Sunday, August 21, 2005

Yahoo Japan Launches Online Music Service

Yahoo Japan Launches Online Music Service

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iTnewswire Late Edition: Business worms wreak havoc from inside; Intel plays it cool with new chips.

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Monday, 22nd August 2005
  • Business worms wreak havoc from inside
  • Data recovery firms launch local labs, eye expansion
  • Intel plays it cool with new chips
  • EMC: Clear skies for NAS
  • Blame game: patch complacency behind Zotob success
  • Business worms wreak havoc from inside
    Could it be a new definition for the pesky critters? One of the dozen or so bots released last week can be called the first "business" worm, according to a security expert. More...

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    Blame game: patch complacency behind Zotob success
    Three different hackers behind attacks
    Microsoft issues Zotob cleaning tool

    Data recovery firms launch local labs, eye expansion
    Data recovery companies are opening new clean room facilities across Australia to take advantage of what they see as a burgeoning market for hard disk repairs and data retrieval. More...

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    Western Digital standardises hard drive warranties
    Sensitive data found on second-hand drives
    Database management systems market in robust recovery

    Intel plays it cool with new chips
    Intel is expected to unveil a roadmap for cooler, low-watt chips at a developer forum in San Francisco this week. More...

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    Intel speeds up development of dual-core chips
    Mac OS X for Intel hacked
    AMD chips get greener ahead of schedule

    EMC: Clear skies for NAS
    EMC expanded on its strategy of virtualising customers´┐Ż storage -- this time focusing on the NAS side -- with the recent acquisition of Rainfinity. More...

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    NetApp gains less than predicted
    EMC acquires NAS virtualisation specialist Rainfinity
    EMC Documentum stresses upgraded teamwork

    Blame game: patch complacency behind Zotob success
    After a tough week for system administrators, now they're being blamed for lacklustre patch management and hence contributing to the success of last week's bot worm attacks on Windows 2000 machines. More...

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    Business worms wreak havoc from inside
    Microsoft issues Zotob cleaning tool
    Adobe patches flaws

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    ping: Games breed aggression | Sun plans open source DRM | IT leaves Y2K wage fever behind ...and more

    ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
    | Monday, August 22, 2005

    Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities
    that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and
    secure and protect the world?s most critical information. Visit Nortel
    on the Web at
    top stories
    Games breed aggression
    MOST studies support the conclusion that violent games can increase
    aggressive behaviour in children and adolescents, especially boys.

    Sun plans open source DRM
    SUN MICROSYSTEMS, weighing in on the fractious issue of protecting
    copyrighted digital content, has announced a project it calls the Open
    Media Commons initiative aimed at creating an open-source, royalty-free
    digital-rights management standard.

    IT leaves Y2K wage fever behind
    TECHNOLOGY employers have called for "careful monitoring" of salaries to
    prevent the kind of wages breakout that gave the industry a reputation
    for Porsches and champagne back in the late 1990s, with a new survey
    showing modest wage growth despite talk of a skills shortage.

    ASG nets Finance deal
    PERTH-based services group ASG has won a sizeable chunk of the federal
    Department of Finance's core systems upgrade, signing a $2.2 million
    deal to replace email, file, print and directory management systems.

    Commander profit jumps
    VOICE and data service provider Commander has posted a full year net
    profit of $23.6 million for 2005-06, a jump of 150 per cent on the
    preceding year.

    'Star Trek' surgery
    STAR Trek-style portable medical devices and futuristic virtual surgical
    training tools are among the first innovations from a groundbreaking $6
    million research centre launched today.

    WTO warns US on net gambling
    THE World Trade Organization has given the US a deadline of April 2006
    to comply with its ruling on cross-border internet gaming, the regulator
    has announced.

    Seek exceeds profit forecast
    JOBS website Seek, which floated in April, has exceeded its net profit
    prospectus forecasts for 2004/05 by 10 per cent.


    news features
    Ridge Racer shoot-out
    SINCE the early 1990s the driving game, Ridge Racer, has appeared in
    arcade machines and console games ranging from the original PlayStation
    to the Nintendo 64.


    Diamond Digital DV177
    THE real difference between this monitor and those slim clunkers we all
    use at work is the fast 8ms response rate.


