Monday, August 08, 2005

iTnewswire Late Edition: Gates sells 16 million Microsoft shares; Consumers fret about online ID theft.

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Tuesday, 9th August 2005

  • Gates sells 16 million Microsoft shares
  • Global IP alliance unveils VoIP matrix
  • Network Box launches channel program
  • Consumers fret about online ID theft
  • AOL after slice of mobile pie
  • Gates sells 16 million Microsoft shares
    Microsoft's chairman Bill Gates took advantage of his company's recent stock run-up to sell 16 million shares over a six day period that netted him US$421 million and change. More...

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    Microsoft needs to reissue Windows 2000 rollup

    Global IP alliance unveils VoIP matrix
    The Global IP Alliance, a consortium of IP and VoIP suppliers and providers, this week announced that it has established a matrix of information covering IP-based communications technology and regulations. More...

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    Network Box launches channel program
    Managed security provider Network Box has launched a channel program to bring new resellers into the fold on the back of double digit growth here last financial year. More...

    Consumers fret about online ID theft
    Two-thirds of consumers who have not been the victims of identity theft think it could never happen to them, according to a poll. More...

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    AOL after slice of mobile pie
    AOL is acquiring wireless software maker Wildseed, a deal that could help it embed its services in mobile phones sold by wireless carriers. More...

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    Program targets phone tower concerns
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    ping: Billing blowout | States slow on pedophile laws | Exetel sues ADSL supplier ...and more

    ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
    | Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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    top stories
    Billing blowout
    BILLING has emerged as an expensive technology headache for telcos, with
    the four biggest players set to sign off on more than $1 billion in new
    systems by the end of the year.

    States slow on pedophile laws
    SEVERAL state governments have left police without laws to snare
    internet predators who groom children for abuse, despite vowing last
    year to introduce tough anti-pedophile legislation following Operation

    Exetel sues ADSL supplier
    SYDNEY internet provider Exetel has sued its former ADSL supplier,
    DataCo, for disconnecting more than 3500 of its customers from its
    service earlier this year.

    Telstra shift to wireless
    TELSTRA will launch a wireless broadband service for small businesses
    and consumers using its national CDMA mobile network, setting it on a
    collision course with stock market-listed rivals Unwired and Commander.

    Web pic law canvassed
    POSTING unauthorised photos of children on the internet could be
    outlawed under options raised in a discussion paper.

    Australia alone in net war
    AUSTRALIA risks being sidelined by powerful voting blocs in the upcoming
    World Summit on the Information Society, as the US battles the European
    Union and the developing world over control of the internet.

    E-mart uptake sluggish
    THE NSW Government wants to push more suppliers into its underused $55
    million Smartbuy e-marketplace and will require tenderers to enrol in
    Smartbuy after new tender software is installed.

    Takeover creates fund dilemma
    THE federal Industry Department is considering whether Canberra software
    house Protocom should repay $3 million in start-up assistance grants in
    the wake of its $50 million acquisition by US developer ActivCard.


    news features
    Tech budgets edging upwards
    MORE than a third of Australian businesses and government agencies
    boosted their technology budgets this year, according to a Forrester


    Topfield 5000/ ICE TV EPG
    WHEN ICE TV, a project devised in part by Peter Vogel (co-inventor of
    the influential Fairlight Computer Music Instrument, among other things)
    was first mooted last year, the emphasis was on removing ads from
    recorded programs.


    Privacy is key to sharing
    the scrutineer | IN the future, business intelligence systems will chat
    to their friends and neighbours as they go about their work, writes
    Bruce McCabe.


    it jobs
    Expand your horizons - search over 10,000 jobs at Australian IT Jobs


    also at
    Google pics spur review

    Japan iTunes hits a million

    Yahoo turns to voice

    Search to outgrow banners

    Skype should stay solo

    Nortel forecast upbeat

    Google sued over ad fees

    People prefer to buy CDs

    Hacking tools suit terrorists

    Glut causes chip price tumble

    Bank testing hybrid phone

    Troubles tower over state

    Health technology ailing

    Interactive TV hires Optus man

    Wireless on trial at lawyer


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    Word of the Day: VoWLAN Word of the Day
    August 09, 2005

