Wednesday, August 10, 2005

iTnewswire Late Edition: Spammers scare to sell; OSDL creates repository of open-source patents.

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Thursday, 11th August 2005

  • Spammers scare to sell
  • Avaya VoIP sneaks past Cisco in first quarter
  • Microsoft lures former Lotus development stars
  • OSDL creates repository of open-source patents
  • Sun refreshes partner training
  • Atomic Reader Survey 2005
    Spammers scare to sell
    Spammers have tired of their traditional hard-sell sales tactics and are switching to scare tactics instead. More...

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    Spammers most likely users of email authentication
    Hackers and spammers combine forces
    Spammers turn to spyware

    Avaya VoIP sneaks past Cisco in first quarter
    Avaya has scraped past previous leader Cisco for the first time as SMBs buy into the IP telephony trend in Frost & Sullivan's latest Australian market analysis. More...

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    Cisco posts 11 percent growth in Q4
    Global IP alliance unveils VoIP matrix
    Cisco drives harder into education sector

    Microsoft lures former Lotus development stars
    The Microsoft Exchange team has brought aboard two highly respected developers known for their expertise in collaboration software. More...

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    Microsoft initially released corrupted IE patch
    Microsoft launches MSN filter
    Microsoft points Mac Messenger 5.0 at enterprises

    OSDL creates repository of open-source patents
    In a move to create a war chest of patents for the open-source software community, the Open Source Development Labs is creating a central repository of patents to benefit the Linux universe. More...

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    OSDL sees Linux rising in retail
    Sun to open-source web authentication
    SourceLabs launches site for open-source projects

    Sun refreshes partner training
    Sun Microsystems for the first time is making training materials and methodologies used by its direct sales force available to the channel under a refreshed partner program. More...

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    Sun to open-source web authentication
    SeeBeyond deal may help Sun partners
    Nokia lends a hand to Sun's wireless toolkit


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    ping: $100m axe looms | $5bn plan to hotwire bush | Sony's $100m PSP goal ...and more

    ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
    | Thursday, August 11, 2005

    Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities
    that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and
    secure and protect the world?s most critical information. Visit Nortel
    on the Web at
    top stories
    $100m axe looms
    TELSTRA says as many as 1,000 jobs could be lost as part of a four-month
    strategic review, although no decision has yet been made.

    $5bn plan to hotwire bush
    TELSTRA chief Sol Trujillo will present John Howard with a $5
    billion-plus plan to "hot-wire" more than 95 per cent of the population
    with cutting-edge communications.

    Sony's $100m PSP goal
    SONY Computer Entertainment believes it can sell about $100 million
    worth of its new PlayStation Portable entertainment device in the
    lead-up to Christmas.

    ACCC chief 'fed up'
    AUSTRALIAN Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Graeme Samuel
    yesterday waded into the rising political storm around Telstra,
    effectively rejecting the company's proposed pricing for access to its
    "last mile" copper wires.

    Sol backs broadband 'aggression'
    TELSTRA chief executive Solomon Trujillo says the company has to become
    more innovative and more aggressive in delivering broadband services.

    Lenovo profit lifts
    TOP CHINESE personal computer maker Lenovo has posted a
    better-than-expected 6 per cent rise in quarterly profit, after
    including for the first time the struggling PC business bought in May
    from IBM.

    Uncle Sam recruits hackers
    US federal officials are trolling hacker conferences to scout talent and
    talk up the glories of a career on the front lines of the information

    St George teams with Unisys
    ST GEORGE Bank has teamed up with Unisys to provide an alternative
    cheque clearing service to the Australian banking sector.


    news features
    Ear, ear, what's all this?
    THE ears have it! University research confirms that ears surpass face
    recognition as a biometric way of automatically identifying people.


    H&M StudioLine Photo 2
    STUDIOLINE Photo 2 belongs in a particular class of photo management


    Impress the boss: leave your guests
    comment | RIVAL dinner dates show just which way the wind is blowing at
    Telstra, writes Michael Sainsbury.


    it jobs
    Expand your horizons - search over 10,000 jobs at Australian IT Jobs


    also at
    Yahoo makes China move

    US uni data hacked

    Coonan weighs pay-TV options

    Optus makes USO offer

    Porn 'fuels prostitution'

    US to issue chipped passports

    More critical Windows flaws

    WA to crack down on web voyeurs

    Sol called to Canberra

    Net investment pays off

    'Spam king' settles

    Intel probed in South Korea

    India dials in mobile growth

    Marathon gamer dies

    Austar rides T3 debate


    No time to plan? Save up to 70% on gifts, hotels and short breaks at


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    [Osdir-daily] KDE 3.5 Alpha 1 Finally on FTP

    To begin the KDE 3.5 release cycle, I uploaded KDE 3.5 Alpha 1 to the FTP

    (KDE 3.5 Alpha 1 Screenshots by[1])

    URL: on the O'Reilly Network
    Osdir-daily mailing list

    Oracle tips: There's more to tuning than meets the eye... Oracle Administration Tips
    August 10, 2005

    ISSUE SPONSORED BY: Can you predict performance problems?


