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In this issue:
* A Crush On The Mac
* Music Labels Giving Apple Hard Time

| A Crush On The Mac |
| from the my-mac-prefers-caramel-filled-chocolates dept. |
| posted by aaronvegh on Friday August 05, @06:19 (news) |
| |

Computerworld is [0]running a commentary by Douglas Schweitzer, wherein
he celebrates his second anniversary -- with his new Mac. "Over the past
two years, my Mac has lived up to all its promises and has never ceased
to delight me." Sadly, he spends less time extolling the supposed
delights of the Mac platform, and simply compares it to Windows. Okay,
there are "fewer" (how about none?) viruses for the Mac, but let's talk
about how much more pleasant it is to use! Let's face it, as someone who
has to use Windows every day, I know much more could be made of the
refinements of OS X over Windows. Anyone else feel that way?

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| Music Labels Giving Apple Hard Time |
| from the sing-sad-songs dept. |
| posted by aaronvegh on Friday August 05, @10:49 (news) |
| |

A [0]short piece in Digital Music News outlines some of the issues that
Apple has dealt with from the record labels, Sony in particular. From the
article: "Specifically, labels have been pushing Apple to increase its
current fixed a-la-carte pricing structure in the US, Canada and Europe."
Sometimes it seems to me that the record labels are looking to get the
horse back in the barn, so to speak.

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[Osdir-daily] University opens free software lab for students

The University of the Western Cape yesterday opened its first free software
computer laboratory for students. Running on computers supplied by Sahara, the
laboratory will only run free software, according to executive director of
information and communication services at the university, Derek Keats.

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ECT News Network Real-Time Alert

Baidu May Be Netscape Redux

[Keywords Matched: Internet browser Mozilla Firefox "computer virus"]
Let's just forget the comparison between China's Baidu and search giant Google; Baidu's IPO is more similar to Netscape's. To the amazement and even awe of many traders on Wall Street, Baidu shares traded today at a current high of US$151.21, more than five times its initial price of $27. Back in August 1995, Netscape's IPO opened at $71 a share, after being priced at $28 a share.
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August 05, 2005

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