Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yahoo Funding Spyware?®
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September 1, 2005
Yahoo Funding Spyware?
EMC Eyeing New Markets in Backup Software
PayPal Reduces Micropayments

Mytob Variant Still Trolling The Web
The hackers who unleashed Mytob and Zotob may be behind bars, but variants of their work continue to appear.

Rhapsody: Let the Groovin' Begin
If you're like us, you're paying for music downloads now and you probably have thousands of MP3s, maybe even your entire music collection, piled onto your hard drive. Looking for a way to get to all this music . play it, burn it, move it to your portable player, and then get more music? Look no further than RealNetworks' Rhapsody.

Tech Community Rallies For Katrina Relief
As with previous natural disasters, tech companies are doing their part to help with relief operations after hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf region.

Keeping the Server Room Juiced
No matter how state-of-the-art your equipment is, without power it's essentially an expensive paperweight. Thus, a UPS is a critical component of any server room. The latest units have scalability and servicing models similar to those of servers.

Featuring the world's largest collection of wholly-owned stock photos, stock footage, photo objects, clipart, illustrations, fonts, animations and flash components, this comprehensive library contains over 4 million digital images from world renowned photographers and brands such as Comstock Images, ThinkStock Images, ThinkStock Footage,, & Hemera Images. With top-notch customer service and Web site search capabilities, the images you need are just clicks away:

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Seeing I to i
Effective intranet design involves more than an in-house version of an external website.
-Dynamic Graphics

Understanding Business Intelligence
Thinking of business intelligence but not sure what it can do you for you? CIO Update guest columnist David Roy of Delta Corporate Services gives you the skinny in this Special Report.
-CIO Update

The Medieval Approach to SOX Compliance
Managing for compliance takes more than a moat, writes guest columnist Gregg Mastoras of Sophos.
-CIO Update

Weighty Matters and Development Tools
Explore the different advantanges and disadvantages of "heavy" frameworks vs. "lightwight" frameworks for developers. commerce partners media kit affiliate

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