    -- Performance tuning: People, processes and technology
    -- University shreds paper problem with HTML DB
    -- Script to show problem tablespaces
    -- SOA and integration
    -- LinuxWorld: Oracle president puts best foot forward with grid



    All too often, organizations attempt to resolve DBMS performance
    issues with a quick fix or magic bullet to keep the business moving
    ahead of the competition. Jeremy Kadlec shows that there is more to
    tuning than just the technology.,289483,sid41_gci1093813,00.html?track=NL-93&ad=525057

    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SPONSOR :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Can you predict performance problems?

    You can manage your Oracle database with native tools, but only Quest
    Central(R) for Oracle can predict and prevent problems before
    performance suffers. Find bottlenecks fast with extensive diagnosis
    and performance analysis. Then fix them with automated SQL
    optimization. Only Quest Central gives you complete performance
    Download our new technical brief to learn more:;pos=2;gci=525057;sz=1x1;ord=618763875?tt=1



    The University of San Diego's financial aid department solved a major
    paper problem with the help of Oracle HTML DB.,289142,sid41_gci1113037,00.html?track=NL-93&ad=525057


    This handy little script will quickly show you which tablespaces are
    running out of space. [Script now corrected.],289483,sid41_gci938284,00.html?track=NL-93&ad=525057

    New expert Harish Harbham is ready to answer your questions about SOA
    and integrating your data and applications.,289624,sid41_tax301703,00.html?track=NL-93&ad=525057

    Amidst a keynote speech littered with praise for Linux, Oracle
    president Charles Phillips Jr. identified grid computing as the next
    big challenge for the open source operating system.,289142,sid41_gci1114656,00.html?track=NL-93&ad=525057



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    This Week's Top News Headlines from E-Commerce Times:

    Google Brings RSS to News Search
    (Posted 10-Aug-05)

    Online Ad Revenue to Double to $18.9 Billion by 2010
    (Posted 09-Aug-05)

    E*Trade Buys Harrisdirect as Online Brokers Consolidate
    (Posted 08-Aug-05)

    Napster Waits for Business to Boom
    (Posted 07-Aug-05)

    Studios Step Up Initiatives to Sell Some Movies Online
    (Posted 06-Aug-05)

    Amazon Poised to Enter Music Fray
    (Posted 05-Aug-05)

    Yahoo Launches Beta to Search for Music, Audio
    (Posted 04-Aug-05)

    This Week's Top News Headlines from TechNewsWorld:

    Anti-Phishing Firm Hires Infamous Hacker
    (Posted 10-Aug-05)

    VMware Shares Source Code in Standardization Initiative
    (Posted 09-Aug-05)

    Microsoft Rejects Report on Vista Virus
    (Posted 08-Aug-05)

    Lost Laptops Sink Data
    (Posted 07-Aug-05)

    Banks Employing New Authentication Technologies
    (Posted 06-Aug-05)

    NewsGator Server Eases RSS Feeds for Enterprise Use
    (Posted 05-Aug-05)

    New Cell Phones Target 'Tweens'
    (Posted 04-Aug-05)

    This Week's Top News Headlines from CRM Buyer:

    Happy Birthday Netscape
    (Posted 10-Aug-05)

    BI: The Secret to Successful Customer Relationships
    (Posted 09-Aug-05)

    'Microsoft Effect' May Change Shape of CRM for SMBs
    (Posted 08-Aug-05)

    Entrepreneur Uses Latin Name, Indian Offshore Model
    (Posted 07-Aug-05)

    RFID Chips Promise to Revamp Medical Industry
    (Posted 06-Aug-05)

    Outsourcing's Double-Edged Sword: Trust
    (Posted 05-Aug-05)

    Online Providers Spur CRM Recovery
    (Posted 04-Aug-05)

    This Week's Top News Headlines from LinuxInsider:

    Red Hat Bangs the Security Drum
    (Posted 10-Aug-05)

    IBM Offers Support for Geronimo J2EE App Server
    (Posted 09-Aug-05)

    Open Source Calling
    (Posted 08-Aug-05)

    Software Sectors Slug It Out in War of Words
    (Posted 06-Aug-05)

    Linux Is Dull! Long Live Linux
    (Posted 05-Aug-05)

    GroundWork CEO Unveils Open-Source Vision
    (Posted 04-Aug-05)

    This Week's Top News Headlines from MacNewsWorld:

    Apple Looks to Get Back Domination of College Market
    (Posted 10-Aug-05)

    Apple Joins Multiple-Button World With Mighty Mouse
    (Posted 09-Aug-05)

    Apple's Lead in Digital Music Tough to Beat, Analyst Says
    (Posted 08-Aug-05)

    Apple Podcasting Goes Mainstream
    (Posted 07-Aug-05)

    Windows' Vista Feels Like a Mac
    (Posted 06-Aug-05)

    Apple's New Mouse: Mighty or Meek?
    (Posted 05-Aug-05)

    Apple Fans Squeak About New Mouse
    (Posted 04-Aug-05)

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    Digging profits out of Xbox
    With the upcoming release of its Xbox 360 gaming console, Microsoft will seek royalties from accessory makers.
    Wednesday August 10, 2005 11:42AM PDT

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