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ping: Qld health systems slammed | Optus DSL stuck in talks | Coonan to change Telstra licence ...and more

ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
| Thursday, August 04, 2005

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top stories
Qld health systems slammed
QUEENSLAND Health's information systems have been slammed in a damning
report sparked by concerns over rogue surgeon Jayant Patel.

Optus DSL stuck in talks
OPTUS has remained cagey about its ADSL network rollout plans, blaming
Telstra for the slow progress of talks concerning the project.

Coonan to change Telstra licence
TELSTRA will be forced to maintain a presence in the bush beyond any
sale of the government's stake in the telco, Communications Minister
Helen Coonan said.

Optimism fuels laptop boom
BOOMING demand for notebooks is likely to haul the PC market towards a
record second half of the year, with increasingly confident consumers
enticed into upgrading by plummeting prices and healthy economic

Internet the big revenue winner
THE steep growth in advertising dollars spent online during the next
five years will come directly from newspapers, a report from
PricewaterhouseCoopers has found.

Optus profit dips
SINGTEL subsidiary Optus said that net profit had declined "marginally
in the first quarter as the company was hit by increased competition,
particularly in mobile and fixed-line business markets.

iTunes gets Japan start
APPLE has launched its iTunes online music store in Japan, bringing its
market-leading download service to the world's second-largest music
market by album sales.

Nordic telco cuts 3,000 jobs
SWEDISH-FINNISH telecommunications operator TeliaSonera has announced
plans to eliminate 3,000 jobs in Sweden following a 30 per cent drop in
profit during the second-quarter.


news features
Cool karts cash in
BUCKING conventional wisdom has paid off for South Korean online game
producer Nexon, which is raking in millions of dollars each month by
selling digital images rather than real products.


Jabra BT 800
A BLUETOOTH headset means never having to hold your mobile phone while
talking on it. Such busy little beavers we have all become.


Trujillo picks fight with boss
A long-term plan for telecommunications in the bush is overdue, Michael
Sainsbury writes.


it jobs
Expand your horizons - search over 10,000 jobs at Australian IT Jobs


also at
Optus grows broadband

Comcast profit soars

Rebels promise stealth P2P by Xmas

P2P group tests new weapon

Apple gives in on mouse

Telstra boss swipes at regulators

No mega contracts, says Abbott

HP exits digital cameras

Asia to drive mobile gambling

Hutch 3G for Canberra

Optus mobile swells by 105,000

We make, we spend, says Sol soars on $126m bid

RIM ruling scaled back

Oracle buys bank software group


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Word of the Day: RAIN Word of the Day
August 04, 2005

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RAIN (variously said to stand for redundant array of independent
nodes, reliable array of independent nodes, or random array of
independent nodes) is a cluster of nodes connected in a network
topology with multiple interfaces and redundant storage, providing
fault tolerance and graceful degradation.

The RAIN concept grew out of RAID (redundant array of independent
disks) technology. RAIN incorporates striping (partitioning of
storage space) across multiple nodes in a network, whereas RAID
stripes the data among a set of hard drives in a single system. RAIN
can provide fully automated data recovery in a local area network
(LAN) or wide area network (WAN) even if multiple nodes fail. There
is no limit to the number of nodes that can exist in a RAIN cluster.
New nodes can be added, and maintenance conducted, without incurring
network downtime. A browser-based, centralized, secure management
interface facilitates monitoring and configuration from a single

The RAIN concept originated in a research project for space-borne
computing at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and the Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency (DARPA) in the United States. Several patents have
been granted for various proprietary versions of the technology.

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Rainfinity outlines describes RAIN technology.

The Parallel and Distributed Systems Group at Caltech describes the
RAIN architecture.

As rival factions flesh out a merged proposal for the forthcoming
802.11n standard, experts explain how it will affect companies and
why pre-standard gear won't cut it.,289142,sid7_gci1112416,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524786

At Microsoft's annual meeting for financial analysts, CEO Steve
Ballmer spoke of premium client access licenses, an Office server
product and a professional version of Windows Vista.,289142,sid1_gci1111738,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524786

Responding to user complaints about its rumored decision to cease
support for CGIDEV2 code, Big Blue said that it will support the
code, and launch a new Web site for that purpose.,289142,sid3_gci1112031,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524786

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In a data warehouse, this term refers to a database record that
contains errors. What is it?

Yahoo's co-founders are Sergey Brin and Larry Page. True or false?

