Thursday, August 11, 2005

iTnewswire Late Edition: Most spam sent from Zombies; Moneytech shows channel the money.

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Friday, 12th August 2005

  • Most spam sent from Zombies
  • Hackers keep sniffing for buggy Veritas backup software
  • Samsung signs TodayTech as new distributor
  • Moneytech shows channel the money
  • Most spam sent from Zombies
    For the third straight month, most of the spam sent across the internet originated on zombie machines, hijacked computers remotely controlled by spammers, according to a mail security firm. More...

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    Spammers scare to sell
    AOL to give away spammer loot
    Silent, deadly forms of phishing double

    Hackers keep sniffing for buggy Veritas backup software
    Attackers are scanning for systems running the vulnerable Veritas Backup Exec software, Symantec warned customers of its DeepSight Threat Management system. More...

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    Windows 2000 users dealing with wave of bugs
    Exploits for CA backup bug appear
    Once-flawed Firefox extension fixed

    Samsung signs TodayTech as new distributor
    Electronics giant Samsung has added TodayTech to its distribution ranks as it looks to get more traction in the local system builder market. More...

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    Samsung mobile TV moves ahead
    Altech signs Samsung notebooks, MPIO
    Samsung shows off 7 megapixel cameraphone

    Moneytech shows channel the money
    Channel finance newcomer Moneytech this week commenced trials of its DealerCard product, providing resellers and distributors with low hassle credit lines. More...

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    Moneytech unleashes RentCard
    Moneytech reseller credit signup hits half-tonne


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    The Case Of The Stolen Wi-Fi: What You Need To Know

    Computerworld Mobile/Wireless Update
    August 11, 2005


    Our Hottest Security Tips

    Risk -- it's everywhere. And no one knows that better than IT security
    professionals. Disgruntled employees, fired employees, clueless
    employees who succumb to social engineering, passwords left on Post-it
    notes, wide-open instant messaging and increasingly powerful hacker
    tools in the hands of teenagers. This bulletin will help you address
    those risks with sage advice for protecting corporate assets in a
    dangerous world. Get this report free for a limited time, compliments
    of IronPort.

    Download the free Computerworld bulletin, compliments of IronPort.


    In this issue:

    * The Case Of The Stolen Wi-Fi: What You Need To Know
    * Managing 'Prosumers'
    -- Sidebar: Handling Handhelds
    * Report: Cisco Mulls Acquiring Nokia
    * These Are The Days, My Friend
    * Qualcomm, Connexion Test In-flight Wireless Service
    * Fujitsu Builds Tablet PC Support Into Notebook
    * U.S. Army Wraps Up Testing Of New Sensor System

    Computerworld Blogs:

    * Vision in aluminum - Blackberry armor review

    Other Resources:

    Learn about the rapidly changing world of wireless networks and mobile
    devices. Use the URL below to access this resource.

    Are you making the most of mobility? Use the link below to access
    "Solutions for the growing business on the move".

    Computerworld Executive Briefing- Mobile & Wireless: 'The Untethered
    - Get this $195 value free for a limited time


    The Case Of The Stolen Wi-Fi: What You Need To Know

    The legalities and practical considerations surrounding protected and
    unprotected wireless networks.,4902,103774,00.html?nlid=MW2


    Managing 'Prosumers'

    Handhelds and smart phones are coming into corporations in greater
    numbers than before, pressing IT to manage standards, security and

    -- Sidebar: Handling Handhelds

    Gartner has some recommendations for how companies should support
    handheld devices.,4902,103677,00.html?nlid=MW2


    Report: Cisco Mulls Acquiring Nokia

    Cisco is reportedly interested in buying Nokia, but neither company
    will comment.,4902,103767,00.html?nlid=MW2


    Strategies for Deploying Blade Servers in Existing Data Centers

    Installing blade servers in an existing data center creates a
    bewildering set of challenges and options. Let APC guide you through
    the process! This paper explains how to evaluate the options and select
    the best power and cooling approach for a successful and predictable
    blade deployment.


    These Are The Days, My Friend

    Opinion: Michael Gartenberg reconsiders his nostalgia for high-tech
    stuff of days gone by.,4902,103698,00.html?nlid=MW2


    Qualcomm, Connexion Test In-flight Wireless Service

    Qualcomm and Connexion by Boeing are working together to test in-flight
    cell phone use in a Boeing 737-400 aircraft specially equipped with a
    small mobile base station connected by an air-to-ground satellite


    Fujitsu Builds Tablet PC Support Into Notebook

    Fujitsu is announcing a faster model of its LifeBook PC and adding a
    new twist to the lightweight mobile system: the ability to convert it
    into a Tablet PC device that offers touch-screen and
    handwriting-recognition capabilities.,4902,103742,00.html?nlid=MW2


    U.S. Army Wraps Up Testing Of New Sensor System

    The U.S. Army has finished testing a sensor system in military vehicles
    designed to help identify and diagnose mechanical issues in real time.,4902,103824,00.html?nlid=MW2


    "5 Questions that Could Save you 5 Weeks, Questions Other IT Vendors
    Don’t Want You to Ask"

    Narrow down the list of potential solution providers with these clear,
    proven questions that quickly identify the most qualified B2B



    Vision in aluminum - Blackberry armor review

    Blackberrys have probably one of the best keyboards for a PDA device out right now (at least until Motorola's new "RAZR berry" comes out). Problem is, keys often get hit when the device is in a pocket or a purse. Even when the BB is locked, this can lead to invalid passwords getting entered.


