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Simple tasks to help boost PC performance

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July 15, 2005

Dear CNET members,
Between family, work, and everything in between, time is valuable. So, Evelyn, I'm with you when you say you don't want to spend a lot of time working on your machine. However, if your computer is an important part of your life, initially, you should take the time to give your PC a complete overhaul; eventually, PC maintenance procedures will become faster and less troublesome. Now let's get started. This week, I received an extraordinary number of helpful submissions from our members. And to start you off, we have two winning answers by Dana and Mark, both of whom are no strangers to this newsletter and who wrote incredibly detailed lists of tasks to help out with your sluggish machine. But also check out the huge list of honorable mentions and suggestions from our loyal members. With all this info, I have no doubt, Evelyn, that your computer will be back in the fast lane in no time. Everyone, please join us in this week's discussion with your additional tips and recommendations on this topic. And thank you for your willingness to help each other out.

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Lee Koo
Manager, CNET community
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Member Question of the Week
Q I have a Windows XP machine that's been getting more and more sluggish. I don't have a lot of time to spend working on the machine, so I was wondering: Do you have a detailed checklist of simple tasks I can do to help boost PC performance? Thank you.
Submitted by: Evelyn D.

Answer by Dana: Hi, Evelyn! Not knowing what your definition of "a lot of time" is, you may want to consider just dropping your computer off at the nearest computer store and having them take a look at it. Many repair shops have cleanup specials for around $50, which normally include many of the same recommendations I have outlined below. If you don't want to wait a few days for this service, your fastest method may be to purchase a new computer (just kidding, but it is an... Submitted by: Dana H. of Wayland, Massachusetts

Answer by Mark: Hi, Evelyn! You have a computer that is getting more and more sluggish as time goes on, and you want a checklist of simple tasks you can do to improve its performance? You are using Windows XP.

You say that you don't have a lot of time to spend on the computer, and while I understand this, (we all seem to live at breakneck speed these days), you may have to consider...
Submitted by: Mark F. of Littleover Derby, United Kingdom
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What are the signs of a hard
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One common characteristic of a failing hard drive is strange noises. But what if the computer freezes all the time and won't shut down; are those symptoms, too? See what members are offering as suggestions to one of our members who shares this concern so that he can try to determine what the problem is. If you have any recommendations, please join the discussion.
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AMD-Intel antitrust: whom do you support?
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Need a little help uninstalling AOL?
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Mac nugget:
Regular maintenance for Mac OS?

You always read about regular maintenance on PC, but what about for a Mac? Member grimgraphix asks if there any regular maintenance routines that Panther or Tiger require to keep the system running smoothly. See what others have recommended, and if you have a maintenance routine for your Mac, let's hear what you do.

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Check out next week's question:
Q My question is both simple and complex. It's simple because I can put it to you simply. My computer has lost--that is, "cannot find"--something called a rundll32.exe file. What is it, and where did it go? But it's complex because I've had this thing in a repair shop (twice); they installed (or said they did) what supposedly cannot be found. The machine worked well at the shop. But when I got it home and connected it up, it STILL could not find this thing. It keeps telling me it's needed to open certain e-mail attachments friends send me. This doesn't make any sense to me. Can you speculate/explain? I'm pushing 70, and all my kids are out of the nest--no help there. Please answer in jargon-free English. Running Windows XP.
--Submitted by: Allen O.
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iTnewswire Late Edition: Candle acquires Choice IT; Govt funds Yarra Valley Water IT assessment.

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Friday, 15th July 2005

Candle acquires Choice IT
Govt funds Yarra Valley Water IT assessment
Dell in online support stoush
Harry Potter, IBM, and the wizardry of online book retailing
Atomic Reader Survey 2005
Candle acquires Choice IT
Recruitment group Candle Australia has acquired Adelaide-based IT recruiter Choice IT, as part of a plan to expand ICT services in South Australia. More...

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Govt funds Yarra Valley Water IT assessment
The Federal Government has agreed to co-fund a Yarra Valley Water plan to assess its computer network systems. More...

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Rural areas get broadband brokers
IT outsourcing spend grows

Dell in online support stoush
A tempest in a web teapot over Dell's decision to shut down an online support message board has erupted into a debate in the blogosphere about the company's customer service policies. More...

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Harry Potter, IBM, and the wizardry of online book retailing
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Verisign acquires iDefense

Harry Potter, IBM, and the wizardry of online book retailing
Rather than sorcery, it is the integration of many disparate IT technologies and services via IBM's WebSphere that will be key to the delivery of millions of copies of the new Harry Potter book this weekend. More...

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Dell in online support stoush
Candle acquires Choice IT
Cyber crime rates, losses fall: survey


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