TTS is a type of speech synthesis application that is used to create
a spoken sound version of the text in a computer document. What does
TTS stand for?
a. teach to speak
b. text-to-speech
c. type to speech

It's impossible to prevent a malware attack that you've never seen,
but the having the right security measures in place could you'll be
your organization's saving grace.,289483,sid45_gci1111708,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524786


Airborne Internet,290660,sid40_gci1107890,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=524786



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Update 6: Apple Opens iTunes Music Store in Japan

Update 6: Apple Opens iTunes Music Store in Japan

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Apple Opens ITunes Music Store in Japan

Apple Opens ITunes Music Store in Japan

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cnet news alert | CNET alert

cnet news alert | CNET alert

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High-tech gear reveals mummy's secrets
Researchers at Stanford, SGI and a San Jose museum reveal the innards of an Egyptian mummy, without unwrapping it.
Wednesday August 03, 2005 06:14PM PDT

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[Osdir-daily] Apache Derby Released

The Apache Derby development community is pleased to announce its
first release after graduating from the Apache Incubator, Apache Derby Apache Derby is now a subproject of the Apache DB project.
You can find Derby at its new home on the web at:[1]

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[Osdir-daily] Commerce to buy Linux through purchase agreement

The Commerce Department has awarded a blanket purchase agreement to DLT
Solutions for Red Hat software and services. Commerce personnel will be able to
buy Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other products and services through the BPA,
with DLT serving as the reseller.

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cnet news alert | CNET alert

cnet news alert | CNET alert

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Building the college library of tomorrow
Never mind Google. Several big universities are well on their way to the library of the future.
Wednesday August 03, 2005 12:30PM PDT

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Wireless in Iraq

Wi-Fi Planet Newletter
Wednesday August 03, 2005
The Source for Wi-Fi Business and Technology

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Search Engine Strategies Conf. & Expo 8/8-8/11 San Jose

1. Wireless in Iraq
A DoD contractor tells what it takes to work in Iraq and participate in force

2. Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Vacation's over, time to talk
about new security sensors from AirTight and Highwall; Linksys's new pocket router;
Socket's small, secure SDIO card; Belkin's new (and cheap) pre-N products; and more.,1sr5,1,6kxy,169v,ff69,9abz

3. Hotspot Hits
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: We're back with news on iPass adding 14,000 hotspots
in South Korea; ICOA buying (and connecting Trump in Atlantic City); cities like
Sarasota, FL, and Malden, MA, going wireless; and more.,1sr5,1,l0p5,ecft,ff69,9abz

4. Vonage, TowerStream Tackle Wireless VoIP
Baby Bell rivals become partners in a common struggle.,1sr5,1,6xrk,lrxa,ff69,9abz

5. Motorola, Cisco Partner Seamlessly
Echoing the Motorola-Avaya-Proxim partnership of yesteryear, new pact aims at "seamless"
fixed-mobile VoIP convergence for the enterprise.,1sr5,1,d3ms,5ze,ff69,9abz

6. On Wings of RFID, Supplying 'TrueDemand'
RFID middleware company focuses on predictive supply chain software.,1sr5,1,ivct,8k8z,ff69,9abz


Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo Summer 2005, the premier event
for search engine marketing & optimization, returns to San Jose
August 8-11, 2005. Be part of this exclusive gathering of search
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search engine marketing and fully understand how search engines
interact with your Web site & ways to improve your listings. Register
early & save!,1sr5,1,k6sh,eexu,ff69,9abz


1. From Chaska to The Alamo
This hotspot solution provider in interested in deployments large and small, anywhere in
the world.,1sr5,1,6e2m,e1kt,ff69,9abz

2. Wi-Fi vs. Telcos
In his keynote speech at the Wi-Fi Planet Conference, 'Wi-Fi vs. Telcos', a famed
Internet guru spelled out why he's looking to nimble wi-fi providers, not 'telcos,
cablecos, and cellcos' for innovation and the next killer app.,1sr5,1,8jt,jvn8,ff69,9abz

3. Next Steps for WiMAX
From satellite-delivered WiMAX to WiMAX LANs, companies are already exploring new
applications for the nascent technology.,1sr5,1,8ad,6168,ff69,9abz

4. Celerus Courts SMBs Deploying Hotspots
With "free" software (businesses pay only for maintenance) this company's plan is to
provide management tools to spur on hotspots in new locations.,1sr5,1,mewo,6mcx,ff69,9abz

1. KoolSpan (Part 3: Under the Hood)
In parts one and two of this review we looked at an innovative product and tested it. In
this conclusion of our review of this novel product, we look under the hood to show how
it works.,1sr5,1,9yc0,3ozv,ff69,9abz

2. Palmone LifeDrive
PalmOne's new LifeDrive could be just the ticket if you're tired of carrying a laptop on
the road. We put it to the test.,1sr5,1,eag3,cqvs,ff69,9abz

3. KoolSpan (Part 2: The Test)
In Part 1 we described this secure access product's architecture, our test network
configuration, and client installation. This week, we test the product in the office and
on the road.,1sr5,1,c8gf,8a46,ff69,9abz

1. Two Firewalls Too Much of a Good Thing
One Internet connection and two computers each running firewall software can mean PCs
that refuse to talk to each other. Here's an easy way to break down walls. Plus,
diagnosing the cause of a dysfunctional wireless network.,1sr5,1,9l5b,dr8w,ff69,9abz

2. Mesh Networking a Viable Alternative
Mesh networking is making its way into municipal Wi-Fi networks, but use within
enterprises is questionable. Learn the ins and outs of mesh networking and see if it fits
into your wireless deployment.,1sr5,1,7s1p,ez8f,ff69,9abz

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[Osdir-daily] Startups vie to make Linux more attractive with bundled offerings

Integrating open source applications is a task daunting enough to lead some
companies toward proprietary products. To that end, a several startups this
week revealed plans to offer prebuilt, certified solutions so customers have
fewer integration migraines.