    ISSUE SPONSORED BY: SearchTechTarget: A treasure site of IT knowledge


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    -- Today's Tech News
    -- Brain Food
    -- Additions and Updates

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    VoWLAN (Voice over WLAN) is a method of sending voice information in
    digital form over a wireless broadband network. Essentially, VoWLAN
    is VoIP delivered through wireless technology. The technology is
    sometimes called "VoWi-Fi" or "Wi-Fi VoIP" because it uses the IEEE
    802.11 set of specifications (informally known collectively as Wi-Fi)
    for transporting data over wireless local area networks and the

    VoWLAN requires a voice-enabled wireless device, most commonly a PDA
    or a "Wi-Fi handset," which looks and operates like a cell phone, but
    sends voice as discrete data packets rather than an analog voice
    stream. Callers can also use a software-based phone, known as a
    softphone, that resides on devices including laptop and desktop
    computers. The VoWLAN system routes calls from the phone to a WLAN
    access point and then to a VoIP gateway or IP PBX. The call is sent
    to its appropriate destination within the private network or out onto
    the Internet or PSTN.

    The VoWLAN system allows all regular functions and messaging
    applications available on wired phones to be available on the VoWLAN
    devices. Like VoIP, VoWLAN also contributes to cost efficiency.
    Because calls can be routed over the data network internally or over
    the Internet externally, mobile telephony costs can be eliminated or
    decreased significantly.

    Major barriers to VoWLAN include inconsistent voice performance and
    the need for quality of service (QoS); slow and unreliable encryption
    and authentication; and the proprietary nature of current products.
    The IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance have been developing standards
    improvements to mitigate VoWLAN limitations. The recent 802.11i
    standard implemented intelligent security to speed up authentication
    while Roaming. Other upcoming standards enhancements include:

    * The 802.11e standard will define QoS measures that will prioritize
    voice traffic using two methods, Wireless MultiMedia (WMM) and WMM
    Scheduled Access

    * 802.11r will specify a fast-roaming protocol to minimize packet
    loss when users move from one access point to another within a WLAN

    * 802.11k will include the Radio Resource Management protocol to
    enable a handset to pre-discover the conditions of the WLAN network
    and choose the best available paths.

    VoWLAN is most frequently found in the retail, manufacturing and
    health care industries, where WLAN was adopted early and use has
    progressed quickly. In the long term, VoWLAN deployment is a
    significant step toward interoperability and seamless mobile
    connectivity between private WLANs and public wireless and cellular

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    RELATED CONTENT: offers a collection of resources about WLAN

    Voice over WLAN News provides news about VoWLAN.


    EMC announced plans for the security market, unveiled CDP and SRM
    products, and promised more software acquisitions are on the way.,289142,sid5_gci1113529,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525184

    Eavesdropping on networks to glean passwords and other private
    information is illegal at security conferences. And yet the practice
    persists -- even flourishes in some venues -- leaving some to believe
    the practice should be permissible.,289142,sid14_gci1113473,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525184

    The University of San Diego's financial aid department solved a major
    paper problem with the help of Oracle HTML database.,289142,sid41_gci1113037,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525184

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    A popular search engine derives its name from this term for 10 to the
    100th power (1 followed by 100 zeros). What is it?


    Scooba is the name of a robot. What task is it designed to perform?
    a. vacuum
    b. train dogs
    c. assist disabled people
    d. clean bathroom facilities


    VHS is a widely-adopted videocassette recording technology that was
    developed by Japan Victor Company and put on the market in 1976. What
    does VHS stand for?
    a. Video Hardware System
    b. Video Home System
    c. Video Home Screen


    2003 |
    Learn how to audit Exchange 2003 mailbox permissions in Active


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    [Osdir-daily] Dell Ups Wattage of LAMP

    On Monday, Dell announced that it is moving forward with enterprise-level
    support, not just for Linux, but also for two more key elements of the LAMP
    (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl) stack: MySQL and JBoss.

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    Siebel certified for Suse Linux
    Novell will provide support for Siebel Systems' business applications in its Suse Linux Enterprise Server.
    Monday August 08, 2005 10:42AM PDT

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