Tuesday, August 23, 2005

iTnewswire Late Edition: Commander trumpets full year expectations; Intel, Cisco to partner on VoIP, WiFi access.

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Wednesday, 24th August 2005
  • Spyware on the increase: study
  • Commander trumpets full year expectations
  • Intel, Cisco to partner on VoIP, WiFi access
  • AMD to ship dual-core Turion 64 in early '06
  • Partners reap diverse vendor awards
  • Spyware on the increase: study
    Spyware purveyors have dramatically expanded their distribution channels and infected an overwhelming majority of enterprise PCs, according to anti-spyware vendor Webroot. More...

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    Cisco patches IDS software, sensors against spoofing
    "Stealthy" worms, trojans seen tripling in number
    Blame game: patch complacency behind Zotob success

    Commander trumpets full year expectations
    Commander has announced that it expects net profit for the full year ended 30 June 2005 to be up 150 percent to $23.6 million on revenue of $615.1 million. More...

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    Intel, Cisco to partner on VoIP, WiFi access
    Motorola unveils enhancements to public safety networks
    Data recovery firms launch local labs, eye expansion

    Intel, Cisco to partner on VoIP, WiFi access
    Intel and Cisco have entered into a new partnership aimed at improving ease-of-use of wireless connectivity and improvements in Voice Over IP technology. More...

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    Commander trumpets full year expectations
    Intel�s power clampdown
    Cisco patches IDS software, sensors against spoofing

    AMD to ship dual-core Turion 64 in early '06
    Advanced Micro Devices executives said the company plans to launch its low-power, dual-core Turion 64 processor early next year, which would push its release date closer to that of rival Intel's next-generation mobile offering, Yonah. More...

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    Intel�s power clampdown
    AMD challenges Intel's Paxville with new Opterons
    Intel plays it cool with new chips

    Partners reap diverse vendor awards
    Large resellers -- leavened with a few small players and newer names -- have creamed off the bulk of vendor awards at several recent annual partner events. More...

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    Citrix global channel chief Ross Brown resigns
    Online store Dovetails with busy resellers
    Resellers sought for noise-busting headphones


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    ping: No need for speed | Inquiry probes mod-chips | Google eyes IM ...and more

    ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
    | Wednesday, August 24, 2005
    | www.australianIT.com.au

    Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities
    that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and
    secure and protect the world?s most critical information. Visit Nortel
    on the Web at www.nortel.com.
    top stories
    No need for speed
    INTEL is combining its desktop and notebook microprocessor
    architectures, shifting its focus from raw speed to power efficiency.

    Inquiry probes mod-chips
    THE federal Government has opened an inquiry likely to settle legal
    questions over the use of region-coding technology.

    Google eyes IM
    GOOGLE reportedly plans to launch an instant messaging program as early
    as this week.

    Telstra's plan 'too risky'
    COMMUNICATIONS Minister Helen Coonan has launched a scathing attack on
    Telstra's 11th-hour, $5.7 billion national broadband plan.

    Unified DVD dead - report
    GROUPS pushing competing technologies for next-generation DVDs have
    given up developing a unified format.

    Unwired ups downloads
    HOPING to steal some of the thunder from tomorrow's Telstra wireless
    broadband launch, Sydney carrier Unwired has upped the download
    allowances on its low to mid-range plans.

    US Air Force data breached
    MORE than 33,000 US Air Force officers could be at greater risk of
    identity theft after a "malicious user" accessed a database containing
    personal information.

    MYOB on track to $165m
    BUSINESS software maker MYOB expects 2005 revenue to exceed $165 million
    after recording a jump in half year revenue.


    news features
    Trojans get specific
    NEW email-borne threats are no longer targeting the online world at
    large but rather a more specific target - either an individual or a


    Ultimate Pro Pinball
    SINCE their abortive beginnings on the Atari 2600, pinball games have
    often delivered intense and varied fun even if they haven't offered the
    most in-depth interaction.


    SA skills gap
    your say | "AFTER sending all IT spend overseas with EDS for 10 years,
    the SA Government now wants to bring Indian workers into replace EDS."


    it jobs
    Expand your horizons - search over 10,000 jobs at Australian IT Jobs


    also at australianIT.com.au
    Webjet flies high

    Call for Telstra referendum

    $9.5m website's snail's pace

    India to fill SA skills gap

    Police database scrapped

    States screwed for $112m

    Go mobile, like it or not

    Google expands desktop

    Tag tests for shipping

    Movies plan move on pirates

    Price cuts eat into PC growth

    Rivalry building in open source

    Wrong number hits B&B telco

    Farmers shun Telstra package

    Thumbs down for pill pop-ups


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    Google to Launch Messaging, Voice Service

    Google to Launch Messaging, Voice Service

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    [Osdir-daily] New Novell tools link Linux, Windows systems

    Novell has announced that an upgrade of its ZENworks software will ship on
    Friday with complete life-cycle management capabilities for Linux systems and
    support for managing Windows PCs from servers running Linux.

