Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ping: $40m loss for tech fund | Mobile slump bad for T3, Optus | 'GTA' hit with adult rating ...and more

ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
| Thursday, July 21, 2005

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top stories
$40m loss for tech fund
THE federal Government's high-technology investment fund has lost more
than $40million, with one in six of its companies going belly up.

Mobile slump bad for T3, Optus
GROWTH in Australia's $11-billion-a-year mobile phone sector is
collapsing amid fierce price competition and market saturation.

'GTA' hit with adult rating
A US video game ratings board has slapped a restrictive "adult"
classification on "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas", prompting publisher
Take-Two Interactive Software to warn of a deeper quarterly loss.

Microsoft buys more security
SOFTWARE giant Microsoft will buy anti-virus software specialist
FrontBridge Technologies, its second plan to acquire a security provider
announced this year.

ACMA wins spam injunction
AUSTRALIA'S broadcasting and telecommunications watchdog has won its
first injunction against an alleged spammer under anti-spam laws
introduced early last year.

Computershare takes park lease
SAM Tarascio's Salta Properties has snared global share registry
Computershare as a 15-year tenant at its Port Melbourne Cititech
Business Park.

Mobiles sales to reach a billion
MOBILE phone sales will exceed one billion handsets per year by 2009
when they will become the world's most common consumer electronics
device with 2.6 billion users, a technology analyst firm said.

Google exec sued by Microsoft
MICROSOFT is suing one of its former executives hired away by internet
rival Google to run a new research centre in China.


news features
Samsung makes beautiful music
SAMSUNG wants to usurp Apple as number one in MP3 players worldwide by
2007 and has unveiled the players that will help it achieve its


Dell Latitude X1
Dell's X1 is striking, if not actually erotic to gaze upon.


Optus prowls by Telstra's crazy battle
IT seems that Telstra and its legal attack dogs don't like the nasty
taste of their own medicine, Michael Sainsbury writes.


it jobs
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also at
Phones lift Motorola

Local HP jobs under cloud

iBurst pulls plug on GeckoNet

BigPond bugs force $1.5m refund

Pan IT exec wiped drug test data

Bill Express teams with Tatts

Nats will pass T3

IBM shuffles services

News ponders local MySpace

HP axes 14,500 jobs

Yahoo profits surge

US uni added to hacking hit-list

Medicare blueprint for ID

Making waves at Big Pond

Grumbles over EDS extension


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Gates Ponders Paucity of Programmers

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Microsoft can't find enough people to hire, which is limiting the pace of its development, Chairman Bill Gates said yesterday. Gates said that when he reviews projects under development at Microsoft, the talk always turns to whether enough people are hired to do the work. The reality is troubling. Although there are numerous software developers who lost jobs after the dot-com bubble burst, Microsoft prefers to hire new college graduates.
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Microsoft licenses Finjan security patents
Software giant invests in Finjan, picks up rights to ideas on how to combat previously unknown security threats.
Wednesday July 20, 2005 01:58PM PDT

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Firefox add-on Greasemonkey slips up
Popular extension contains flaws that could let an attacker
access a user's files. "Neutered" update has been released.
Wednesday July 20, 2005 12:05PM PDT




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CNET's Daily Buzz
Buzz 1 HP lays off 14,500; multimillionaire execs unaffected
Today's news comes from the department of "it sounds so bad when you put it that way." Hewlett-Packard says it will lay off about 10 percent of its staff, or 14,500 people. The "restructuring" will affect sales and support functions, such as IT, human resources, and finance--you know, the folks who keep the computers working, keep the people working, and keep their eyes on the money.

Buzz 2 Microsoft: "Hey, no fair, you stole my guy!"
Microsoft has sued Google and one of its former executives, who's now running Google's China operations. Microsoft says Dr. Kai-Fu Lee's hiring violated employee confidentiality and noncompete agreements. The biggest problem, though, seems to be that Google gloated in public about stealing Dr. Lee. It's unclear whether it was "we got Dr. Lee in our fort and you can't have him" or just the "neener-neener" that proved to be the last straw.

Buzz 3 Cell phones: the great equalizer
A new Gartner report says nearly 40 percent of everyone on the planet will own a cell phone by 2009. The report says one in three phones will be sold in Asian countries, but that the increases (a billion phones sold annually, they predict) will be global. Think we'll ever get to the point where it's considered rude not to talk on your cell phone at the movies?

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