    T3 dilemma: To sell or not to sell?
    the sketch| IT could yet prove an embarrassing case of premature
    congratulation, writes Matt Price.


    it jobs
    Expand your horizons - search over 10,000 jobs at Australian IT Jobs


    also at
    Joyce keeps Telstra vote secret

    Hard to interest US in Telstra

    Telco closes Finnish operations

    Nats say no to shares

    Net starlet tests China's censors

    Chips in for passports

    Change 'will split Telstra'

    Libs fret over burbs

    Samsung plans more MP3 players

    Data drafted to fight UK crime

    Online music price war heats up

    Net music piracy fight hits home

    Google to sell 14.7m shares

    Mobiles switch on to videos

    Intel wants a WiMax world


    No time to plan? Save up to 70% on gifts, hotels and short breaks at


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    Word of the Day: clean room Word of the Day
    August 22, 2005



    -- Word of the Day: clean room
    -- Today's Tech News
    -- Brain Food
    -- Additions and Updates

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    TODAY'S WORD: clean room

    A clean room (or cleanroom) is an enclosed space in which airborne
    particulates, contaminants, and pollutants are kept within strict
    limits. In industry, clean rooms are used in the manufacture and
    servicing of hardware such as integrated circuits (ICs) and hard
    drives. In biotechnology and medicine, clean rooms are used when it
    is necessary to ensure an environment free of bacteria, viruses, or
    other pathogens. In addition, the temperature and humidity may be

    Clean room specifications for particulate matter (such as dust) are
    defined according to the maximum allowable particle diameter, and
    also according to the maximum allowable number of particles per unit
    volume (usually cubic meters). For non-particulate contaminants, the
    maximum allowable density in terms of microbes per cubic meter, or
    molecules per cubic meter, is specified. Four fundamental rules apply
    to clean rooms. First, contaminants must not be introduced into the
    controlled environment from the outside. Second, the apparatus within
    the controlled environment must not generate or otherwise give rise
    to contaminants (for example as a result of friction, chemical
    reactions, or biological processes). Third, contaminants must not be
    allowed to accumulate in the controlled environment. Fourth, existing
    contaminants must be eliminated to the greatest extent possible, and
    as rapidly as possible.

    In the United States, Federal Standard 209E (FED-STD-209E) was used
    until the end of November 2001 to define the requirements for clean
    rooms. On November 29, 2001, these standards were superseded by the
    publication of ISO specification 14644-1.

    SEE OUR COMPLETE DEFINITION, WITH HYPERLINKS:,289893,sid9_gci1117411,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878


    Decorama (Thailand) outlines clean room fundamentals.

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) describes
    the use of clean rooms in the Space Shuttle program.

    FED-STD-209E and ISO 14644-1 can be downloaded from the Web site of
    the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the
    University of North Carolina, Charlotte.


    With strong earnings from some of the major vendors and multiple
    reports citing the growth of the market, companies are once again
    spending on CRM.,289142,sid11_gci1116983,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878

    Big Blue hopes to fight the effects of age on its installed user base
    by attracting some of the nation's brightest IT students into its
    Speed Team iSeries internship program.,289142,sid3_gci1116705,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878

    Tiered levels of security are the only realistic way to defend
    against threats to system flaws, such as the Windows Plug and Play
    vulnerability, IT professionals and analysts say.,289142,sid1_gci1117065,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878

    Catch up on all the latest IT news!


    This is a false, or phantom, signal that appears in a superheterodyne
    wireless receiver. Hint: It's also one stroke under par for a hole
    in golf. What is it?


    PayPal is a Web-based application for the secure transfer of funds
    between Fortune 500 companies. True or false?


    An MIB is a formal description of a set of network objects that can
    be managed using the Simple Network Management Protocol. What does
    MIB stand for?
    a. manager's instruction book
    b. major information batch
    c. management information base


    Get tips on how to get Unix and Windows applications onto Linux and
    how to make those Linux apps support multiple distributions. The
    expert on tap for this tip is Novell Linux developer evangelist
    Darren Davis.,289483,sid39_gci1116345,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878


    fax server,290660,sid44_gci1064916,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878


    daisy chain,290660,sid7_gci1115470,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878

    home automation,289893,sid9_gci1116651,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878

    backscatter body scanning,290660,sid14_gci1117044,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=525878



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    Google Revamps Desktop Search Program

    Google Revamps Desktop Search Program

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    [Osdir-daily] The Perfect Setup - Fedora Core 3

    This is a detailed description about the steps to be taken to setup a Fedora
    Core 3 based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters (web
    server (SSL-capable), mail server (with SMTP-AUTH and TLS!), DNS server, FTP
    server, MySQL server, POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc.).

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    IBM extends diplomacy in developing world
    Big Blue uses its Virtual Mentoring program to win hearts and minds of software programmers in emerging markets.
    Sunday August 21, 2005 09:00PM PDT

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