    URL: http://www.osdir.com/Article7045.phtml
    http://OSDir.com on the O'Reilly Network
    Osdir-daily mailing list

    [Osdir-daily] WS02 Launches Open-Source Web Services Project

    Creating the architecture -- in other words, arranging and configuring software
    to do what you want it to do -- is the industry challenge. With so much
    available software, analysts say we should be living in the golden age of IT.
    But the industry is missing the best practices that makes software work.

    URL: http://www.osdir.com/Article7051.phtml
    http://OSDir.com on the O'Reilly Network
    Osdir-daily mailing list

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    *** Featured Articles ***

    Distributed Tiger: Xgrid Comes of Age
    In this first of two articles, Drew McCormack shows you how to setup a
    small Xgrid for testing purposes, submit simple jobs to the grid with the
    command line interface (CLI), and query their progress. The second article
    will be a Cocoa Tour de Force, involving new Tiger technologies like
    Automator and Core Image, in addition to Xgrid.



    What Is a Smart Phone
    A single device that can act as mobile phone and PDA is much better than
    having to carry multiple devices, hence the emergence of the smartphone.
    Michael Yuan discusses the evolution of the smartphone, then for users, he
    details key features to look for when you're buying a smartphone, and for
    developers, he describes the programming languages and APIs you can use to
    develop smartphone apps. Michael is the author of Nokia Smartphone Hacks.



    Setting Up Vonage with Your PC
    If you're looking to save money on phone calls, and get extra VoIP
    features, Vonage is a good bet. Russell Shaw shows you how to set up
    Vonage with your PC.



    What Is Visual Studio
    What can you really do with Visual Studio? James Avery discusses some of
    the various applications you can build using Visual Studio, some of its
    most compelling development features, and what you need to know to get
    started writing quality applications in Visual Studio. James is the author
    of Visual Studio Hacks.



    Remote Scripting with AJAX, Part 2
    In part one of this two-part series, Cameron Adams created an example
    application that showed how to use remote scripting to implement the AJAX
    XMLHttpRequest protocol. Now, in part two, he shows how to create a usable
    interface for the example app.



    Identity Management Architectures and Digital Identity
    Building an identity management infrastructure requires a strategy; one
    that takes into account not only the technology, but the politics and
    economics surrounding digital identity. Phil Windley calls such a strategy
    an identity management architecture, or IMA. Here, he defines what an IMA
    is, and discusses the key components and myths to developing one. Phil is
    the author of O'Reilly's Digital Identity.



    What Is ClamXav (and do Mac users really need antivirus?)
    Do Mac users need virus protection? We believe yes. In this article F.J.
    introduces you to ClamXav, a free, open source antivirus application for
    Mac OS X. And as a bonus, we're including an interview with the developer
    who added the GUI to the excellent ClamAV engine to create ClamXav--Mark



    Parsing iCal Data
    Perl's suitability as a glue language allows you to connect two
    applications that wouldn't normally communicate by translating their data
    files between formats. It's especially nice when these are open file
    formats. Robert Pratte shows how to parse iCal data files--as used in
    Apple's iCalendar program--and visualize them using the open source Dot
    graphic package.



    Linux for Video Production
    Linux and open source software is traditionally good for developers and
    system administrators, and recently good for business users. When will it
    be good for multimedia users? A handful of projects are making video
    production and editing possible (and useful)--PiTiVi and GStreamer among
    them. Jono Bacon examines the present and future of video production with
    Linux and open source software.



    Introduction to the ASM 2.0 Bytecode Framework
    J2SE 5.0 made major changes to the language, and version 2.0 of the ASM
    bytecode manipulation toolkit is well-suited to handle them. In this
    article, Eugene Kuleshov shows how ASM 2.0 makes working with bytecode
    easier, and even offers an example of how to map the external dependencies
    in an arbitrary .jar file.



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    *** O'Reilly Network Top Five Articles Last Week ***

    1. What Is ClamXav (and do Mac users really need antivirus?)
    Do Mac users need virus protection? We believe yes. In this article F.J.
    introduces you to ClamXav, a free, open source antivirus application for
    Mac OS X. And as a bonus, we're including an interview with the developer
    who added the GUI to the excellent ClamAV engine to create ClamXav--Mark



    2. Linux for Video Production
    Linux and open source software is traditionally good for developers and
    system administrators, and recently good for business users. When will it
    be good for multimedia users? A handful of projects are making video
    production and editing possible (and useful)--PiTiVi and GStreamer among
    them. Jono Bacon examines the present and future of video production with
    Linux and open source software. Jono is the coauthor of Linux Desktop



    3. Rolling with Ruby on Rails
    The Ruby community is abuzz about Rails, a web application framework that
    makes database-backed apps dead simple. What's the fuss? Is it worth the
    hype? Curt Hibbs shows off Rails, building a simple application that even
    non-Rubyists can follow.



