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ping: Dinkum delay at BigPond | Warning on broadband modems | Migration shuts out graduates ...and more

ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
| Tuesday, August 02, 2005

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Dinkum delay at BigPond
A THIRD of Telstra's $100 million project to rebuild its billing and
information technology systems for its Big Pond internet division will
not begin until the end of the year, more than two years after the email
meltdown that triggered the project.

Warning on broadband modems
BROADBAND modems need more stringent testing to protect consumers,
according to Telstra-endorsed ADSL equipment certification authority

Migration shuts out graduates
DATA released by the Immigration Department has sparked fierce debate
about whether skilled migration is undermining the ability of graduates
to find work.

News chases
NEWS Corporation's Australian arm has launched a $126 million cash offer
for the rest of leading online property business as it
continues its push for internet businesses.

Govt warned on ID card fraud
A CENTRALISED database of personal information used as part of the
proposed national ID card scheme would make Australia's problems of
identity fraud worse, privacy advocates have said.

Govt data sent to auction
A WEBSITE'S claims that NSW's bus and ferry authority sent old servers
to auction with confidential information on the hard drives have forced
the agency to demand an explanation from contractors and to change its
disposal policy.

PBA nabs new wholesale deal
WIRELESS broadband provider Personal Broadband Australia has entered a
wholesale deal with Melbourne-based internet provider Pacific Internet

New Nokia chief emerges
FINLAND'S Nokia has picked Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo to take over as chief
executive next year from Jorma Ollila, who transformed the company from
a maker of rubber boots into the world's biggest mobile phone producer.


news features
Mail service or monster?
Google is growing, learning more about you, but it may not be able to
protect your privacy



Flybook A33i notebook
SLEEK, well-connected and cute, the Flybook A33i ultra-portable notebook
is tailor-made for travel.


eBay stays mum on sex spin-off
open source | MELBOURNE woman Susie Choppin, banned from selling her
body-moulding kit on eBay, has set up her own adult auction site to
handle material from people the US giant has blacklisted.


it jobs
Expand your horizons - search over 10,000 jobs at Australian IT Jobs


also at
Cisco gives the all-clear

Delay in Optus satellite launch

Oracle prepares a move to retail

$1.2m 3D handset deal

Ingram 61pc profit rise

Hospital offuture goes remote

Virus rash rains cash

Minnows fall between telco cracks

China snatches top chip ranking

Trujillo shies from Nationals

Telstra rift over as pair depart

FIX for ASX trading system

Costello issues warning over T3

US pursues army hacker in Britain

MapInfo in $3.4m retail buy


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August 02, 2005

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A dynamic URL is the address - or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) - of
a Web page with content that depends on variable parameters that are
provided to the server that delivers it. The parameters may be
already present in the URL itself or they may be the result of user
input. A dynamic URL can often be recognized by the presence of
certain characters or character strings that appear in the URL
(visible in the address bar of your browser). The following are

& $ + = ? % cgi

Some search engines do not index dynamic URLs. This is because the
search engine may see a huge sequence of Web pages as it spiders the
dynamic URL, the contents of which keep changing (which makes it look
like a different URL). This is called a spider trap. The more
sophisticated search engines, such as Google, index dynamic URLs as
long as the information is market specific and content rich. But the
best way to ensure that a Web site is indexed on the largest possible
number of search engines is to include at least one significant page
that is represented by a static URL, in which the contents do not
change unless the HTML code is rewritten.

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Alessandro Forghieri has written an HTTP Primer.

Terry Van Horne offers some practical advice for the incorporation of
dynamic URLs in Web sites.

NetMechanic's Larisa Thomason tells how to "Invite Search Engine
Spiders Into Your Dynamic Web Site."


Linux is thriving, but the perception is that top vendors Red Hat and
Novell continue to tread cautiously with a desktop offering. However,
news of a new Debian distro in the days leading up to LinuxWorld San
Francisco could mean heat ahead.,289142,sid39_gci1108048,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524782

A security researcher and the Black Hat security conference faces
litigation by Cisco and ISS. In the wake of a vulnerability
presentation, the security researcher said he could bring down the

Though HP is keeping mum, news has leaked about its newest product
targeting small businesses.,289142,sid5_gci1111462,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524782

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This electronic paper was developed at Xerox's Palo Alto Research
Center. Hint: It's sometimes called e-paper. What is it?


This term is used to describe what life on our planet might become if
self-replicating robots began to use up life forms for their own
energy needs. What is it?
a. red gloo
b. gray goo
c. black goo
d. All of the above


CLC is a term used to describe the progression of steps a customer
goes through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining
loyalty to a product or service. What does CLC stand for?
a. customer loyalty count
b. customer life cycle
c. continuously loyal customers


In <A
Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools,</a> author Kyle Rankin
explains how the Knoppix CD can be used as an indispensable,
multi-purpose tool for administrators. One of the many things Knoppix
can accomplish is rescuing Windows. In this e-mail exchange, Rankin
provides instructions for using Knoppix in place of the Windows
Recovery CD.,289483,sid39_gci1111316,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524782



Airborne Internet,290660,sid40_gci1107890,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524782



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Canadian Press via Yahoo! News, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 7:56 PM PDT
Panthers kick off NHL free agency by signing pair of former Leafs
(CP) - The Florida Panthers signalled the NHL's new era Monday by outbidding the Toronto Maple Leafs as the free-agent market opened with more tire kicking than actual signings.

USA Today, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 7:12 PM PDT
Redskins' complex Taylor ready to focus on football now
After turbulent summer, Redskins' complex safety ready to play.

Dallas Morning News, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 5:34 PM PDT
Tell us more, Rafael Palmeiro
Tell us more, Rafael Palmeiro. Tell us more, for the sake of your sterling reputation and Hall of Fame chances. Tell us more, to avoid going from one of the good guys in the game to being lumped among the biggest hypocrites in sports.