    24/7 Inbound Call Cntr-The Connection
    An award-winning web-enabled inbound call center service provides to
    Fortune 500 companies wireless & telecommunications billing support,
    troubleshooting, outbound welcome calls, sales activation calls for
    your customers and more.;1;42abc;8c5;c3;1348;142

    Specials and Free Shipping on all Headset Brands
    Crystal clear calls from every Headset Innovations headset. Exceptional
    quality and very affordable pricing delivers the best solutions to your
    headset needs. Current Special- Free Handset Lifter with GN 9120
    Wireless headsets, a $29 value.;2;5091d;396;c3;1348;142

    Detect and Protect Your PDAs and Smartphones
    This white paper will guide you step-by-step through the best practices
    for securing PDAs and smartphones, along with the benefits of
    implementing a CREDANT Technologies solution for detecting and
    protecting these popular productivity tools.;3;3aa43;9e9;c3;1348;142

    WLAN Security
    Best Practices for Securing Your Enterprise WLAN' Download this white
    paper now from AirMagnet;4;51705;abb9;c3;1348;142

    NetSupport Manager PC Remote Control
    Perform remote support and management on multiple systems
    simultaneously over a LAN, WAN and the Internet with this PC remote
    control software. Provides speedy, secure remote PC access, dynamic
    inventory, automated scripting and more.;5;2a0d7;192;c3;1348;142


    Build a security plan to protect your company's assets. In this
    comprehensive report you will learn everything from how to educate
    staff against picking easy-to-crack passwords or falling for "social
    engineering" attacks to keeping up with the latest patches and fixes
    from vendors. This report is a must for security professionals.


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    White Paper: Information Management Trends In 2005,1t4u,1,blx4,45hb,ff69,9abz

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    Whitepaper: Business Benefits of Wireless Computing,1t4u,1,md28,5cuz,ff69,9abz

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    These benefits resulted from the advantages that wireless technology has over wired
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    Download: Nokia Mobile Connectivity ROI Tool,1t4u,1,6aa6,mbra,ff69,9abz

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    Taking chances on games
    Researchers want to know if entertainment games have a place in
    schools, while casinos head toward a new era for slot machines.
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    Motorola to Combine Powerline, Wireless

    Wi-Fi Planet Newletter
    Thursday August 11, 2005
    The Source for Wi-Fi Business and Technology

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    itSMF USA Conference & Expo 2005

    1. Motorola to Combine Powerline, Wireless
    The company is investing in and using chips from Intellon, with plans to unite HomePlug
    and its own Canopy system for use by utilities turned ISPs.,1tez,1,7er8,4thx,ff69,9abz

    2. Army on Track With Tank Sensors
    Test of IBM set-up could keep trucks rolling and personnel safer.,1tez,1,axfd,grr8,ff69,9abz

    3. Wi-Fi Product Watch
    The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Xirrus builds in SpectraLink
    support; SMC will soon mesh; Vivato offers new tri-mode AP; and more.,1tez,1,6kxy,169v,ff69,9abz

    4. WiMax Certification Proceeds at Cetecom Labs
    The testing continues apace to make sure that standardized wireless broadband products
    perform and interoperate.,1tez,1,l3us,cl23,ff69,9abz

    5. Krystal Gives Away Wi-Fi
    The 'White Castle of the South' has installed free wireless access at all of its
    corporate-owned locations, hoping to draw in customers that have gravitated to the


    Sharing, Learning, Growing - Measuring ITSM Excellence
    With 5 keynotes, 7 tracks, and 63 break-out sessions, there
    is something for everyone involved in IT Service Management
    in Chicago this year! Sept. 19 - 23, 2005. Includes
    3-day conference & expo followed by training classes.
    Get Less Theory & More Reality. Official event of itSMF USA
    Register early and save!