    4. Ajax on Rails
    XMLHttpRequest and Ruby on Rails are two hot topics in web development. As
    you ought to expect by now, they work really well together. Curt Hibbs
    explains the minimal Ajax you need to know and the minimal Ruby you need
    to write to Ajax-ify your Rails applications.



    5. What Is the GNOME Desktop
    Nope. It's not some elfish paperweight for the home office. GNOME is a
    desktop software environment designed to look familiar to anyone who has
    ever used a computer. Aaron Weber distills what the GNOME desktop is, what
    apps users will find as well as what platform development tools developers
    will find, and the resources to help you get started using it. Aaron is a
    coauthor of Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition.


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    Google Reportedly Plans Instant-messaging System

    Computerworld Web Site Management
    August 23, 2005


    Business Intelligence Executive Briefing

    Most companies are planning big investments in business intelligence --
    so why not learn the best practices and avoid the common mistakes?
    Computerworld's Executive Briefing, "Get Smart About Business
    Intelligence," tells how to distribute BI "to the masses" and make sure
    the underlying data is solid and secure. Download the free report,
    compliments of Sybase.



    In this issue:

    * Google Reportedly Plans Instant-messaging System
    * Google Bypasses Browser To Search PC Drives, Web
    * Microsoft Investigates Reported Browser Flaw
    * Development Tool Security Hole Threatens Internet Apps
    * Microsoft May Drop Proposed RSS Name
    * JBoss Program Aims To Ease Migrations From WebLogic
    * Novell CEO: Chinese Developers Should Take Global Open-source Role
    * Yahoo Adds Neighborhood Focus To Search
    * Google, Yahoo Top E-business Survey
    * IBM Donates Code To Make Firefox More Accessible
    * Thinking Mobile? Think Web.

    Google Reportedly Plans Instant-messaging System

    Google could introduce its own instant messaging system as early as
    tomorrow, according to a report in today's Los Angeles Times.



    Google Bypasses Browser To Search PC Drives, Web

    Google is unveiling a computer and Web search tool designed to
    help users manage e-mail, instant messages, news headlines and music on
    their computers.



    Microsoft Investigates Reported Browser Flaw

    Security researchers in France said they've discovered an unpatched bug
    in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that could allow attackers to
    take control of systems. The software vendor then issued an advisory
    saying that it's investigating the reported vulnerability.



    Development Tool Security Hole Threatens Internet Apps

    Flaw is in Cpaint -- a tool kit used to create applications using an
    approach known as AJAX -- short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.



    Microsoft May Drop Proposed RSS Name

    Microsoft backed away from using "Web feeds" as a proposed new name for
    RSS in IE 7.



    JBoss Program Aims To Ease Migrations From WebLogic

    JBoss Inc. has unveiled a program for migrating from BEA's WebLogic app
    server to the open-source JBoss offering. A tool to migrate from IBM's
    WebSphere comes next.



    IT security without compromise

    Explore proven leadership approaches to IT security as leading experts
    from Cisco Systems and Microsolved discuss how to implement a
    comprehensive, integrated security architecture. Find out more, watch


    Novell CEO: Chinese Developers Should Take Global Open-source Role

    Novell CEO: Chinese software companies and developers could lead some
    global open-source efforts, but they are not yet connected closely
    enough to the international open-source community.



    Yahoo Adds Neighborhood Focus To Search

    Local maps are overlaid with info on events, restaurant recommendations
    and favorite services.



    Google, Yahoo Top E-business Survey

    Google and Yahoo continue to lead in customer satisfaction at
    e-business Web sites, according to the American Customer Satisfaction



    IBM Donates Code To Make Firefox More Accessible

    IBM is donating software to The Mozilla Foundation's Firefox Web
    browser to make it easier for disabled users to access and navigate the



    Thinking Mobile? Think Web.

    Opinion: Tom Whittaker of iAnywhere Solutions explains why the Web
    is a great development environment for mobile applications.



    Our Hottest Security Tips

    Risk -- it's everywhere. And no one knows that better than IT security
    professionals. Disgruntled employees, fired employees, clueless
    employees who succumb to social engineering, passwords left on Post-it
    notes, wide-open instant messaging and increasingly powerful hacker
    tools in the hands of teenagers. This bulletin will help you address
    those risks with sage advice for protecting corporate assets in a
    dangerous world. Get this report free for a limited time, compliments
    of IronPort.

    Download the free Computerworld bulletin, compliments of IronPort.




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    Data Storage Consolidation: Free White Paper
    ESG reports that over 75% of enterprise data resides at remote or
    branch office locations. Learn how you can extend storage consolidation
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    Free Forrester WAFS Technology Report
    Learn how Wide Area File Services (WAFS) deliver LAN-like data access
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    distributed enterprise. Get Forrester's insights and the criteria you
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    Texas Memory Systems solid state disks are The World's Fastest
    Storage(R), with certified results by the Storage Performance Council.
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    Gateway to enhance production capacity
    New plant for assembling configure-to-order desktops, notebooks and servers will be either a company-owned facility or a joint venture.
    Tuesday August 23, 2005 11:38AM PDT

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