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CIS eNews in your Inbox - August 3, 2005

Customer Interaction Solutions eNews

August 3, 2005

Feature Stories

Speech Technologies at a Crossroads
By Robert Liu, TMCnet Executive Editor
The development of speech technologies is still at a nascent age but is quickly approaching a significant crossroad, according to a panel of key industry participants. While speech engines and portals have simplified some of the basic development work, applications are demanding more and more...

Siebel, Oracle, SAP Top CRM Vendors in 2004
By David Sims, TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist
Siebel, Oracle and SAP were named the top three CRM vendors, respectively, in 2004, according to a new report issued by research firm IDC, titled "Worldwide CRM Applications 2004 Vendor Shares: Let the Games Begin." IDC's report is based on vendor-reported and observed...

Concerto Is at the Top of Its Game
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Interaction Solutions
Concerto has released financial results for its second quarter ended June 30, 2005, and it would impossible for the company to not feel upbeat about the results. Revenue increased nearly 74 percent against the same period last year, and the company's recent announcement of a merger with Aspect appears to be...

IEX Releases TotalView Workforce Management Version 3.9
Special Feature From TMCnet's Workforce Optimization Channel
IEX Corporation announced the general availability of version 3.9 of the TotalView Workforce Management system at the Avaya Evolution Forum being held in the Hotel Transamérica São Paulo. TotalView 3.9 offers skill block scheduling features that make it easier to...

Latest Headlines

MIND CTI Acquires Sentori to Create Billing Powerhouse
MIND CTI, an Israel-based company that specializes in real-time mediation, rating, billing and customer care solutions for pre-paid and post-paid multiple services, announced today it has purchased Sentori, a U.S.-based company best known for...

Relationals Gets the Charlotte Observer
Relationals, a vendor of hosted CRM focusing on the publishing and media industry, is announcing that Knight-Ridder's Charlotte Observer has selected the Relationals CRM suite to "accelerate the sales process, improve..."

Empirix Unveils Voice Self-Serve App and VoIP Net Combo Tester
Empirix Inc. just unveiled the Hammer CallMaster 5.0, an automated testing tool for both voice self-service applications and VoIP networks. The new device tests voice and speech applications as well as...

StarTek Inc. Reports Drop in Second Quarter Earnings, Announces New Client
StarTek Inc., a provider of business process outsourced services that is in the process of a companywide turnaround, announced that revenue for Q2 05 declined 15.9 percent to $53.2 million, down from $63.3 million during the same time period in 2004...

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CRM Total Cost of Ownership: Comparing Open Source Solutions to Proprietary Solutions

This paper breaks down 3 important points which have significant cost associations, which proprietary solutions need to address. Pricing a CRM solution should go beyond the initial license and maintenance cost - to implementation, customization, and deployment flexibility.

FYI From TMCnet

'VoIP Developer Week': TMC Salutes World's Communications Developer Community
"We declare this VoIP developer week to commemorate the legions of new developers churning out the products and services that millions more people will use tomorrow. Without these developers, we cannot expect the rapid pace of innovation to continue."
-- TMC President Rich Tehrani

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Latest Blogs

Student Loan Provider Brazos Picks Compliance 360

First Coffee for August 3, 2005

VoIP Developer Show Packed Out in San Francisco

IEX Releases v3.9 TotalView WFM

Peterson: Plenty of Upside to the Numbers

E-Commerce Report: Firefox Goes For-Profit


Firefox Goes For-Profit
Lisa DiCarlo
The Mozilla Foundation steps gently into commercial waters to capitalize on the popularity of Firefox.

Faces In The News
Elvis' Mercedes Sparks EBay Controversy
8.01.05, 1:07 PM ET - Greg Levine
E-commerce lawsuit launched over Presley's limousine.

The Era Of The Mixmaster
8.03.05, 10:56 AM ET - Sam Whitmore
Move over, bloggers: An even newer era is appearing over the horizon.

Ringtones Fall Flat
8.01.05, 12:53 PM ET - Ken Young,
Analysts say that competition, scams and alternative applications add up to one thing: fad.

Web Search Hits The Streets
8.03.05, 5:02 AM ET - Wendy Widman
Scads of companies are targeting America's 180 million cell phone users to push mobile search services.

Faces In The News
Ford Jr. Added To EBay Board
7.28.05, 12:37 PM ET - Chris Noon
Internet auctioneer expanding board, auto trade.

The Tiny Wired Hospital
7.29.05, 3:00 PM ET - Fahmida Y. Rashid
In push to improve care and efficiency, Overlake Medical Center has gone almost completely wireless.

Financial Services
The 10K Of Your Dreams
8.03.05, 10:18 AM ET - Liz Moyer
Coming soon to your nearest e-mail in-box--a company's financial statement you might understand.


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