Journal-News, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 6:49 PM PDT
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R News, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 8:06 PM PDT
Seneca County Votes 'No' to Merge
Residences in the towns of Seneca Falls and Waterloo voted on a controversial issue Monday night. This was an opportunity to gauge public opinion on the merging of the Seneca Falls and Waterloo school districts.

R News, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 7:50 PM PDT
Gates Waste Hauler Wants Expansion
A Gates waste hauler wants to expand its recycling business to include trash collection. Compass Environmental Haulers on Lee Road deals in construction debris and recyclables.

R News, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 6:51 PM PDT
Barnum Appointed to Director Post
Area peach growers say this year's crop is the worst they have seen in 10 years. Because of mother nature, consumers will have to pay more for peaches this summer.

R News, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 6:50 PM PDT
Number of Ferry Riders Grows
The company the City of Rochester hired to run the fast ferry says that a month into the re-launch, the operation is going well. Bay Ferries says ridership this past week was up 30 percent from the week before.

PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance, Mon, 01 Aug 2005 6:05 PM PDT
Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. Reports 13.5% Increase in Revenue and Strong Growth in Operating Income for Third
Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. , a leading manufacturer of a broad range of value-added products for the dental profession, including the specialty markets of orthodontics, endodontics and implantology, announced today its financial results for its fiscal year 2005 third quarter, which ended on June 30, 2005.

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China Search Engine Set for IPO

[Keywords Matched: Internet browser Mozilla Firefox "computer virus"] is in the front ranks of an emerging group of Chinese companies that are trying to create Internet services uniquely suited to their country's ideogram-based language and the political restrictions of its communist government. The name -- pronounced "by doo" -- means "one hundred times." It comes from a Song dynasty poem and refers to a man ardently searching for his lover in a festival crowd.
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RFID startup attracts software talent
TrueDemand launches with $6 million in venture funding and
co-founders from Stanford University and SAP.
Monday August 01, 2005 06:25PM PDT




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Macromedia offers Breeze conferencing package
Company has bundled Breeze 5 with other offerings, established an "event service team" and introduced a promotional rate for the package.
Monday August 01, 2005 05:40PM PDT

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Update 1: Hackers Demonstrate Their Skills in Vegas

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As usual, we published a slate of good articles last week, including
Robert Bernier explaining how to schmooze at conferences:

Andy Oram praising the commons as a source of ideas for business (and a
resource worth preserving, rather than exploiting):

David Day recommending that PHP 4 programmers consider using object
orientation to make code more effective, reusable, and maintainable:

Finally, Brian W. Fitzpatrick encouraging developers looking for jobs to
become virtual interns--by contributing to open source projects:

As usual, we have a nice group of weblogs and commentary. You know where
to find them:

Check back next week for final thoughts and reflections on OSCON... or if
you're here, come up and say hello!

Headed off to hear DHH talk about Ruby on Rails,
- c

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================================================================ and Linux Devcenter Top Five Articles Last Week

1. Calculating the True Price of Software
Businesses have long viewed support and maintenance as essential
components of software. Open source business models often focus on
charging for support and customization. Is there an economic model that
can demonstrate the true worth of a piece of software and the option for
support, maintenance, and upgrades? Robert Lefkowitz argues that open
source exposes the true value of software itself as, essentially, worth
less in comparison to support and maintenance.


2. Ajax on Rails
XMLHttpRequest and Ruby on Rails are two hot topics in web development. As
you ought to expect by now, they work really well together. Curt Hibbs
explains the minimal Ajax you need to know and the minimal Ruby you need
to write to Ajax-ify your Rails applications.


3. The Practicality of OO PHP
PHP is an easy language for doing practical things immediately. The
easiest ways to begin aren't always the best ways to stay productive,
though. PHP's support for object orientation requires a little more
learning and a little more discipline, but it has many benefits for larger
projects. David Day explains the basics of OO in PHP 4.


4. The Commons Doesn't Have a Business Plan
The commons used to be a grassy area in the center of town where anyone
could graze animals. Now it's a metaphor for anything available to
everyone without restriction. Andy Oram argues that this is the ground
from which new businesses spring--and that open source and free software
are the wellspring for new software and technology.


5. Speeding up Linux Using hdparm
Instantly double the I/O performance of your disks or, in some cases, show
6 to 10 times your existing throughput!


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Yahoo Clips The News
[August 1, 2005] The portal player will strengthen its news section with daily clips from CNN and ABC.

Pulver Counsel Pans Telecom Reform Bill
[August 1, 2005] Attorney for VoIP outfit fears sweeping telecom reform will only add to IP services rules and regulations.

Avaya Launches Voice Portals For Web Services
[August 1, 2005] Voice-enabled applications use company's existing Web services.

Pharma Markets Online
[July 29, 2005] Curtailing direct-to-consumer drug ads sounds like a bitter pill for creative firms, but the fine print suggests an opening for Internet marketers.

Intel Opens Centers for Emerging Markets
[August 1, 2005] Stimulating the next billion users.

Black Duck Searches SourceForge Style
[August 1, 2005] IP software firm will now allow users to search open source software repository directly for licensing conflicts.

MSN's Enterprise Ambitions
[August 1, 2005] The consumer portal is key to Microsoft's collaboration strategy.

Skype's Video Phone Beta Close to Launch
[July 29, 2005] Video calling service by VoIP darling is going to public beta next month, has learned.

Vista, IE 7 Betas Out in The Open
[July 29, 2005] They've been pirated and are now available for download.

Microsoft Wins Google-Hire Restraining Order
[July 29, 2005] Battle over trade secrets in Kai-Fu Lee's head heats up.

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