    1. Minuteman Support Services
    Targeting Wi-Fi providers in marinas and RV parks as well as traditional ISPs, Minuteman
    focuses on end user computer support.,1tez,1,btdq,lbxl,ff69,9abz

    2. Wi-Fi Alliance Head 'Suddenly' In Charge
    The new chairman for the industry group says the consortium and its testing remain
    important to the future of wireless networking.,1tez,1,jqf7,7q8j,ff69,9abz

    3. The ATM WISP
    You may think it's impossible to meld ATM reliability with Wi-Fi deployability, but one
    such network has been running for ten years.,1tez,1,ebj1,doeu,ff69,9abz

    4. Boulder Gets Solar-Powered Wi-Fi
    The vision of an ex-military contractor for deploy-anywhere, run-anytime wireless network
    equipment has come true, and the first spot to utilize it is... a shopping mall.,1tez,1,gmix,4nss,ff69,9abz

    1. palmOne Wi-Fi Card
    This SDIO card permits owners of several of Palm's handhelds to link up with public and
    private 802.11b-compatible wireless networks.,1tez,1,8ijn,jju6,ff69,9abz

    2. Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router with SRX
    MIMO in the home gets a workout with this retro-looking unit that in fact carries all the
    most up-to-date wireless tech and security a home user could ask for.,1tez,1,fqk1,3zar,ff69,9abz

    3. KoolSpan (Part 3: Under the Hood)
    In parts one and two of this review we looked at an innovative product and tested it. In
    this conclusion of our review of this novel product, we look under the hood to show how
    it works.,1tez,1,9yc0,3ozv,ff69,9abz

    1. RF Math Made Easy
    When working with wireless LANs, you’ll eventually need to perform some RF
    mathematics. These tips will make conversions much easier.,1tez,1,jhld,hwgb,ff69,9abz

    2. Two Firewalls Too Much of a Good Thing
    One Internet connection and two computers each running firewall software can mean PCs
    that refuse to talk to each other. Here's an easy way to break down walls. Plus,
    diagnosing the cause of a dysfunctional wireless network.,1tez,1,9l5b,dr8w,ff69,9abz

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    Datamation Product Watch - Daily HTML Newsletter, Thu Aug 11

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    Datamation Product Watch Earthweb Network

     ARIO RAID Controllers
    ARIO Data Networks, Inc. Line of RAID modules targeted to OEM deployments. New offering supports 4Gb FC interfaces and SAS or SATA drives. Aug. 11, 2005

     PathScale InfiniPath HTX Adapter
    PathScale, Inc. MPI application interconnect for InfiniBand (4X)-based Linux clusters. Attaches via the HTX slot of AMD Opteron-based motherboards. Aug. 11, 2005

    Intelligent Filing Ltd. Document management product aimed at the SME market. Aug. 11, 2005

    Pro:Atria Ltd. Provides additional audit and management to open SFTP products in order to meet regulatory and corporate compliance requirements. Aug. 11, 2005

    McAfee, Inc. Host intrusion prevention software for desktops and servers. Now with USB blocking capabilities. Aug. 10, 2005

     Hummingbird Connectivity
    Hummingbird Ltd. Multiple component suite facilitates access from Windows desktops to UNIX, Mainframe, and Linux boxes and more. New release adds support for Windows x64 versions and X Window X11R6.8. Aug. 10, 2005

    NeoPath Networks, Inc. File director appliance provides transparent tiered storage capabilities via virtual file access to existing NAS or File Server devices. Supports CIFS, NFS (v2/v3). Aug. 9, 2005

    Emu Software Inc. Platform provides a central GUI for the simultaneous management of multiple Linux-based servers. New version to add server cloning and support for NFS. Aug. 9, 2005

     Max PC Secure
    Max Secure Software. Internet privacy protection product bundle includes anti-spyware, anonymous surfing, data encryption, anti-popup, and privacy cleansing tools. Aug. 9, 2005

    modelCreator Software. XML-based ER-Diagram tool for data modeling and database design with database script generation and reverse engineering (via ODBC). Aug. 9, 2005

     MegaRAID / iMegaRAID
    LSI Logic Corp. RAID capabilities via PCI adapter cards, for multiple types and numbers of supported hard drives including ATA, IDE, SCSI, and SATA. New kit sports iSCSI support. Aug. 8, 2005

     Validian ASI
    Validian Corp. Platform that provides both authentication and encryption tools that allow client/server and or distributed applications to communicate with each other in a secure fashion. Aug. 8, 2005

     Live Time and Activity Tracking Manager (TATMgr)
    Professional Software Solutions. Task-based time tracking utility. Aug. 8, 2005

     WinLock Professional
    Crystal Office Systems. Windows security ulitity allows you to control how long individuals can use your computer. Aug. 8, 2005

    JasperSoft Corp. Embeddable, open source reporting engine for Java-based applications. New dashboard tool provides MySQL performance information for DBAs. Aug. 5, 2005

    St. Bernard Software. Hardened appliances provide perimeter-based Internet Web site filtering and IM/P2P blocking for the organization. New version adds hourly updates to the security categories and real-time monitoring. Aug. 5, 2005

     GFI MailSecurity
    GFI Software. Features multiple-vendor anti-virus scanning and content checking for SMTP gateways. New version adds custom quarantine filters and Web-based configuration. Aug. 4, 2005

    EMC Corp. Line of disk-based, mid-tier storage arrays for DAS, SAN, or NAS storage implementations scale from 5 to 240 drives. New disk library offerings increase performance and scale to 348 TB. Aug. 4, 2005

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