Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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In this issue:
* Cocoa# To Bridge Mac and Mono?
* No iTunes Phone... Yet
* Apple Updates iBook, Mac mini Lines
* Comic Life Creators Featured On ADC
* Dvorak Wonders Where The Buzz Is

| Cocoa# To Bridge Mac and Mono? |
| from the redefining-dot-mac dept. |
| posted by aaronvegh on Tuesday July 26, @04:14 (Software) |
| http://macslash.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/26/0920240 |

Call it the new .Mac. Last night I stumbled [0]on CocoaSharp, a project
geared to bridging OS X with the [1]Mono development environment. This
should increase the ability of developers working with the .NET
frameworks to easily port their applications to OS X. Can anyone provide
some feedback on their experiences with this framework? Integration is a
Good Thing: when platforms are interoperable, transitions between them
become easier.

Discuss this story at:

0. http://www.cocoasharp.org
1. http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page

| No iTunes Phone... Yet |
| from the like-a-frickin'-dangling-carrot dept. |
| posted by aaronvegh on Tuesday July 26, @04:21 (news) |
| http://macslash.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/26/0927212 |

The tension is enough to make you want to smack a duck! After all the
speculation around the much-vaunted iTunes phone debuting yesterday at
Motorola's MOTONOW event, we were disappointed -- again. [0]According to
iLounge, which covered the event, Apple had a prepared statement read,
which said there'd be no phone today, "but instead will be unveiled at a
separate music event within the next 66 days, and shipped this quarter".
Sixty-six days? That gives them till September 30. The end of this
quarter. This had better be a freaky-cool phone, because the build-up has
been beyond belief.

Discuss this story at:

0. http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/news/comments/motorola-motonow-event-begins-itunes-phone-not-being-shown/

| Apple Updates iBook, Mac mini Lines |
| from the evolution-not-revolution dept. |
| posted by aaronvegh on Tuesday July 26, @05:55 (Apple) |
| http://macslash.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/26/114245 |

We were hoping for widescreen iBooks, but we'll have to wait a bit
longer. Apple today launched a new revision of the iBook, with increased
processor speeds, a SuperDrive in the 14-inch model, ATI Mobility Radeon
9550, and -- best of all -- Bluetooth and Airport Extreme built-in. The
models still start at $999 ($1299 CDN). The Mac mini also got a bump
today, with a new selection of three models, all of which -- bless the
light! -- Apple has now outfitted with 512 MB of RAM. Bluetooth and
Airport Extreme are included on the mid-range ($599 US, $749 CDN) models,
and the fully-tricked-out part ($699 US, $899 CDN) adds a SuperDrive.
Sadly, they still make you pay for the 56K modem on the low-end model.
That's so 1996, man.

| Comic Life Creators Featured On ADC |
| from the m@d-coding-skillz dept. |
| posted by aaronvegh on Tuesday July 26, @08:58 (Software) |
| http://macslash.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/26/143242 |

Apple Developer Connection [0]is featuring Plasq, developers of the fab
[1]Comic Life. Comic Life, as noted by the feature (and let's face it,
why it's there at all) is a star example of harnessing OS X technologies,
which explains its high power, low development time one-two punch. Of
course, a lot of great work still goes into an application like this, so
be sure to check it out.

Discuss this story at:

0. http://developer.apple.com/business/macmarket/plasq.html
1. http://plasq.com/comiclife/

| Dvorak Wonders Where The Buzz Is |
| from the hint-it's-apple dept. |
| posted by aaronvegh on Tuesday July 26, @17:34 (news) |
| http://macslash.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/26/2239237 |

John C. Dvorak. I need say nothing more. In the past, he has been the Mac
world's biggest windbag, full of bile and unfounded speculation on our
favourite platform. Although a one-time columnist for MacUser magazine
(bless its once-hallowed -- and yellowing -- pages!), he has returned to
where he seems most happy -- in the annals of PC Magazine. But for how
long? His latest [0]piece of speculative non-fiction sounds suspciously
chummy for our fruit company of choice. Strangely, he makes a great deal
of sense. While he talks about the lack of buzz around Windows Vista (nee
Longhorn), he extolls the virtues of Apple, Linux and Google. It has to
be read to be believed. And even then, take it with a grain of salt.

Discuss this story at:

0. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1840479,00.asp

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Developer Shed Weekly Update for 2005-07-26


July 27, 2005








The Soap Box

Ah-ha, it's getting close to Wednesday; it must be time for another weekly newsletter!

Microsoft made the news lately by renaming the upcoming version of its operating system. Perhaps they thought the name "Longhorn" was getting a little long in the tooth. "Vista" is supposed to bring up mental images of clarity of vision -- but some wags have joked that it's really an acronym for viruses, infections, spyware, Trojans, and adware. Time will tell who is right. By either name, it seems as if we have been waiting for this operating system forever.

Summer seems to be a good time for "do-it-yourself" projects, if some of our recent articles are any indication. In Devhardware you'll find a story about several groups of people who are independently taking video gaming to the next level -- out in the streets. And in SEO Chat, you'll learn how some other folks have used Google Maps to make collections of certain types of information more useful.

Check out our Weird and Cool section at the bottom for some stuff that will make you smile...or maybe just scratch your head. Navigable moon maps? Bluetooth-enabled eyeglasses? Robot cockroaches? It's all there. Enjoy!

Thanks for joining us again,

Technology News

Apple updates iBook with faster processor The notebooks also feature more memory, a scrolling TrackPad and built-in Bluetooth 2.0.

Microsoft names next Windows version `Vista' New name for OS formerly codenamed Longhorn -- and Vista has already become the butt of jokes.

Sony's PSP Goes Online Update to system software lets you browse the Web.

  Weird and Cool

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The 5 Critical Elements of A Successful MLM System (2005-07-25) Every big MLM earner has one. Read the full article here.

Invisible Secret Weapon of Successful Home Based Business Entrepreneurs (2005-07-25) Hint: it starts with an "M," but it isn't money. Read the full article here.

Avoid These Web Site Design and Writing No-Nos (2005-07-25) Don't doom your website before it even goes live! Read the full article here.


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Weird and Cool

It must be fun to work at Google. Not content with doing an April Fool's joke, the engineers apparently decided that the best way to celebrate the recent anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon was with a new product: Google Moon. Thanks to imagery from NASA, the service lets users move around virtually on the moon's surface in the same way as they would using Google's satellite imagery. The search engine helpfully shows the locations of all six Apollo moon landings. The photos are not as detailed as the ones for Earth, of course...so Google made a clever extrapolation, which you can see if you zoom all the way in.

Looking for more cool gadgets you can take with you? Motorola may have just what you need. The company recently unveiled a whole range of new wireless products. These include a mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard, to compete with the Blackberry; Bluetooth-enabled eyeglasses (!); and a video phone that can handle video mail, receive video messages from callers, and allow users to record a video greeting for incoming calls. Still no word on the iTunes phone, though.

It conjures images of little Borg-like bugs, but scientists in Switzerland proudly announced recently that they have succeeded at sneaking a tiny robot into a colony of cockroaches. The robobug, dubbed "InsBot," drew a group of cockroaches from a darkly lit area to a more well-lighted location, despite the fact that roaches prefer low lighting. The researchers believe that InsBot will help them better understand the "collective intelligence" societies such as those of insects, and perhaps even be able to control them someday. They speculated that they might be able, for instance, to use robots to stop sheep from jumping off cliffs. Personally, I'd settle for a robotic Roachinator.


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