
* Why (why why why?) is Microsoft doing away with Public Folders?
* Managing your vendors before they manage you
* One way to analyze that 'brilliant idea'


Vendors Are Keeping Too Many Rights

Opinion: Dan Gillmor thinks vendors are keeping too much control over
the digital content of our lives.,4902,104180,00.html?nlid=MGT2

The Search War

Editorial: Google's release of Desktop 2 and its Desktop Search for
Enterprise has rekindled a new battle for the PC user's desktop.
Naturally, most of the battle scars will be borne by IT.,4902,104183,00.html?nlid=MGT2


Fewer CS Majors Not A Big Concern

Opinion: Virginia Robbins isn't worried that fewer students are
majoring in computer science these days.,4902,104182,00.html?nlid=MGT2


Our Hottest Security Tips

Risk -- it's everywhere. And no one knows that better than IT security
professionals. Disgruntled employees, fired employees, clueless
employees who succumb to social engineering, passwords left on Post-it
notes, wide-open instant messaging and increasingly powerful hacker
tools in the hands of teenagers. This bulletin will help you address
those risks with sage advice for protecting corporate assets in a
dangerous world. Get this report free for a limited time, compliments
of IronPort.

Download the free Computerworld bulletin, compliments of IronPort.


Network Effect

Frankly Speaking: Many rural and small hospitals won't be able to adopt
electronic health records (EHR), readers tell Frank Hayes. And that
could undermine the benefit to those health care centers that do
embrace EHR.,4902,104195,00.html?nlid=MGT2


BMC Software CFO Resigns By 'Mutual Agreement'

BMC Software CFO George Harrington unexpectedly resigned today and was
immediately replaced on an interim basis by the company's treasurer.,4902,104246,00.html?nlid=MGT2


Exec Track

Career moves of interest to IT managers,4902,104154,00.html?nlid=MGT2


RFG Report: IT Empowered Job Scheduling and Batch Management

Learn how effective job scheduling and batch management can ensure
successful business initiatives. BMC CONTROL-M helps you better manage
and understand the business relevance of your batch processes with
business-integrated scheduling. Find out more in this complimentary
analyst white paper.



What really matters: The IT innovation budget

Many CIOs focus on metrics like IT spending as a percentage of revenue. Big
mistake. A Forrester Research Inc. report says "innovation capacity" is a much
more important metric. What's that? The amount of available funds that IT can
spend on new initiatives in ...


Why (why why why?) is Microsoft doing away with Public Folders?

*Update: Tried to see if I could get someone on the Exchange team to give their
insights as to what's going on, but the response that I got from one of the
leads there was basically that they aren't ready to talk about it yet. So I
guess we will just have to wait and see what the plan is. I know there are a lot
of good people on that team, so I just have to hope that they are able to
prevail ...


Managing your vendors before they manage you

Let's face it, when you are running an IT organization, you are at the mercy of
the vendors. Or is it really the VARs, the resellers and (last but not least)
the consultants who happen to be a preferred partner. These days we are not able
to go directly to a site and order a set of upgrades for the most recent
version of XYZ. We can fill out our information on their site and ...


One way to analyze that 'brilliant idea'

I've always thought of the fresh, brilliant idea as "the coin of the realm," a
beautiful thing to behold, a valuable piece of intellectual property. Maybe it's
an idea for a strategic IT application or a better way to manage the IT
operation (or, in my case, as a journalist, a great story idea!).


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